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Mission Viejo High School is an excellent school that is very diverse in terms of the demographics of its students and faculty. The academics and extracurriculars are equally outstanding and my experience there so far has been very good. The teachers are friendly, willing to help you learn and do your best, and do not slack around (or at least the teachers that I have had and heard about from classmates). It is not hard to fit in, especially if you have a common interest with other students, such as the arts or specific academic classes. One thing that I would prefer for the school to change are how strongly they enforce the dress code because some students honestly do not care at all and that does not leave a good reputation for the school in terms of morale and ethics. Another thing would be for the music program to get more funding from the school/district as it is in debt, as many others are, but because I am generally biased towards my own school, I emphasize this as a big issue.
I experienced a great time being part of a great, dynamic school. The teachers were one of the reason I am successful. Always there to help if you asked. If you want to succeed and you ask for help from the teachers, it will be accomplished. I had a great time with getting to know many long, lasting friends that I am grateful to share memories with. I had a great time with being part of the athletics department and figured that I gave it a chance to be part of the music program as well for one year. It was the best year to becoming a Diablo. The administration has always been helpful to fix and assist with my problems finding very quick solutions the next day forward for school. The counselors are the best to helping me with anything. They are the most generous group to helping every student move forward. I will always admire their help with offering assistance with college and counseling for my graduation status.
I enjoyed attending Mission Viejo High School, the teachers are overall good and the office and counselors are always more than happy to help when asked.
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I absolutely loved my experience at MVHS. It is the best school in the district not only in athletics, but academically. I felt like there was a great balance in academics and in social life. The teachers are passionate and always willing to help. I feel blessed that my high school experience was at MVHS and I would want my future kids to attend this school as well.
Really great academics with a student body that loves sports. Honors courses and AP/IB teacher are exceptional. Easily the premier high school in OC.
Mission Viejo High School has a great environment. The teachers there are amazing! The support they give us and the encouragement is unreal. I have met my closest friends there and mission viejo high school has opened up many different career options that I had no idea were possible. Without having the Agriculture program at the high school I would have no idea what I would be doing after high school. The agriculture program is amazing and the best thing I have ever chosen to do in my life! I have learned so many good lessons, idea's, and skills I can use in my everyday life.
Overall, MVHS was a great high school, and there were various activities, clubs, sports, and more for everyone to enjoy. However, from what I've heard, the average grades have been going down over the past few years, which is alarming.
I've always wanted to go to Mission Viejo High School. The AVID program, which I'm in is very rigorous in helping one succeed, as well as interactive. The campus is large and beautiful. MVHS is a very diverse community and everyone seems to be accepting. So many different electives and courses are offered, like the Agricultural program where students get to interact with farm animals and learn about the ways of agriculture. All the teachers are very helpful and understanding. Many sports are offered to everyone and students have the chance to be excellent.
MVHS is an overall great school! The school has a definite school culture and community feel, the campus is nice and large, the sports and arts program are both commendable, and they offer a rigorous academic path through AP and IB classes. On the other side, the student body lacks participation for school spirit days and events, largely because ASB doesn't do a good job of promoting these things. And the school and the svusd district is not very proactive and efficient in taking initiative and making changes.
I came to Mission Viejo High School my Sophomore year, transferring from a private catholic school where I had made most of my friends growing up. Once I arrived, I was welcomed with open arms by teachers, students, and coaches. I felt at home during my final three years of high school, and I owe it all to Mission Viejo.
Over the past four years, my time as a student at Mission Viejo High School has been excellent. From the students to the school’s staff, everyone is really welcoming and friendly. The school provides many opportunities to join sports teams, musical programs, clubs, and much more giving students a chance to meet others through similar interests. As for the academics, Mission Viejo consists of great courses of all levels and includes a variety of classes for students to pick and choose from. The teachers here are very knowledgeable and want their students to succeed inside and out of the classroom. Overall looking back at my four years of high school at Mission Viejo, I am very pleased to have attended this school and would definitely recommend it.
Mission Viejo High School provides a welcoming and positive atmosphere for everyone. The teachers are always enthusiastic and willing to help the students. The people are friendly and always have a smile on their face. High school can be intimidating at first, but it was easy to adjust to by choosing Mission. There are so many opportunities like sports and clubs that make it easy to make friends and find your voice. I’ve had an amazing experience at Mission and would not change it for the world.
There needs to be more support for the arts and we need to do a better job of including all of the student body but overall the experience was very good and I got an excellent education while being able to do extracurricular activities
Mission Viejo has various activities that form strong bonds between students and teachers! I will always remember the friendships and memories formed through the music program at our school. There are all sorts of sports and clubs to explore students interests as well. The teachers at our school are very engaging with our students and have wonderful personalities. Mission Viejo is very respectful towards each other and our wonderful staff! It’s an amazing school to experience high school!
The teachers at Mission Viejo High School want students to succeed. This attitude creates an inviting classroom environment where students are able to ask questions and be open without judgement.
Mission viejo high school has had a tremendous impact on my life. Throughout my time at this school I have been introduced to the various activities on campus making my high school experience impactful. Being a senior this year makes me sad about leaving the amazing faculty and staff along with my friends. However, I am thankful for this school because I would not be the person I am today without it.
Mission Viejo High is a school that is very welcoming and clean. I consider their school farm to be one of the best things about the school. One thing I would change about this high school is the fact that if you are in the Ag program you have to walk a bit longer in order to get to the bathroom in which I feel it wastes more learning time due to the long walk. In this case I believe that they should make a bathroom closer.
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It was a great experience. The faculty there is very helpful and kind. All the teachers are really there to help you with your education. They not only help students grow academically, but also provide a lot of insight to life in general.
In my three years that I have been at Mission Viejo High School I have experienced all positive things. They have amazing extracurriculars and clubs as well as programs like the agricultural program. The staff at Mission Viejo High School is wonderful in the way they listen to their students and try to help.
Mission Viejo is a great school in orange county with a very relaxed and easily navigated campus. Although it is really not diverse, diversity is welcomed.
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