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This school has a high range of students, which makes the students divide into many groups. This makes some people very isolated, because now they have no friends anymore. There is hardly any time for being sociable. The sports are ok. Band and chorus is good. There aren't many options for extra-curricular activities, nor are there people who are even interested. School should be always fun, and this school rarely is.
The school is not given adequate funds to keep the sports facilities up to standards. The grass is rarely cut down. Baseball/softball fields are worn down and barely usable. The track is cracked and full of bird feces that are never cleaned up.
The teachers in MMS are the best I've ever had. I have, however, seen some teachers grade students differently and have favorites in their classroom. Some teachers will do everything in their power to help a student while others don't care.
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Recently there has been an increase of children younger than 13 getting involved in sexual activities and drugs. This leads into the increase of peer pressure for children.
There are plenty of sports to get involved with. They have regular pep rallies to get the entire school involved. It's all great fun.
When I attended MMS the school nurse was unavailable most of the time and did not know what she was doing the other half. The security is usual for this area, one security guard in the school and plenty of cameras all around the school.
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