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I think that MTHS offers lots of great clubs and activities that you can take advantage of. Additionally, we have a great guidance department that gives you great help when planning your high school schedule, applying to college, taking AP classes, and if you need any emotional help.
Monroe Township revolves a lot around the school. It is very competitive and they do have after school resources available. It's just many of the teachers are average or not very good. Most things about this school are decent.
I like the variety of classes and courses that are available at the school. I also appreciate the chances of internships within the school.
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I like the variety of options the school provides for electives and the structure of classes is effective.
Overall, it's a great school. There are many different clubs, and if you don't seem to like any of them, you can start your own! Although, I do wish that there was more diversity in culture, it is still a good choice to go there.
Monroe Township High School is just your average old high school. This school is very big with three floors, 2 cafeterias, 2 gymnasiums, an auditorium. Supplies iPads for each and every student for all the basic school needs. One great big community.
Your typical high school experience. I will say that there is a good deal of diversity among the students, but probably not enough considering how large the student body is. In terms of opportunities, there are a lot of sports and clubs offered at the school that students can take part in. The legitimacy and efficiency of each club varies, ut each offers a unique and valuable experience. The technology and help offered to each student is excellent and provides a truly modern education. That being said, its hit or miss with the teachers you might get. Some are just there for the money and the summer break, but some are truly passionate about teaching. The best teachers are usually the ones who teach honors and AP classes.
I liked Monroe Township High School. It offered many different classes geared towards a variety of interests. There were classes on culinary arts, engineering, first aid, working with children, sports management, etc. The teachers are also very helpful. Personally, I had a good experience with all my teachers and counselors. Although i had friends who would not say the same. Some counselors were very rude and did not help students in picking the right college.
MTHS seems like a great school on the surface. Most of the teachers and staff create an all-embracing environment. While there are a few bad apples, the majority of students are kind and hard-working. Even with the transition to online learning, students have opportunities to continue participating in school clubs and activities. They have resources to learn, communicate with peers, and request for extra help. That being said, the recent sparks to the "black lives matter" movement and resulting protests have shown true colors. Students have shown a lack of empathy, understanding, and knowledge concerning racism in our society. This needs to change with the school taking action against these, something they have not been up to par with. Even worse is the presence of racism on Monroe Township's Board of Education. People demonstrating these racist characteristics should not be allowed in charge of the education of hundreds of kids, affecting our community's future.
Pretty good experience with a great building, excellent teachers and staff. There are issues when it comes to grading since some teachers grade extremely easy and some grade hard and it’s a game of luck. I wish they had a better equating process and more discussion between teachers. The technology is excellent and food is not bad. Clubs are great and there are many of them.
Overall a pretty decent school system with a diverse range of classes. The administration board is open enough to new ideas and is supportive of its extracurricular activities. However, I feel like some of our AP teachers are overworked. There's a mix between nice teachers and ones that drive you insane, but I've encountered more nice than bad.
I had the best high school teachers. They helped me get through a lot and they were compassionate about what they did.
I would like to see more attention given to all sports not just football soccer and lacrosse. So much attention is on football but we have so many gifted athletes in many other sports that should also be recognized.
It would be wonderful if I could have taken auto mechanics and ROTC in this school.
As a current senior at MTHS, I am astonished that there are so many overtly positive reviews about this school. There are negatives as well as positives. I have met many teachers here who have been able to help me through high school, and have changed my viewpoints on many topics. These are the teachers who genuinely helped me learn. On the contrary, I have witnessed several teachers who, to bluntly put it, should one hundred percent not be teaching at any school. Some could care less about the education of students, and others just cross the line, and act completely unprofessional around students. Some teachers, for example, sit in on students gossiping about others and joins the conversation. The reasons these adults are in our school is to create a professional environment and provide examples on how to behave in professional environments. This, however, is unable to happen. The school is also very overcrowded, and has exceeded the student capacity.
At Monroe Township High School, the academic rigor is good and appropriate for most classes and prepare you well for college. However, some teachers are not well equipped to teach higher level honors and AP courses. Additionally, the school deeply lacks school spirit.
The classes in Monroe Township Highschool are unlike any classes I've taken or seen. The resources available to teachers and students is amazing. Everyone helps one another, whether you're a freshman, senior, faculty, or parent. The school building is new and is by far the best school in the state because of the faculty. The teachers, counselors, and principals do anything and everything possible to help their students and their work is not overlooked by the administration because of the yearly teacher awards. The clubs and activities allow students like myself to become leaders and express our opinions openly and professionally. The sport teams are also great, as well as the lunch and diversity. This school is by far the best school I know and I am thankful to be a honorary student of the class of 2020
I learned a lot from my teacher and I have made so many great friends. There is so much to be involved with.
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I love the way the teachers are always willing to help the students when they need it. Although it’s large, my only complaint would be that the school is getting to be a little small for the amount of students that are enrolled.
Monroe Twp is a very competitive high school and the class size has been increasing every year. Due to the large student body, there is a lot of academic competition. The school is newly built and is truly a state of the arts facility with very modern design. There are 2 large multipurpose gyms and there is a training room as well as a performing arts center. The facility is very clean and well maintained. I am a high school senior at Monroe Township High School. The amount of classes that are available to students is incredible. There are classes ranging from culinary arts to honors business organization and management. There are a lot of programs and a LOT of opportunities for the students who know what they want to do once they graduate. If students are not quite sure it is the perfect place to learn about a wide variety of things as well. Honors and AP level classes are provided for students who are looking for challenges.
Monroe Township High School is a very modern school in several ways. It is diverse with races, genders, and sexual orientations. It also has state-of-the-art facilities, such as its multiple gymnasiums and their science lab classes. One thing that they need to improve on is organization, as there are so many students in this school, which is not a problem until it is time to change classes, during which the hallways are a dangerous area.
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