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Does not get enough credit, the teachers there are some of the nicest and not only that but they are so helpful and want to help those students that are in need.
I like how teachers are very helpful and take the time to teach the material. Overall, it's a friendly and safe environment.
Mira Monte is a pretty good school, Some of their staff is beyond incredible and remind you that they want the best for you, Mr. Chandler is like a parent to me and makes sure to help me if I have any questions regararding applying to college and such. I was also on the swim team and it was a great environment to be around. The counselors and the people in the office make sure to remind you of scholarship deadlines and SAT deadlines, they basically remind you of every important detail and make sure to get on you about it. Although this is my last year, after I graduate I'm going to really miss the positivity and great staff from Mira Monte.
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Mira Monte Is a very diverse school, there is all types of students at this campus with different interests.
The school tries to give as much attention to its students, but to succeed you have to cooperate with them. As far as other things it is a fine school that I went to.
The teachers are very caring and, you get to know everyone in your classes well. There are opportunities to be enrolled in AP classes
Mira Monte was honestly an excellent experience for me. The staff is very involved in your life and here to help you. I loved doing sports and the support of my coaches.
Mira Monte is a good highschool but is not the best highschool. I attended Mira Monte for 4 years and I have seen a pattern in which the newer grades not many had school spirit or pride and around campus many of the students would not clean up after themselves and the campus was always dirty after beakfast and lunch.
I have been going to this high school for 3 years and it can be a good school with above average academics. However, some faculty and staff almost seem to not care for the students and simply do not like the students. Yet, for the most part I have had good teachers that do care for the students and wish them the best and will try and help every student be able to have an education further than just high school. In addition, something that I would like to change in the academic aspect is to include classes on education beyond high school like classes on college and how to apply to FASFA or how to build your credit so like classes for things we will need in the future. I have a Spanish teacher here that for the last two years I’ve had them, they have done everything in their power to teach us about college, how to buy a house or a car, and how to build your credit responsibly.
This school is great for any type of person. There is so many clubs and things to do. Everyone at the school is super supportive.
My experience was great!! I got to learn a lot of skills in writing and math. My English teacher taught me a lot and it was hard but it pushed me to teach myself to be a better person. without having the great ap classes and duel enrollment I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have today and To be ready for college.
It’s a nice school, and it’s really cool how the students there are social, but there’s some downsides on it too.
The school is okay, and the food could be better. The staff is good however the teachers need training or some type of motiation.
The experience i have had in MMHS is that it is a good environment for a student to go too school their they have great teachers who care about the students especially the coaches are so involved in the student life they care about us so much and the administration on how they are trying to be so involved in school spirit. They are academically have students who care about there education
What I like about Mira Monte is how helpful the teachers are and how much they care about their students.
The environment is great, teachers are willing to go out of their way to help out whenever there is a problem or when you feel overwhelmed. Student life is very expansive but at the same time very limited as most of the students come from a Hispanic background; there was nut much diversity.
A public school located in Bakersfield,the school is very large with a parking lot is close to the auditorium and the gym which is great for events. Commuting to the school in the morning and evening, as there are only two main streets to travel on,which cuts through two schools, making an ordeal to get to school on time.
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I personally enjoyed the professors and counselors at the school. I received the best education in high school which had lead to pursuing higher education at a 4-year university.
My experience at Mira Monte High School has been good and bad. I enjoyed the school pride and the oppurtunities to many resources. Something I would change would be the bullying and disrespectfullness.
From my experience at this school, its always been a ton a fun. You're able to have a good connection with your teachers and our games are always so hyped and fun to be at. The only thing I would like to change is the school food.
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