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Mohawk High School Reviews

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The teachers are very nice and supportive. The quality of education is on par with most other schools. Newly integrated technology is allowing for students to learn new skills that are important for the future. Unfortunately it is a small school so it does not offer a wide range of different classes. In that way, it is a little limiting if your student wants to pursue anything specific.
The student to teacher ratio is nice and you can get help from the teachers a lot easier. The place is very clean and is taken care of. The teachers are really nice and are willing to help. The classrooms have good tech and good supplies.
My overall experience at this school has been a pretty good experience. I've had my problems at this school, but who doesn't in high school. This school is very small, only about 110 students, grades 7 through 12. I think this makes Mohawk unique. We may not have a lot to offer, but what we do have to offer is essential for the learning process. The teachers are very accommodating and willing to help in any way possible. Our class sizes are small and manageable, so it makes it easy to learn.
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I think for the most part I was prepared for entering college. I received a lot of one on one help from the staff that allowed me to ask questions I don't feel that would be addressed in a larger school. I have noticed since I graduated that the school has improved a great deal with actually including college curriculum in the schedule. They have more college prep classes that help with the process of financial aid and scholarships.
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