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Moffat County High School Reviews

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Moffat County Highschool has been a good school for me. It’s a very small school so it’s easier to make connections with classmates and teachers. Being a senior I feel like this school has prepared me for my next chapter in life. Everything the school offers is great; however, the school isn’t very big so I feel like I have less opportunities than kids who go to school in bigger cities.
This school's students are very pressuring and often cause other students to do wrong things. Teachers often do not care about what the students are doing.
The extracurricular activities receive little to no funding from the school budget, but generally try to make the best of it.
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There is an extremely low budget for extracurricular activities. This problem has seemed to have gone unaddressed in my time here.
The teachers here have always gone out of their way thier way to help students.
The bullying is bad, we are in a town that doesn't accept anyone who is different or has an opinion.
All of the outer activities are centered around sports, and the school cares more about sports than helping kids get a better education.
No parents that I know ever really get involved and it seems like the other kids just want to get high school over with, and not strive for A's which means the parents are not pushing them.
I think these teachers go above and beyond if you ask for help. Most are willing to stay after school to help and some even hold study groups on weekends. These teachers are usually engaging, but some give lectures for hours in stuffy classroom, inducing a stupor throughout the students. They also know you by name usually and treat you like an actual human being, not just some stupid student.
This school is.. Alright. I'll have to say I've had my share of ups and downs.. But who hasn't? I especially enjoyed Yearbook class, Drama, and DECA/FBLA club. What makes this school unique is our ability to shine and work hard despite being in a small town. The people of Moffat County are especially involved in sporting events, such as football and basketball. However, reasons I would not attend again would be because of the lack of budget our school has. Some of my classes barely have 5 textbooks to share with the class, others won't have enough to give to all of the students, meaning they couldn't be checked out all year/semester.
The teaches at MCHS are engaging, and promote student ideas and pre-known knowledge into their lesson plans. Communication skills are satisfactory, though could be a bit better with helping students who are struggling over particular lessons and in certain classes. Grading is usually consistent and fair, and overall the teachers are kind to students and engage well with them. Its a pretty good school, but it would definitely be improved if we had more of a budget to work with, maybe to buy new textbooks amongst other things.
I've enjoyed school, I have been successful in Sports and other activities. I have been able to take 20+ credit hours with the local community college. I am going to college, have been excepted to a couple just need to pick.
I normally leave campus for lunch, eat at home, my aunts or fast food, or deli at local store
Don't really see to much, I do agree with the new administration the Campus Clean up is a good thing
there are a lot of sports offered, I play hockey which is not a school sport so I play club hockey with a town team. My sister plays fast pitch, my mom has to drive 200 mile 3 nights a week for her to play in a different town.
Most of the teachers I have had have been great but I have mostly taken AP and College classes, I have friends that have teachers that are just filling up the time with crap work and not teaching at all.
The same 10-20 kids are in tons of clubs 20-40 play sports and the rest just float around, not enough to do
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For the age of the school building it looks and is very good. The school sits on a hill so there are some foundation issues but nothing major. Tutoring is very available from both students and teachers. The counselors are very helpful with everything
The schools cafeteria is pretty average for a school I suppose. At my school we have open campus so we are able to leave and go eat somewhere and come back. The could use some more healthier options then just the salad bar though. Athletes aren't supposed to eat anything fried or that contains a lo of fat in it so it makes it a little harder to find something when you stay and eat at school. The variety could be a little better also. People get sick of eating the same everyday. It is nice having the vending machines for through out the day.
Everyone is pretty open and supportive to everyone. everyone is accepted and the student involvement is very high. Everyone gets involved in everything. There is some peer pressure and like every school there are clicks.
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