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Mitchell high school is a very nice place the staff always work their hardest and the activities are always wonderful and so much fun. One thing i would like to see changed is maybe the way the homework grading system is, not many kids have as much time to do homework as teachers think we do.
Mitchell highschool had a very pleasant vibe to it, the teachers are very understanding and nice, the counselors and staff work their hardest to account to the students, the janitors work their hardest for the school and keep it very clean and are absolutely some of the nicest people ive ever met. The security team is so generous and understanding and they do a very good job at keeping the students and staff safe.
Mitchell High School had a welcoming environment. The teachers and staff were amazing role models; specifically my teachers, which I am so thankful to have crossed paths with. Mitchell was not a perfect school, it had it's downfalls. Well not the school specifically but with their students. I am a Mitchell graduate of 2019, during my senior year I was bullied. The situation escalated and it made me not want to go there. What I would like to change about the school would be how the handle situations like that. Students safety is a priority. When that situation happened to me, I really didn't feel safe or comfortable. I wish they would've done more to make me feel comfortable or safe.
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Mitchell High School introduced me to most of closest friends in a good environment. Mitchell gave me the greatest coach to ever coach me, Joshua Browning. The only thing I would add or change is more school spirit.
Overall this school is very good. For starters, their resources are outstanding. We have so many programs with colleges to help get a head start on further education.
Full of undisciplined deliquent teenagers with extremely poor sportsmanship. From cases of gun violence to gang issues throughout. Staff seems unable to control their students violent outbursts and antics. A beautifully built school but lacking in a healthy balance of safety and educational curriculum or ability to be a SAFE environment to enroll teenagers.
As a military child I attended Mitchell my junior year. The Teachers and staff are great and the school provides many interesting extracurricular classes.
What I liked about Mitchell highschool is that is really a diverse school. Their Preforming Arts program its really awesome and you can enjoy different kinds of art, music and theatre clases.
The staff and faculty at Mitchell High School are excellent. Everyone truly cares about each other and the growth of the students. It is like a small town school except with the most diversity you can find and it works. Teacher to student ratio are great. Most of the teachers take the time to make sure you know the material and are succeeding in classes. Overall the school is a fantastic place to be. The only problem with Mitchell is that we do not get the funding from the district that we need to compete with the other schools. Our school is outdated and needs help with upgrades and expenditures.
Mitchell is an outgoing fun school that has a beautiful drama program. Also the rotc is a great program as well. Mitchell has a lot of new opportunities for growth and allows students to get an exceptional educational experience in a diverse community.
I am currently attending this school and despite all of the negativity surrounding our school, I love it here. This school gave me a lot of opportunities to excel my current academic high school career. This school, ever since I've been here, has been like a family. The only thing that holds this school back is many of the kids do not want to be engaged, and bring down the schools name in the process.
Teachers and counselors at Mitchell are always welling to help you. They are super nice and always there for you. There’s lot of Clubs and sports for you to choose from and to become a part of the Maurader family.
I went to Mitchell High School for four years, and the school was never as bad as it was thought to be. Teachers really wish for you to succeed and are always super helpful, even when it's an inconvenience to them. The school's population and culture was very diverse but everyone was treated the same regardless of who they were or where they came from. Mitchell's AFJROTC program was definitely a highlight for this school, every event hosted was always well organized and even student-led.
Mitchell is a very diverse and a school i would recommend to anyone who wants to be in a very diverse environment. The teachers are always willing to help and the school security is the best so far as a school environment is concerned.
I was recently named Valedictorian and couldn't be prouder of the progress my school has made in the last 4 years - the family environment, tolerance, love, and care shown to students here has been amazing and is still growing!
Mitchell High School is an amazing school with even better administration and if I had to choose a high school to go to I would pick Mitchell High School forever, on repeat.
This school has an amazing diversity of students that attend. The students there aren't the problem its the teachers. Constantly marking students there, absent or not fixing a grade, all this is reflected on the student even though, it's simply the teachers mistake. Even when you bring it up, they disregard the problem and usually when you try to explain it to someone else its just a struggle of understanding the student. They claim they're "emphatic," yet its attitudes and egos from those we learn from.
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I have grown up hearing about the bad reputation this school has. I was terrified to come here, but I am so happy I did. It has such a huge family feel and is a very nonjudgmental environment. It may not have the college prep or the academics that other schools have, but it is full of resilient students who know what it means to grow together.
It's a really good school with plenty of college credit opportunities. Despite the stereotypes surrounding this school, it is probably one of the best in terms of drugs or violence.
The one thing that sticks out most about Mitchell High School are the teachers. The teachers are treated lower than average by the students. However the teacher still cares about each of us. They continue to push students for success and prepare each one of us for college/ and what career field we wish to go into.
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