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Going to this school changed my perspectives on everything. It allowed me to open my eyes to see the world and what is out there in terms of current events, college, and every opportunity possible.
My experience at Moanalua High school was none no other then any other high school experience, there's mean girls, jocks things like that. The teachers are very kind and always willing to help. One main thing I'd change is all the construction that's always going around it's very distracting and takes up most of our campus space, however the structure being built is coming along very nicely and it's going to be amazing for the future students who get to use that building. All in all Moanalua is a good school I'd say it's what you make of it.
I guadrated from Moanalua High School in 2018. The school is better then the other schools around it. The cheerleading team is great along with other sports. The academics is pretty good. They have computers for classes. I would want to see the Vice principles care more about the students.
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The most worthwhile thing to do while attending this school would be to join the music department, which is a program that instills integrity and grit into its members. As a nationally recognized program of excellence, it offers a unique experience unlike that of any other school in the state.

Mr. Seta, Mr. Takesue, Mr. Oshima, and Ms. Barbosa care greatly about every single student that passes through the program, which allows students to build meaningful relationships and find a sense of community within the school. Though known for its award winning musical ensembles, the best thing that a student will get out of this program is guidance towards living a life of leadership and good character. This program pushes students to make a positive impact on this earth, and that's what makes it so special. As Mr. Seta would put it, "Don't be the best in the world, but be the best FOR the world."
Something that I really like about Moanalua High School is that the teachers really take their time to make sure the students understand the content. They also care about their students like their own children. Another great thing about Moanalua High School is the activities, clubs, and sports they offer. They offer a variety, from football and basketball to dance and language clubs!
It was such a great school. Everyone on campus cares about you and wants to help kids grow and succeed in life. Best 4 years yet.
I did not have a normal high school experience. I moved during the end of my freshman year to Moanalua. Coming to this school felt intimidating at first because the education level was much higher than my last school. However, the students and most of the teachers were very caring and supportive. I do believe some of the school administration is unjust but there is also many supportive admin that are truly concerned with any problems you have. Overall, I had a pretty good high school experience.
This school was very big compared to my previous one. It also received a lot more funding, so there were a variety of new things that I experienced. They Didn't emphasize their culture too much, which I liked.
I've met many wonderful teachers and staff there. There are many clubs and electives to join and the music program is amazing. I've been in an orchestra for 4 years at Moanalua High School and I have enjoyed playing music with my friends.
Moanalua High School is a really good school! Very many options when it comes to education, and they're are very prestigious. Options including a Award winning Orchestra, Media Program, and Yearbook Program, just to name a few. The staff are all friendly, and the mix of student demographic makes for a big options of friends and learning about new people. What Moanalua can improve on is becoming closer to students.
Teachers really do care about your education here. They are there to help you guide through your academic journey in high school. With many career course options, it is very diverse.
I loved it at moanalua! The academics prepare you for college and we have more than 3 counselors to help the students with any issues in school or at home and they are also in contact with the parents as well. Also, we have a college and career counselor to help us with picking colleges or jobs and they help with scholarships as well. The students get along well with each other and the school spirit is amazing every week. The sports here at Moanalua is very good, we have a variety of sports and the sports teams are able to win and receive state championships as well as our media and broadcast team. Our language program of different languages courses is one of the top programs in the country and the students are able to travel internationally to learn and explore more about different countries.
I really like the campus and the environment that the school creates for their students. There are a great balance of different types of people and it is very diverse. The athletics are amazing and did great this year. The teachers are overall pretty good but there are some that needs a little more aloha spirit. When here are conflicts between a teacher and a student, the student is automatically wrong and that might be a problem at every school but i would like to see that change. It's also not very good for the fareness of the students for the athletic coaches to not get punished for their unsportsmanlike actions and words.
I think the staff and admin were very good at their jobs. I think one thing that could be fixed is the engagement in student learning. As a student, I feel that keeping us(students) interested is key to us learning. So my solution would be to offer more field trips to the students.
Good push on students especially student athletes. Gives a lot of opportunities. However, some teachers can teach at all. Campus is dirty especially the bathrooms.
I could meet many different types of people from many different places. Some of friends and teachers are from another countries and can get chance learn different cultures, especially can learn about the Hawaiian culture.
As a freshman I moved into the school district knowing no one. That was hard. The students and staff at Moanalua welcomed me and soon enough I knew it was home. Everyone constantly motivates you to make the best decisions for life after high school. I never thought that I would be the person to be in AP classes or even honors classes but somehow my peers and teachers convinced me to test my limits and see what I could really achieve academically.
The only reason I did not give Moanalua a five-star rating is because there is constantly new staff coming and going. Every year there are so many teachers/ staff either retiring, moving, or taking on another job. I personally had three different geometry teachers in one year. That was a struggle because having to rebuild bonds with teachers and adjust to their teaching style and rules was tiring.
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Moanalua High School has one of the best music departments in the whole country. Most of the students on campus are in the music department. Our Symphony Orchestra won first place at the American String Teachers Association's National Orchestra Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Only 20 orchestras were invited including ours. Also, Moanalua has tons of electives to choose from. There is an elective for any kind of career pathway you want to focus on during high school. We have a course called CAP, Career Academic Planning, we have to take which is great for students to take. It helps you focus on what you really want to do after High School. It just goes to show how much effort the school puts into wanting to help their students succeed.
Moanalua High School is genuinely a good school. All the teachers, student and staff are very kind and caring people. Our school does the best for all of our 2000 students. Moanalua adds courses to our electives every year to fulfill our students’ wants. They always strive to be the best school in our state, even better than the private schools. My school excels in athletics, academics and the music department compared to many schools in our state. Our school offers us more than 30 selection of sports and even more clubs. Our music department has a large amount of people. We have a jazz band, orchestra, marching band and a band class. ’m really proud to be able to attend Moanalua as a freshman Menehune.
Clubs don't have a lot of funding and are only allowed two fundraisers a year, and you can't sell food on campus, which is one of the best ways to raise money. There was a good range of AP classes available, but a few of the teachers didn't have much experience teaching those courses.
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