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It's a small town, so there's not much funding into smaller programs that aren't sports. Like theatre, art, and science for example. There's little to no funding in these departments, but an abundance of funding into sports. I think the school should really look into and promote STEM programs and creative ones as well.
What I liked about Momence High School is that it is a small school. I also like that students know each other because of how small the school is. Lastly I like that the students are nice to each other.
The majority of the staff is great, but some of the the teachers aren't as great as they could be. Also, the funding is really low, but there is not much you can do about that.
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They spent money on things that on TV's for our lunchroom rather than books for our classroom. They have good intentions but the more they try to fix things the more suffocated I feel.
Great teachers that truly care about building a student up for success for their future. The community is a huge part of the school and feels like a family. Great place for kids to grow up and get a well balanced education.
Sometimes the staff doesn’t like to hear us out when we have a suggestion but overall the teachers are ok. There’s some who don’t know how to teach the right way.
Momence High School is actually a very good school. Everything in the school is very organized and clean.Teachers and faculty are great. It is just a great overall school.
Small community school but it’s a great school. The teachers are helpful, the sports are good, there is a lot of parent participation with the school.
Momence high school was a pretty average high school, nothing very special about it. I only spent my Junior and Senior year there before I graduated in 2016. During my time at Momence High School I found it hard to make friends, since it was a very small school and all of the other students knew each other since kindergarten. The course work is also very easy, not at all challenging and the teacher do not prepare you for college. I think Momence High School should push the students to work harder and make the work more challenging, so the students will be prepared for college and will be more likely to succeed in college. They should also invest some of their money into provide better and more nutritional lunches.
My high school has less than 400 students. This has its pros and cons. I enjoy having smaller classes. Students have a better chance of establishing a relationship with their teacher easier when at a small school. All the students know each other and with a smaller school, there aren't many cliques or social statuses. That being said, there aren't as many opportunities in a smaller school. There are few electives and clubs and they don't offer many AP or honors classes. Although at times I wish I would've had the opportunity of attending a larger high school, I am now happy with my school.
Momence is a good community. My Father went through Momence school district schools and I'm proud to follow in his foot steps . I wish we had better sports programs along with Coaches. The academics will allow me to be ready for College once I'm done .
It was a generic high school, hindered by being part of a small town and a lack of money, so the amount of classes offered was small and generally seemed to be shrinking. But even with this, it had a good amount of diversity and a majority of the teachers there actually had an interest in your education unlike a lot of schools I know. It is an average school in a small town and it's main credit is it's teachers.
The parents at Momence High School where always presuring there kids into doing stupid things. In which really hurt the kids from having normal lives.
I had attended Momence High School for all four years of my high school career. Throughout my time there I had found that a lot of my teachers, that are no longer there, where very supportive of everyone. Though this was true the school itself wasn't that safe. There was always drugs flowing threw and nothing was ever done about it.
Bullying is obviously not one of MHS concerns. I have been bullied and threatened and we went to the school administration about it but they refused to do anything at all. The same thing happened to my sister and we had to get the police involved because the school was not doing anything about it at all. The sucurity is actally pretty good at school. After 8am all doors are locked and to enter the school you have to ring the doorbell and they will let you in if you look safe (the have a camera by the door) they also have cameras all over the school, just not in class rooms or bathrooms or locker rooms. We do not have a school nurse.
There is a few different extracurricular activities at MHS. But most of them only a few students participate those include, gaming club, writing club. Other extracurricular activities that students actually participate in are, theater, cheer leading, weight lifting, yearbook staff, student council. The students that participate in those activities actually have a lot of commitment to them. The most popular is the sports like cheer leading, football, basketball, softball, volleyball, track, also theater is pretty popular, our school puts on some very good plays and musicals.
My overall favorite experience of attending MHS is being a cheerleader for the high school football team. What makes this school unique is the select few teachers that everyone actually likes also the extra classes that have been offered to us throughout my high school career, like culinary arts one and two, a bunch of different computer classes, parenting, child care and adult living, several art classes, community service, and personal fiance. I'm not sure if I would choose this school again if I could do it all over again because the students that attend this school are immature and make going to school very dreadful. All anyone wants to do is fight and when a student gets threatened or anything the school will not do anything about it!
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The teachers at MHS aren't the worst but they also are not the best. Some of them can not teach whatsoever and when a student asks for help they refuse to help. There is only a few teachers at this school that actually have interest in their students. The communication skills are horrible. The consistency is terrible they are never up to date on the grading and make the students wait for weeks to put in grades. Some teachers will give us quizzes or tests over something we have never learned.
Our school does not offer as many after school activities as it could and once did. We did have a lot of activities and club organizations, but I think because of our budget, we eliminated some of them. Such as foods, we had a culinary arts after and before club, called "Breakfast Club". The organizations and clubs that we currently have include Student Council, which anyone can join. We also have Spanish Club, National Honors Society, and Creative Writing Club. I'd say that the most "popular" club we have is probably National Honor's Society, there are a lot of members.
I do not think that my school is terrible, but it is not as good as it could be. Every school has its flaws and problems, whether it's economic, its students, its staff, etc. My experience at Momence High School was honestly not that great, but it wasn't awful. I have wished to be at a different school, but once I'd gotten used to this one, I couldn't really see myself anywhere else. My first year of high school wasn't easy, but that is just freshmen year, freshmen year is obviously very different from junior high. Although my entering was great, the students were very refreshing and welcoming. But as the years have gone by, and those students graduated, it isn't the same. Students are not as nice as they could be, they are not at all encouraging, and students are now in cliques. When it comes to being elected for Student Government, it is not about one being responsible, or hardworking and reliable, you would have to be known and "popular". This school is all about popularity and being liked by everyone. But how can you be liked by everyone if not everyone knows you? Honestly, if I could do it all over, I probably would, because even though I don't quite like my school, it made me the person I am today. And it's school, no one likes school.
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