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Mira Costa is a great school with good teachers, most of whom truly care about their students. However, there is a lack of school spirit and the administration can seem to be only doing what is in their best interest at times, not the students'. I wish my year did not end so soon because of the Coronavirus pandemic, because I was very excited to have a great last semester. I can still cherish the great times I had with all of my friends and classmates. One complaint I have is that Manhattan Beach is a rich area, and there are some pretty stuck-up kids that go here. As someone who is definitely not rich, there have been many times that I have felt left out.
Mira Costa High School is a very good school that has great academics and good music and arts as well as pretty good sports teams.
B+ teachers
Most teacher are really good. Shout out to Mr. Brown. He is a great teacher and really cares about his students. He tells us now we will both be on a last name basis because we have a teacher-student relationship. Yet, one day soon we will graduate and that relationship will change and he will call us by our first names. That's so cool! Some teachers are kind of arrogant though and that's really annoying.

Athletics - B There are lots of opportunities to get involved.

Clubs and Extra-curricular - A

Facilities - B.
The classrooms are a mix of old and new but they are building a new gym and the football field is really nice.
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I am a current senior at Mira Costa and about to graduate. My high school experience in some ways was amazing, but in other ways it wasn't as good as other high schools would probably be.
The academics are really good there, but the students themselves are bad. I couldn’t even have a normal bathroom experience without someone using their juul in the bathroom. The teachers themselves are ok, some really should not be qualified to be a teacher and others are amazing. I am disappointed to find out that all the teachers that had a impact on me might be getting cut due to funding, yet my school has no issue to build a multimillion dollar field one year and then just another year later a multimillion dollar gym. My junior year we had a library which was infected with asbestos and they didn’t fix it until my senior year.
What I liked most about Mira Costa High School was the amount of motivation I got in doing well in school because of my hard working peers and the incentives Mira Costa would deliver such as In-N-Out lunches, prizes, etc. I really loved being able to pursue my extracurriculars on top of my tough classes and how understanding my coaches and teachers were when I was struggling at times. I believe that what Mira Costa can improve on is uniting the students together more. I often felt that I needed to be at the top with everyone and everyone was trying to prove to one another that they were successful and smart. If the students united together to help each other, I believe that everyone would be better workers and successful.
Overall an excellent school. Some interesting experiences but overall had great teachers, great academics and great success.
The kids can be super snobby. But navigating high school is all about finding your people. Cliques are a big thing here. However, the rich kids realize that they are not all that and will eventually chill out. The teachers are great and challenge their students to think outside of the box. The administration can be.....interesting. I'll leave it at that. The sports teams are a nightmare to be a part of. Unless you get mommy and daddy to buy your way into a team (mulitple instances of that, #XC)
I enjoyed my experience at Mira Costa High School. There were so many sports and clubs available for students to join and excellent teachers. Many juniors seniors have been able to get into great colleges with the help of the college and career center.
Coming from Houston, Texas into Mira Costa High School, I experienced a major culture shock. The campus is extremely large which accounts for the large student body of approximately 2,500 students. Being in a wealthy area of California however, the school severly lacks in diversity; I was one of the only few African American men. The school definitely exphasizes college readiness and produces students that get into many top colleges. However, even with such a high student body count, the school severely lacks in school spirit. The only events that emphasize school spirit are the home football games which our own football team mostly doesn't win. With recent possible threats of shootings, the school has increased its safety precautions. The school now has a fence built with security guards enforcing who gets in and who gets out. Overall, Mira Costa may have kids that are financially entitled, but the teachers, resources, and safety all guarantee a happy time at the school.
The English department was my favorite and I found that they prepared me the best for writing in college
It's really good, the people are nice and the campus is decent, the teachers are pretty good for the most part, there aren't many negative things I have to say, I'd highly recommend
I feel academically prepared going into college after attending Mira Costa High School. I feel the school could improve by uniting their staff/administration on more issues.
I transferred here my junior year of high school and it was the best decision ever! There is a huge variety of classes which are available. I have an amazing counselor who is always available to help me with anything and of course the College and Career center which I couldn’t thank enough to help me with college.
It is a very competitive school. If you try to find activities and get involved, there is a lot to do. People often take lots of AP classes and do several things outside of school. However it is a little hard to find things, so you have to go search for them.
The school spirit here at costa is unmatched and it's just a big environment that allows you to venture out in all aspects of life.
Overall my experience at Mira Costa has been a positive one. There are some teachers that I'm glad I'll never have to see again come this June and some that I will miss greatly. The sports teams and facilities are actually pretty good and the new gym is already looking very nice. The food has always been lacking of quality and I can't stand to eat food at school. There are a lot of good clubs and activities if you look for them and my four years in the Orchestra program have been great!
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Mira Costa is a great school that provides excellent resources and facilities to be successful. It prepares you well for college.
It was a great school. I really liked it. The people are awesome the teachers are really cool and there was so much to do. The best part was we didn’t have any clicks like most high-school schools have. Everyone just kind a liked each other and there was no bullying or aggressive behavior. People were just friends because they were there. I guess it’s not like that at most high schools. Most high schools have cool kids and Dorky kids and Weird kids. Not us. Everyone is welcome and included. Plus if it was located 12 blocks from the beach. What’s not to love. Sometimes in the morning you could take a surf class. Which meant your first class if High School was surfing!
This school is the best of the best. It offers so many courses and extracurricular activities. There are trips abroad, a fantastic arts department, and an incredible sports department. Most of the teachers there are phenomenal. They go above and beyond and truly deserve more than they get. The teachers at this school are top notch. When I first began attending this school, it was very diverse. There was usually only one or two black people in every class. There was usually not a problem with race but occasionally race related issues would occur. As a minority, I enjoyed my time at Costa.
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