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Mohave Accelerated Learning Center is a great school in the city of Bullhead City. The school is relatively small when compared to the other schools in the area. Since the school is smaller, the classes are too, which makes learning a lot easier. This is a school where all students are close and very welcoming. I transferred to Mohave Accelerated during my freshman year and everyone was extremely kind and very excited to meet a new student.
This is a super small school that prepares you for college very well. It is by far the best school in this area. Best teachers, college prep, and sports programs.
very good education for the most part. most if not all of the teachers work hard to teach and help you learn. :)
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Mohave Accelerated Learning Center offers dual enrollment programs, so you can earn close to, or a full, Associates degree. I would like to see the school gain more facilities. The school needs a better Arts program, and a real library for students.
I graduated from MALC in 2012. Things are most likely much different now, but I had a great experience there. I had amazing teachers, a good sports program, and an overall memorable experience.
All of the teachers at my school are so eager to teach and have their students being the brightest students they can be.
I really love this school, it helps that it is such a small school so that you have the opportunity of being a part of the "family." I have been here since 3rd grade and now I am a senior in high school, I have been around most of the same people and we have been able to grow together throughout these nine years.
MALC has a very strong school culture which makes it fun. The work can be very challenging but with determination you can get there. Every single student is encouraged to follow their goals and given healthy habits for later life. I would like to see some school procedures and classes changed to better fit the students’ needs, though.
I liked that Mohave Accelerated Learning Center was a small charter school, so everyone knew everyone. Mostly everyone was friendly and you didn't get lost because the campus was small. I liked that the teacher's were always willing to help if the student's need it. We didn't have school on Fridays, but if you had a 'D' or an 'F', you had to go to mandatory Friday school. What they could change is how they handle bullying problems or just problems in general that students had with other students.
What I like about MALC was that that teachers were so caring. I had a lot of help from my teachers during school hours and after school. Everyone in the school cares about you and your education and they want what's best for you.
My school is small enough to be really personal but big enough to offer lots of opportunities to learn and explore possibilities. I love it!
What I like a lot about Mohave Accelerated Learning Center is the teachers because they are dedicated to the school and enjoy teaching, which makes learning easy and fun. What I would like to see change is more resources for extracurricular activities.
Amazing school. Only thing I'd change is the dress code, it's too strict. Leggings are not aloud only because it is a "distraction to boys". We aren't aloud to wear shorts only "shorts" that go to your nee which aren't even shorts.
Our Staff and Facility our magnificent people. Our teachers do amazing jobs and help each and every student. They stay after hours to help struggling students. My school also offers Duel Enrollment classes, which many students are encouraged to take. MALC is one big family you could say.
They need to improve the school cafeteria room because it is small and crowded. Other than that it is an excellent school, would recommend.
I go to Mohave Accelerated Learning Center, or as we call it MALC. I am not bragging when I say this. We have the best teachers in the area. We have the best looking campus in the area. Also we have the highest test scores in the area. The teachers are friendly and engaging. Plus it is nice that the students are cool too.
I love Mohave Accelerated Learning Center! I love that the school is so small that every teacher knows your name and they genuinely care about you. I love that the teacher and admin try to push you to try your hardest and try to do your best. They are a great school and I am glad that I am going to be a MALC alumni.
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I would rather attend Mohave Accelerated than any other school in my area. In a financially poor county which produces poor quality people, this small K-12 school is the best option for you. My older two brothers graduated as valedictorian, and now, as a freshman, I'm undertaking my high school adventure. As far as sports go, I play basketball and golf, which are the arguably the school's worst athletic programs. this isn't necessarily because of a lack of ability, but the amount of stiff competition the state has. MALC also offers swim, volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, and softball, as well as clubs. Don't expect to show up to rigorous tryouts: with only 250 students, the other schools have a greater number of athletes to choose from. if you show up, you'll probably make a team. This is NOT a good thing, but if sports are your main concern, Mohave High and River Valley High are better choices
A progressive charter school where a student is encouraged to reach beyond the normal high school experience. Small classroom sizes, which enables more one on one instruction time and a more personalized course of study.
After going there for 3 years and graduating top of my class with honors and winning Student of the Year, I would say that I had an amazing experience. Of course, during my time the school was still developing. I can't imagine how many opportunities are there since I left. I honestly miss being at MALC. I was a part of many clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Being such an active member in my school has really helped me in my current college success. This school is amazing for future scholars.
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