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My attendance to MHS was a very important time in my life. I learned so much about myself and about the world around me. My education there was very good I would say. I took the ACT a few years after graduation and I still remembered most of the things that were on the test, which would mean they must have done a great job teaching me! The location and the environment of the school is about the same as your typical high school, even though it was next door to a maximum security prison. However I, as a student, felt very safe there and they made sure that I did. The teachers were amazing and really cared about their students. Overall an amazing high school experience!
Monroe High School provides great opportunities for those who truly wish to succeed. Students are not likely to be forced to maximum potential, however, the staff is encouraging and helpful for those who reach out in hopes of success. The culture at Monroe High School is very unique, energetic, and inclusive. While every High School has its struggles and differences, Monroe High School is a place where all types of students and teachers can come together in an exciting way.
It was an average school. But it was different because of the tight-knit community. Monroe High School is located in the small town of Monroe, where everyone knows everyone. Hearing stories from other schools, I'm thankful for mine because I always felt safe. There weren't ever any serious threats, there weren't any gangs, there weren't any fights, and there wasn't any bullying that I knew of. This is something very hard to acheive for some schools, but somehow everyone got along at our school.
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I really appreciate the effort being put into trying to keep our community together. There are ping pong tournaments, dances, activities, and quite honestly, the best pep assemblies there could possibly be.
So far, I have absolutely loved MHS. The students and faculty become a true family and I am incredibly honored to be apart of this somewhat dysfunctional family. Monroe has given me so many opportunities and really pushes their students to achieve.
I had a great time at Monroe the teachers were caring. I feel prepared for college. I made many great friends.
I graduated from here. Lovely place to be at for 4 years. The teachers I had were wonderful except for a few. Atmosphere and culture was fantastic. School spirit and involvement with the students was a great experience. The downfalls would be cost with sports, clubs, and activities. Great things come within those things but not for the cost but honestly way to much of a cost. They also should get a competitive swimming pool for the swim teams and surrounding schools to possibly even practice in.
Monroe High School has a really high interest in bringing the school together through activities. I believe they really do stride to do their best on making a great experience for the students. However, the school handles situations very poorly with very little disciplinary action or none at all. I would like to see a change with diversity in the school.
I moved here my sophomore year. Students were very welcoming but teachers did not seem to care unless you were in an advanced class. They don't want to explain or provide help without you nagging.
Personally, I wasn't at Monroe High for very long since I did running start, but what I did learn I still carry with me today. There had been two different drama teachers while I attended high school there and I learned so much about acting, so much so that my younger brother say how much I enjoyed being taught by them that he also signed up for their classes!
My experience of 3 years at this school was decent. Nothing too exciting hoever nothing too boring I guess you could say. They used to mainly focus on their sports programs because they take it very seriously however towards my junior/senior year at this school it expanded their STEM type classes and became a bit more academically involved, while still taking their sports programs seriously.
I will be starting my senior year at Monroe High School in the fall of 2019. The past three years at this school have been full of fun memories I'll keep forever. I love how much school spirit we have! Every football game is packed with students dressed up in our school colors and cheerfully supporting our team. The academic aspect of MHS is also great, as the teachers challenge you to be curious while teaching us important lessons. There are so many classes to choose from and so many teachers to support you along the journey of high school. I love how each student has different interests and talents, and we can learn from each other and try new things. Overall Monroe High School is a great environment for kids to explore new things, find their passions, and prepare for the exciting opportunities of the future1
I love that Monroe High School is very open to unity. Even though we're not at that point, the high school strives to create opportunities for everyone to be involved and pushes to make the school whole.
They changed their schdeules from a regular 6 class scehdule, to a block schedule, and added in one extra credit needed to graduate. Ugly school with alot of druggies
Monroe High school is a very good school. They have great teachers and sports. They really push students to do well in school and beyond. They offer a bunch of good classes and have a bunch of clubs as well. Overall Monroe High School is a very good school. They could improve on helping the lower end students with tutoring and stuff like that.
I’ve had a great time attending there. It has lots of great teachers, friendly students, great classes & lots of opportunities to get involved in their environment.
I love my experience. Here at, Monroe High School, we have lots of amazing teachers and they are good at teaching. Some of them can be funny but all of them are amazing.
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Good staff in my opinion. Many of my teachers were easy to talk to. Student involvement in extracurricular activities was also very encouraged which I really liked. There are however some problems in the governmental aspect of the school that I think need to be addressed upstream.
I couldn't imagine going to any other high school. Monroe has given me several different opportunities to get involved with my community and become engaged with others. I have had the chance to be a part of Monroe High School's ASB for my four years here and it has shown me so much about myself and gave me the opportunity to give back to the people here. I would gladly recommend my high school to anyone interested. I think Monroe is a lot different than other schools mainly because of our spirit. Our spirit is the one thing that defines us among other high schools. We always have students willing to support others in their interests and activities. This school has given me so many opportunities and I am so thankful I had the chance to come here.
I went to Monroe High School for a year as an exchange student. The teachers are great and there are also many clubs & activities to join. It was a huge school so it was really crowded. It was a really great experience for me, but if you are not an exchange student, it can be a little different. I didn't like the school lunch, though.
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