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Mira Mesa High has a strong high school culture, from student fund raising to overall high school contest, student's attending aren't missing out on anything.
Academically this school offers a sufficient amount of AP science courses but it doesn't offer much languages. Overall, this school is a good school to attend.
Mira Mesa High School is only home to SOME teachers who would like together kids succeed. They need to hire better staff and counselors that want to see us succeed, and not purposely fail us. However, I love Mira Mesa High because a lot of good teachers work there, but the others are very unhelpful. In addition, the atmosphere is depressing and I could never get to class without seeing construction everywhere.
It's a damn good school; the balance between great (well, some semi-good) teachers and excellent extracurricular opportunities within the school create the chance for all students to develop good experience and portfolios to prepare them for college applications. MMHS emphasizes options for an accelerated course of study via various CCTE, AP, and honors classes in order to foster excellent students, if the said students are willing to apply themselves.
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Mira Mesa is just a typical high school out of a movie. Not a lot of people mingling around, just people sticking with their everyday crowds and not talking to hardly anyone else. Clubs and sports on campus weren't encouraged whatsoever. Staff was harsh and classes difficult.
Mira Mesa has some very notable teachers and have a variety of AP classes and have partnered with Miramar College to provide more opportunities for students. The resources are average; the technology , such as iPads, are poor due to crashing which sometimes interfere with progress on class assignments, but every classroom has internet access. The school promotes an academic environment; many teachers offer morning, lunch, and after school tutoring. The school has a good sports and music program ,as the music students went to Carnegie hall to perform. Mira Mesa high school promotes college readiness by informing about SAT, FASFA, AP classes, and scholarship opportunities, but could do better in bringing awareness of what to expect from colleges and applications early on in high school so students could use the information to help decide their classes during their high school years.
Mira Mesa High School gives me a safe environment to learn since there are lockdown drill or fire drill practice and the school teaches students what we should do in those situations. The students in the school are very friendly and smart, very diverse in culture. The staff is always encouraging us to go forward and available when students need help. There are also a lot of fun activities outside of school that students can participate.
A lot of people are bullies and a lot of drama. Not very fun. And the teachers can be good but some are horrible.
what i like about mira mesa is the equal involvement of everyone in school activities. they also offer a wide selection of classes to choose from to ensure the satisfaction of everyone.
Some faculty members can be rude sometimes and I would like that to be changed because students should feel comfortable at school.
This school is average. There are some very nice teachers and staff members there and they want to make sure that their students succeed. Although this is true, this school has been in the news a lot which should be reviewed before attending this school.
I've had tons of great memories here for the past four years! The music program in Mira Mesa is fantastic, tons of great opportunities, such as performing in the Kennedy Center AND Carnegie Hall, Marching down the Rose Bowl Parade, and the annual casual performance at California Disneyland! Aside from the music we produce here in Mira Mesa, I would say the teachers are the BEST thing on the campus; all the teachers I've had were so easy to talk to and be friends with, and if you are stressed or feeling overwhelmed, feel free to tell them about it, they will definitely help you through it! With everything above being said, I don't actually love everything about this school... the dances could've been better, and so could the rallies. Oh and I really wish that some of the facilities were more available for students, for example, the field is not open to non-athletes AT ALL. But overall, great experience, super friendly people!
Interesting School! Some teachers were fantastic some weren't however I learned a lot and established connections with good people there and engaged in fun clubs. I was shy though willing so it was not hard to meet nice people and usually those who aren't nice you'll know right away to not talk to them...and that goes for both staff and students.
There are so many after school activities you can be a part of. From chess club and Rubiks cube club, to video game clubs to dance team to joining the football team, etc. There is something for every type of student to be involved. The food isn't amazing but not terrible either.
The teachers are generally very effective, especially teachers of advanced classes. There's also so many extracurriculars for anyone's interests. My biggest complaint is some counselors are pretty hard to get through to but they're generally helpful.
School was pretty great. Teachers were always respectful and nice. The school was really diverse. Students are iffy, some are nice but some are also mean. Teachers always had study or tutoring sessions that really helped students grow.
Mira Mesa High School is very diverse, many people here at the school. A lot of fun things you can do to get involved at the school. There are many sports and clubs you can join to meet new people and make you experience great at Mira Mesa. I overall like the school and all my friends I have gotten to know because of Mira Mesa High School.
Mira Mesa High School was overall a good school, it is one of the top high school in the SDUSD district. The school had many activities and clubs for students to join. The teachers were overall good, caring, and understanding.
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Personally, high school was great. I learned plenty and I had a few fortunate teachers who decided to also help the students learn about real world situations. I was very open to trying new things so I was always involved within the community. The only thing I did not enjoy about it were the little cliques within the school. However, I think it’s great that the school had so many things to chose from whether a student wanted to play football, or join the dance team, or perform in a school musical or even be a part of the marching band. Overall, I am glad I attended Mira Mesa.
I'm glad that outside of just regular core subjects, Mira Mesa High has CCTE, AP, and other extracurriculars that fit any type of person. From Marching Band, AFJROTC, Robotics Club, and all the way to diverse sports like Waterpolo. There is almost always something going on after school at Mira Mesa High, even on Saturdays.
Academics are good, a lot of diversity, most teachers are good and sports are good! There are a lot of clubs kids can get involved in.
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