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Mizel Jewish Community Day School Reviews

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My granddaughter attends Mizel and loves it. Last year was her first year and as an educator I was impressed with the topics and skills covered in her classroom. I really enjoyed the different programs they put on. Stem night was a lot of fun and as a middle school MYP science teacher I was thrilled to see the experiments chosen for the students to be involved in. The school has all sorts of activities to involve parents. Thank you for allowing my granddaughter to attend.
My children go to Mizel it has small class rooms, great teachers, don’t like all the grades mixed into one class room, has no drama/ theatre or plays, has no science fair, has no nurse, but has amazing field trips, great learning experiences, every one knows everyone but not enough Jewish families. The school will work with you & is a great school!! Happy to have a Jewish school, School staff and teachers are top notch! Everyone here is kind and caring! This school is helping kids to achieve educational milestones with leaps and bounds! Thank you to everyone that made this school possible! This place is truly special and one of a kind! But another thing that bothers me is not enough girls in the some grades.
Too many kids with behavioral problems and/or have special needs. Those kids need too much help for a normal child to thrive at this school. Very poor management, poor communication skills and no protocols in place to deal with problem students.
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My son goes to Mizel and it has been amazing. We are a Jewish family, but I love the diversity of the school. My son receives a lot of one on one teaching and he loves it there.
1. Poorly managed
2. Very few traditional Jewish Families
(Where mother is Jewish & children are
raised Jewish, 90%+ not Jewish)
3. Too many kids with behavioral issues or
Special Needs
4. Too many boys. Ratio of boys is much more
than girls
5. Second, Third and Fourth grades are all in
one classroom together. Second grade
does go separately a few days a week with
the librarian (that is a retired teacher)
6. No Assistance are in classrooms,
Kindergarten through 5th
(FYI there were no 5th graders this year)
7. Kids are left unattended if teachers have
to step out of classroom.
8. No school nurse.
9. School is not accredited or has any
affiliations with Accademic Boards
10. Very poor conflict resolution skills nor
do they have a proper protocol in place
to handle situation and communicate
with parents
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