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Going to a small school in south Alabama has it's perks and problems. I have enjoyed the community atmosphere that can only be provided by a small school and the ability to discuss my religious beliefs openly. The sports programs as a whole are very impressive and push the players towards excellence. However, the downside to my experience at this school is the lack of diversity. There are very limited differences in race, culture, and overall beliefs. It is a like a little bubble of people who are all from similar backgrounds, and I feel that will not prepare me for the experiences that are ahead of me in my future. Also, the science courses in my school are not the best, and according to an alumni from my school, they were not prepared for the college level science due to the poor preparation from this school. Like most schools Monroe Academy has it's pros and cons, but it is a great school that treats every student, teacher, and faculty member like family.
I am a senior at Monroe academy. I have gone through preschool-12. This school is a great opportunity for small classes and lots of school spirit. The diversity of the people, however is not the best.
I love Monroe Academy and i always will. It’s the best school ever! I would never want to change a thing!
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It’s a great school compared to the others in the area. It is able to showcase my high points and hide my lows when it comes to college applications. I wouldn’t leave this school for the world. It’s a family.
the atmosphere of Monroe academy is very family oriented. It taught me a lot, not only in education, but also in life. It really is an amazing school. The reason I have given it 4 start instead of 5 is because I feel as though Monroe Academy needs to open up doors in there education for there student to use computers more and add to there programs more of the arts.
It is a very small private school in rural southwest Alabama. Classes are small, but so are tech resources. Great parent involvement, and great football team. Computer skills need to be taught and teachers need to learn how to use them.
Monroe Academy is my home away from home. There has never been a moment when I haven't felt safe, or loved. The teachers at Monroe Academy to the absolute best they can to prepare there students for college and the "real" world. They always give 110% affort. They also love ever student, and they help to push and motivate each student to be successful. The school as a whole is excellent!
Monroe Academy is a great school. From preschool through the 12th grade, there are around 400 students. Classes are small, and teachers are concerned about the well-being of each individual student. It teaches morals and wholesome values while supplying a good education. It provides numerous extracurricular activities in which to participate. Monroe Academy offers sports, marching and concert band, SGA, a Christian student club, and lots of opportunities to serve the school and the community. Its only flaw seems to be the small parking lot and congested traffic. With such a small parking lot, it is difficult to navigate through the campus without confusion.
People choose this school because it is supposed to be a good education. But realistically, this school is about parents living vicariously through their kids. It is an extension of their social life and embraced by the group of their friends. Anything that is diverse is beyond the realm of their comprehension. Everything revolves around "Volunteer Pride", but it is mostly about sports.
Although there are a few outstanding teachers such as Coach Mac, Mrs. Mannix, Mr. Pickett and Mrs. Paula, most of the teachers cater to a few students...mainly football players & children of their social set. Honors students get an avg. Education and standard classes are treated as stupid and worthless. If you don't fit the image, you are invisible.Too many of the teachers gossip and look down on others. Prejudice values are reinforced and allowed, through their gossip and ignorance.
My experience at Monroe Academy was great! I enjoyed attending school, and I made great friends. The teachers really care about their students, and everyone feels welcome.
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