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Overall the staff is uncaring. They strive in detention and don’t care too much about the developments.
My experience at Mohave has been great, i have grown into a person that i love and now am comfortable with. The teachers and students are awesome and are always their to help whether the problem is big or small.
I have been going to Mohave High School since I was eight years old. My father has been working there for 12 years and so I've established a very deep connection with the school which goes deeper than my four years of enrollment there. I've seen teachers come and go and I've seen different waves of culture come and go as well. There was a time when the campus was bursting with spirit and determined students, teachers who took pride in their jobs, and peers who supported each other. While this has decreased in the past few years, there is a heart of Mohave High School which is very important to its development. Students who work desperately to maintain a good name for their school and who pride themselves on being spirited, despite other schools who put down Mohave. I could easily talk about all of Mohave's flaws, but that would not be fair to my fellow peers and teachers who bring culture to the school. The people at Mohave are what made my time there above average.
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Mohave High School isn't known for being the best at... anything really. Students score below average in testing all together, not a lot of the sports go to state. The teachers try their best to teach, but a lot of the students choose to mess around and cheat off of others. Performance wise, it heavily lacks in almost everything, but that's what happens when there's barely any funding and not a lot of teachers that come over to Bullhead to pursue in their teaching career. However, the teachers that I've had for the first two years being there have emphasized the importance of college and knowing what you want to do in the future, which motivates a lot of us to strive for excellence and to get out of this town.
I like the school over all it’s a good environment for the kids and everyone gets along. The one thing I would like to change is see more money being put into the school instead of the football program. This school really needs new air conditioning and instead they put the money into sports.
Mohave high school, I had amazing expirences at Mohave home of the t-birds.They really welcome you and make you feel like yourself. They teachers are so nice and they really want to know If you are doing okay.My favorite part of high school was the pep rallys . They are always so hype and so much fun I gives you the whole high school expirence.
I have learned so much from going to Mohave High School. I have nit only learned the curriculum but it has also taught me how to be a good person. There are so many alumni that have brought their education from college and high school back to the community and I plan to do the same.
My favorite part about going to Mohave High School was that I had the Gear Up program to lean on. I had so many opportunities because of this program and I always had the option to ask for help involving my school work or with college readiness. The school was very safe and had assigned police officers that would handle any issues. The school offered many clubs, but sadly would schedule them all around the same times and on the same days, so you would have to choose. As for teachers and administration, either they showed a lack of patience and were very strict or just simply didn't care. There was this one teacher/admin that was actually very creepy and would constantly comment on girl's outfits and would full on chase people to send them to the office for dress code. I can't remember his name, but he rode a bike around the school. Anyways, the food at the school was probably the same as any high school, but they did have a great free breakfast program.
My experience was great and growing up over the years while attending this school was quite interesting. The school system for Colorado River School district was not overly excellent and for my entire life in Bullhead City I went through there ever changing system. Every year there had been a new time / day schedule for the entire school year. As being a guinea pig for finding an optimal school schedule, I was not angry but highly annoyed. By the time i arrived at Mohave as a freshman there had been a decent amount of "cleansing" in terms of gang violence and under-qualified teachers. There is a favoritism towards sports and honor students. Overall, the school has improved 10 folds and has focused well on all all students and their success in life. They had built a better system from the ground up and it procured many fine students over subsequent years. I rate Mohave High School as a very good school to receive an education from, but look into other schools for better sport program.
The arts program is great here but the core classes struggle. Most of the teachers do not teach and just give A's without doing work. Kids have turned in empty papers and passed the class with 100. Its really sad but there are some good teachers.
Most of the teachers are very nice. The dress code could use some improvement. The school is very safe and has security guards wondering everywhere throughout the school.
I loved going to Mohave! I had great teachers who helped me get where I am today. It was a small enough school to get to know most everyone in my class, but big enough for fun activities and amazing school spirit.
I will always remember the cinema club and the trip we took to California. We went to universal studios and sunset boulevard and many more places. I also loved my choir and how we were selected to perform at disneyland, and also for graduation our class went to disneyland with hundreds of other graduating classes!
MHS offers a good variety of DE Classes that can help your college achievements and they work with the local college to help kids get a higher learning experience.
Very rarely you get a good teacher in that school and this is coming from an honors student. They do have a great number of clubs that you are able to join, but some are sometimes stretched thin. The newer students are more rowdy destroying school property and causing more fights than usual. If you are not careful with your grades they will move you to a different school to keep there graduation rate up.
Mohave has some good teachers, but the entirety of the science department say one teacher is lackluster. The English department is mediocre, unless you count the Freshmen and Senior Honors teacher, who is really dedicated. There is a feeling of carelessness among the administration. They would rather find a way to blame a student than take fault for something.
I love Mohave High School! The atmosphere is great and all my teachers have been wonderful; I really feet like they care. I complain a lot about my classes, but that's only because I hate homework. The sports programs are amazing and the school is always so positive. While other schools in the district like to focus on beating up our mascot to make them feel better about their own short-comings, Mohave focuses on teaching kids to be classy, upstanding members of society. Mohave High School is always looking for ways to improve its self. The student council is very hardworking, the choir program is beyond words, and the administration is great.
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More pep rallies would have been nice but classes were fun and the staff was nice. Loved getting up in the morning and having weights.
I personally believe my experience at Mohave High School is really great. Although the school does has its flaws, it also has great things there for oneself. Sports is where I have been enjoying it the most. Great programs and great clubs.
Mohave high school had some weird teachers. Not all teachers and parents were involved with the students. Some teachers didnt care and didnt push. There was not many academic resources opportunities. There good thing about the school was there was plenty of scholarships, the guidance counselors were amazing and very helpful.
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