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The faculty tends to be biased toward certain students. Most of the time is full of stress, but the gratification of getting a college diploma makes it worth it
Mission Collegiate High School was filled of wonderful teachers, adminstration, and staff! Everyone wanted to help the students succeed!
My experience with Mission Collegiate was one of involves many happy memories. While it is associated with being an early college high school it still creates an environment that is exciting to come and learn. While it is a small school academically it’s in the right path but I just hope that later on there are more club related events that involve the while school.
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I’m currently a sophomore in Mission Collegiate High I love it the teacher care and if you don’t understand the material they are willing to stay after to help you. Some teacher come bright early to help student in the morning if they can’t come after school they only way to fail is to not try and work hard. They are understanding if you find hard a lesson. When taking an Ap class teacher undertake that you are going through stress and help you out. When taking an Ap test teacher have after school tutoring to help us pass the test. I’m not making stuff up because I have taken a Ap test and I know how hard it is but the teacher are understanding and they help you out.
As a student in this high school I can say that this school is really good for students who want to achieve higher education. The staff is really helpful and there are a lot of resources that are provided to the students. However since it is a college based high school there is a sense of not getting the full high school experience since it is a small school there are not many people. But since it is a small school the friendships you do built are very special and grow throughout the four years you have. The education is really good since we are connected the the South Texas College students get to experience a lot of aspects of college life. I think overall this school is a good place to come where there are many possibilities for people to succeed.
Mission Collegiate High School is helping me reach further than i thought i could. It made me realize that i’m capable of so much more. At the beginning , I was unsure about entering Collegiate, but throughout the time it made me want to push harder and now i’m stronger than ever before. There’s amazing friends and staff and i think the best part is the support one receives. I’m happy to be part of Collegiate.
I love how my school is an early college. Since my freshman year I've been taking dual courses helping me prepare for when I actually go to college after graduation. The staff is so caring about their students and actually teach us because they want the best for us. Thanks to Mission Collegiate High School I'm ready for college.
Overall I enjoyed my time at MCHS. The teachers, staff, and office administration made my time as a student above average by doing whatever means necessary to help students reach their goals. However, the food was not enjoyable. The same meals were given more than once per week making time spent inside the lunchroom quite stale.
It is a lovely school. Mission Collegiate High School makes you prepared for college and mainly focuses on your education, so you can get a degree.
it is a very good school and you get along with everyone really well we are just like family and you will really enjoy it teachers are the bomb and you will fit in it is really easy to make friends and y learn so much and benefit so much from this school. hopefully you will consider to attend mission collegiate high school so that you will benefit and graduate with an associates degree and be college ready for when you actually apply for a college or university of any kind.
My experience at Mission Collegiate so far has been good, the teachers are great and its very easy to get help on any subject that students may be struggling on, and teachers will also stay after school or come early to school in order to help any student. Some things that I would like to see changed in the school is more student related events, that can bring the students together as a community, and I would also like to see more events for the students to participate in.
I enjoy the academic support and college readiness they provide the students. Teachers are helpful and provides guidance to further your education.
Mission Collegiate High School is an early college high school located in the lower Rio Grande Valley. It was built for students with low-income families to attend in order to ensure they would be able to attend universities. The goal of the school and of its students is to graduate high school with an associate's degree.
My experiences at this school have been mostly pleasant, though there could be some changes. I really liked how the teachers and faculty really did have an interest in helping out students and making them give their best in all their work. The atmosphere of the school was overall friendly, though it at times lacked school spirit. Some changes that are starting to be made include more pep-rallies and more school activities that show students why Mission Collegiate is one of the best schools in the nation.
My overall experience at Mission Collegiate High School was different, but in a good way. We do not get to have ¨full¨ high school experience with football games or pep rallies, nor understand the struggle to get to one class in one building and running to another. Though I feeling to Mission Collegiate gave me a advantages with how my future is going to work. With have a early college high school, it makes you see the future, and how you are challenging yourselves.
I am currently a sophomore at Mission Collegiate High School. My experience in this school has been very good due to the fact that the teachers are very helpful and understanding. This high school's mission is to allow high school students to graduate with a associates degree by the time we are done with high school. Although Mission Collegiate is a very good school, school everywhere can be very expensive. I live in a low income neighborhood and i'm currently attending college classes that are paid by my high school. This also affects the students that attend my high school. Many students that attend Mission Collegiate High School come from low income families, so the majority always strive to do well in their classes. Mission Collegiate High School is also one of the few high schools in my area that allow students to take college classes and to understand where some of the students come from.
In the 7 years of being in existence, Mission Collegiate has gained a reputation of being a rigours school focusing of having their students take college credits and AP credits. In addition, they also work along with the students to make sure they will be able to graduate with their Associates degree before they graduate from high school. Teachers will sacrifice their time in order to help students with anything and care about having their students succeed. Although I have already graduated with my associate degree, I will never regret ever applying to this school. Even though I did miss all those typical high school experience such as parties, football pep rally and fights, I was able to change my habit of procrastination, gained college credits, and learned that to always challenge yourself because you'll never what you're capable of. This school is tough and the amount of work you'll get is a bit overwhelming but in the end it will be all worth it. GO KNIGHTS!!!
This school is corrupted and based on who you know. This school gives you more stress just by the environment than the school work does, plus they forget about a lot of their student and separate them from everyone else.
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A school in which we get to complete both college classes and high school courses at the same time. We are able to get advanced on our studies, and they help us apply for colleges.
Mission Collegiate High School is an amazing school that prepares you for academic readiness with their advance placement programs and teachers that are very involved. This school is very rigorous, but with the help of teachers and staff,Mission Collegiate High school is an amazing experience that will help you built a brighter future for tomorrow.
Mission Collegiate High school has a reputation of being rigorous and attentive, while those characteristics are true the staff of Mission Collegiate High school live and breath to see one of their students succeed knowledgeably and mentally. In my experience at MCHS I can reassure you that you will become more ethically correct with all the support and motivation given by teachers and staff members. I struggled in my first year, I was a major procrastinator and I believed that I did not need to do much to pass. With my teachers constantly pushing us I realized my sloth ways were completely unacceptable. With Mission Collegiate High Schools' help I will graduate with my associates degree before graduating high school. I am grateful for the experiences MCHS has gifted me and forever will be striving to do my best with the thoughts of my hard working teachers in mind.
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