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Missisquoi Valley Union Middle/High School Reviews

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I love the family atmosphere at MVU, the staff is great.Also the staff really cares about the learning of students and they care about their community
teachers are terible i still cant do math thouigh i amm smart. I think BFA would be a better opiton for kids in the US. drugs are passed around between teachers and kids. when you get high teachers ask for some too. NEVER come here. like if you do come with a SWAT team to make sure your safe.
Teachers here are terrible, as students we are honestly bored or stressed out the whole day. Half the teachers don't know whats what, especially the subs. And the mvu students are mostly just a bunch of kids that don't care about anything other then acting like morons. Our tests scores are basically rock bottom, and as a pretty smart kid, I feel like there is no hope in the future for my abilities because it's basically impossible to do anything here.
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Nothing to exciting, a typical school. It's my last year, and I'm very excited to be moving on to places with real opportunities for me.
Teachers and staff are warm and welcoming to all students and families. However, the school has very little funding for anything fun for the students to do.
I enjoyed the fact that MVU is a very artistic school and offered many classes for a creative minded person. I was able to expand my knowledge of Art, Film History, and Graphic Design. What I would like changed at MVU is the social aspects. Many students are not open-minded and are immature. Some students gave teachers a hard time during lessons.
We have some amazing teachers, the one things that our school could work on is the education. By adding more AP classes and giving the students that best chance, this school is doing there best with what they are given.
Missisquoi Valley union highschool is a very close knit community, many students are 2nd+ generation students, their parents being alumni. Many students have Abenaki, Native American blood, we support and learn about the schools history, and Abenaki culture. There's a good handful of really amazing teachers, and admin in this school, it's a very welcoming community. We love new kids, our school isn't nearly as diverse as any other school in the state, or country, we love new people, we make sure to make them feel loved and welcome. MVU is a very family oriented school, and I love it for that
I enjoy MVUHS. All the teachers are friendly and try their best to adapt to change and help push students in the right direction. Unfortunately, there are many students who really don't care and keep getting second chances after bullying teachers.
I liked most of the teachers most of them helped me out quite a bit but I wish seniors had more of a trusting and more open senior privileges
The new teachers that are coming in are amaizing, but school does not know how to handle very excellencing student. As a freshman who strive for college and good grades I am very proud.
The teachers are amazing and care a lot about the students success and abilities, but simply don't have the right resources to go about it. The grading system is quite confusing and changed every year I attended the school (6 years) so that alone was very stressful and hindered student's performance. The funding is not adequate, and there is a major bullying problem.
Mvu is an alright school the teachers aren't the greatest and the rules are somewhat stupid but its a school of learning and the environment could be changed up a little bit and buying better supplies for the students instead of overspending on sports and other after-school activities.
Missisquoi Valley union has made my high school career a great experience in many ways. I have had a 3.9 GPA for most of high school which I am very proud of. I have also participated in a plethora of school activities such as NAHS, Field hockey, Ice hockey, track, skit, and home coming committee. MVU has provided tons of opportunities for the students that reside there and I am proud to say I had the chance to be a part of this school.
I really enjoyed school, but mainly only for social reasons. There are MANY amazing teachers, honestly most are, but most of the teachers do not know how to engage the students in the classroom. I actually once there had a teacher give me an F on an assignment, and then hand it out to the class as a "model piece" and she put someone else's name on it. I found this out post graduation from friends thats were still there. The arts are AMAZING, and so is Mr.Hartman the principle. One of the best men, and coaches around.
Going to school here was an overall positive experience. I believe going here greatly prepared me for college.
My experience so far at Missisquoi Valley Union Middle/High School has been overall a very positive experience. The teachers have such positive, enthusiastic attitudes and their main goal is to prepare you for college. The students are somewhat negative but there are many that aren't as well. Administration does everything they can to improve the safety of our school.
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I came here in 7th grade after moving to VT from MA. I have never seen a worse school environment. So many times in high school I would have study halls because the teachers wouldn't teach or our substitute teachers would just sit on their phones. The teachers didn't care and didn't put enough in. Only a select few teachers really taught me something. I felt I was under educated.
Very rural area, not a very safe place for lgbtq students and has no racial or cultural diversity. The food program is adequate and the administration is friendly. Teachers have kind of given up so the students suffer, most aren't well behaved because there is almost no discipline. Very supportive of sports teams and events.
This school, despite have a less desirable motto about it, was not the worst as people drew it out to be. I attended from 7th-12th grade, and throughout that time I went through the various grading changes, as academic policies were always changing. However, that had prepared me along with the many different teaching ethics of all of my teachers about how to continue forward with events occurring in life outside of high school and even college. It may not be the greatest school in the US, but it certainly isn't a bad school to call home. Once a Thunderbird, always a Thunderbird.
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