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As a senior attending Minooka Community High School, I would rate my school an overall 3/5 stars. I believe that the teachers at Minooka try their best to successfully teach each individual student; however, I also believe there is necessary change at the school as well. Over the last four years, Minooka has gotten into trouble for saying racist slurs or even having racist school board members. I think our administration must do a better job at fixing these situations and making Minooka a safe environment where everyone feels welcomed.
I loved the freshmen center. I would like to see another addition to both schools. So students have more room in the hallways.
It’s a pretty good school. I enjoy everything they have to offer but wish they had more classes for students who are looking into STEM degrees.
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I really enjoy Minooka it is always a friendly experience every time you walk into school! At MCHS there are so many clubs and sports that you just want to try each and everyone one. They also have Joliet Junior College classes that way when you go to college you can get a head! At Minooka, other than the JJC classes, they also have a vocational school which you can choose to go to that way you can get a start on what you want to do with your life. I have attended this school for the last three years and now I am in my senior year of highschool I am taking a Joliet Junior College class for government and I am also taking Early Childhood Education at the vocational school GAVC, Grundy Area Vocational Center. This class the past two years has been extremely beneficial for myself since I want to go to college to become a teacher. Not only does this class get you ahead in the curriculum; however, it also gives you college and highschool credits! Overall, Minooka is a school for anyone.
My experience at Minooka High school was pleasant. The teachers were very focused, driven, and seemed to actually care about the students’ education. One aspect that I would like to see changed, is diversity in the faculty members. This encourages non-white students and simply gives a new perspective on topics.
If I'm being honest, MCHS wasn't the best school experience for me. MCHS is a predominantly white school, in a predominantly white area so POC weren't treated the best by some students, and even some teachers and faculty. However, despite all this, there were some teachers I had that were the most sweetest and caring individuals, and made the experience of going to that school slightly more bearable. In all honesty, this school wasn't the greatest for my mental health, and it didn't really prepare me for college. I have heard stories of the experiences other POC have had while attending this school. I am grateful that I didn't experience like that. This school has a lot of work to do in order to be a good place and prepare kids for their future.
Minooka is okay — only if you're white and do not care about racism whatsoever. The students AND administration are horribly racist. Students bully their black peers; a school board member refused to let her daughter be taught by one of the only two black teachers at this school.

do NOT send your kids here.
I am a Minooka alumni and I absolutely loved my experience with the school. I believe there is an excellent sense of community, the teachers and coaches truly care for their students, and so forth. There are not enough good things I can say about this school.
Minooka is an average school. I loved most of my teachers that were extremely helpful when I reached out but inadequately small band room for the growing amount of students is becoming a hazard.
It is a large school with a small school feel. The teachers are pretty nice but the facilities are a little outdated.
I Loved how the school was very focused on our education and preparing us for our future college years. The only thing I would like to see change is the involvement of everyone in the school to create a better sense of equality
The environment at MCHS is great. Sports brings the student body together and shows our true school spirit.
MCHS is a great school. It gives many educational advantages to its students: Minooka offers a variety of AP classes and dual credit courses, and starting junior year you get access to the Grundy Area Vocational Center. The students are very friendly, and accepting of outside beliefs. The athletics are incredible. They have multiple D1 athletes coming out of their football, lacrosse, cross country, and track programs. Minooka is one of the best schools in the state at preparing students for a wide range of careers, and I highly recommend it.
I feel like I can be transparent with all of my teachers and I know that they will always put effort into helping their students in any and all ways possible; however, the administration isn't very easy to deal with and most don't seem to care.
Most administrators I've dealt with weren't even the resources that you would look to them to be.
Minooka Community High School is overall a good school. There are just a couple things that make it not so great, like teachers obviously having favorites in class, the constant shutting down of bathrooms in an attempt to stop vaping, the ridiculously small band room, and the fire students set in the bathroom this year. I will say some of the best things about it, however, are the counselors at our Central Campus and the physical therapist at Central Campus for our athletes. They genuinely care about their students and are amazing at their jobs.
My experience at Minooka has been nothing short of amazing. I always feel welcomed here and not once have I felt out of place. Being a minority in a majority white school, I had thoughts of being out of place but those thoughts never became reality.
I like that some teachers will take time after school on their own to help you with whatever you need or are struggling with
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I liked the majority of the teachers, they seemed to care about the students. There are a few teachers that shouldn’t be teaching. The school spirit at Minooka is like no other, it’s amazing.
It has an interesting student life that became extremely hectic. The administration was not the greatest as many events that continue to transpire do not show any improvement
I am currently attending Minooka Community High School and I am in the 12th grade. As I reflect on my time here and look into my future in college, I began thinking if I was readily prepared for the work and life style to come. Looking back, I feel that the school has done a very good job finding faculty who really care and who have good experience to help move it's students along. I felt most of my teachers knew what they were doing and that their door was open for me to go back for anything I needed. Apart from this however, I also feel that the school did not do a great job encouraging students to love and care for their peers. There were many incidents that could have been avoided if this was implemented. Overall, my experience at this school was pretty good.
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