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This really is an awesome school. I just started attending this year and I'd never imagined online school could be so beneficial to my academics. The teachers are wonderful and helpful. They call me and ask how my college searches are going. They are always available. There are clubs available, but most aren't anything I would be interested in. The academics are about what you would find at your average public high school. It does prepare you for college because you do have to teach yourself a good majority of the material. It is very safe. You can do school from your living room under the supervision of your entire family. The school culture is immensely supportive. There are a variety of resources from college readiness lessons and a required senior success course. I said N/A for food, facility, and sports because it is an online course. However, overall I would give my school a 4.5/5 because of my supportive teachers and the enjoyable academic content.
It would be a much better school if the curriculum was better, and the grading system needs a complete overhaul. The teachers are not particularly helpful, some don't care if you succeed they just want you to pass. It is difficult to maintain straight A's in this type of environment and timed testing in math and science and social studies really puts too much pressure on students who are already stressed out. Grading for every class is different and there is no continuity.
From eighth to twelfth grade, I did high school online. I was introverted and cared more for grades than experience. If you don't want the full high school experience you were promised in sappy high school movies, online school is right for you. In my later years I became dedicated towards earning good grades to get into a good college. The teachers can help you work for that if you're willing to put in the work. I thought online school would be easy but I can actually say that Connections Academy was harder than my freshman year at St. Cloud State. You have to put in the work. It's a fast paced curriculum and very demanding. If you want it you need to work for it, you can't believe you can skip the "going" part of school. Show up, do your work, and DON'T CHEAT! You'll do great!
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I had an excellent experience with connections Academy. It was a flexible academic opportunity for me to work at my own pace and achieve academic success. The teachers are very helpful and always there to help too!
Minnesota Connections Academy is fantastic. It gives you an incredible amount of freedom in your schedule and plenty of resources to help you along in your education. The teachers and administrators are all ways there to help.
It's a great program, that has great teachers. The biggest win about the program is the more flexible schedule, as long as you get the work done you can take as little or as much time as you need.
I loved the classes and the teachers are very sweet and helpful! My experience here was and has been absolutely amazing.
I think connections academy is a really good home school site. The teachers are fantastic and so is the principal and guidance counselor. I love that they give you the opportunities for field trips which most home school websites don't offer.
Minnesota Connections Academy has wonderful teachers and an easily adjustable curriculum. They always have classes to make graduating easier, explaining all of the things that come with applying to colleges and graduating. I would really like to see more events and easily accessible clubs.
The learning options available through this school have me many opportunities. The teachers and advisors were helpful.
Don't be fooled by the three stars. I only put that there because, if you attend this school, you need to have a certain learning type and be accountable for your lessons and homework. Other than that, it's really great to be able to do school in your pajamas and have your own schedule. can sleep in!
It was a good school. I got to learn about alot of different things. However, it was not as flexible as it claimed to be. Assignments were due daily, and if not completed, they were counted as overdue. You could not move on to the next assignment without completing the overdue assignments. I also felt that it was more of a school that just passed out As to everyone, without really looking at the assignments, which doesn't help for college readiness at all.
In my experience as a student at connections academy, I was very impressed with the online teachers and counselors level of care and commitment. My parents were very impressed by the school's communication system which allowed them to keep track of my progress. We also appreciated the amount of field trips and opportunities to interact with the different students. I also greatly appreciated the flexibility of the online courses. My teachers were very helpful when I would fall a little behind on my assignments by helping me understand the material better with one on one live lesson sessions. The teachers and counselors were always very prompt with responding to emails. Sometimes they would respond within the hour. One of the only things I would change would be to add teacher evaluations at the end of the year. I feel this would help the students ensure they are getting the best education possible.
I have been having a great time learning with Minnesota Connections Academy. Connections is a online public school and does a great job at equipping students for higher education. Connections is also a great way to interact with other students from around the State of Minnesota. The teachers are very helpful and are available to you if you have questions.
I love my school a lot. this school gives me a lot of flexibility and the teachers are always very helpful.
I am grateful to have Minnesota Connections Academy. They have helped the move to go smoothly from where we use to live. I am able to make sure my Daughter is doing her homework and submitting them. The school is flexible just need to attend the right amount of hours per week. If you go on vacation you will always know what you need to complete
The Teachers Are Very Nice
I have been attending the Connections Academy schools for almost 2 years now and I honestly could not be happier. My decision to transfer to Connections Academy has changed my life. This school has given me the opportunity to advance in my education in ways that the typical "brick and mortar" school could not. I've never had a single bad teacher. All of my teachers are always readily available to help me whether it be by webmail or over the phone. They're all very responsive and helpful. You can tell that the teachers genuinely want their students to succeed.
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MTSMCA is a great alternative public school for many families, including my own.
The teachers for MTSMCA are kind and compassionate.
I am impressed with the quality of academics. My daughter is taking physics, calculus and AP English. The courses are all very challenging but the school and teachers provide excellent support.
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