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The teachers tend to be more worried about the student's social lives than their learning. There is a lack of support for students who choose to do the college credit plus option at Shawnee and graduating students are encouraged to not set post-high school goals too high. I personally had an awful time getting my information sent to The Ohio State University and I was encouraged to "just stay here for school"
I am a 5th generation graduate of Minford High School and while I had a few good friends and a great boyfriend there, I had an overall bad experience in my 4 years. The staff don't seem to care about the students unless they come from a prominent family and any/all bullying is swept under the rug.
Overall I enjoyed my time at Minford High School. I made great connections with the faculty and my fellow classmates. the school does have flaws, but every school does. If you enjoy a small school in the countryside, then Minford is the right choice for you.
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The teachers are the best thing about Minford. They really invest in each individual student and do their best to help them succeed.
To me, Minford High School was a very well rounded school. They have excellent academics, great sports programs, and offered many clubs to attend. Graduating from a class of around 150 students, we were one of the biggest classes to attend Minford High, but the classes were still small enough for the teacher to offer each individual student help. Besides the staff, the students are very welcoming as well. When I attended, you never heard of bullying. We were all one group of friends. If I had to change any thing about Minford High School, I would like to see a college prep class offered to help students prepare for their graduation and moving forward into college that would teach things like preparing your financial aid, applying for scholarships, and more.
It was a fifty-fifty kind of deal.
Sometimes the classes were great and sometimes they weren't, certain teachers were great but I feel like others weren't very cut out for the teaching life. Some students would require a little more patience from a teacher and they wouldn't receive anything other than a harsh punishment under the guise that they were only being pushed this hard because the instructor knew they could do better.
Too many politics involved
In this school. More focus on students and less on money needs to take place. The students aren't always the main focus.
Small town school with great teachers, only wish they encouraged our students to do better/more.
Not a lot of class options, but they are making new classes recently.
Students are allowed to do most of what they want and certain groups of parents are involved in the school and pretty much run it. There are bad money decisions made and the school is not very clean.
The teachers are humble to the students and knowledgeable of the subject in which they are teaching. Some relate their lessons to real-world problems, while others are very passionate of the subject. None of them wish to fail their students; they would rather see them succeed.
While I attended this high school, I was involved in the select choir, the Red, White and Youth Club, and the National Honor Society. I also played sports such as volleyball, basketball, and track. Other extracurricular opportunities included Art Club, Bible Club, soccer, football, tennis, softball, baseball, cross country, and golf. Although a some of the organizations had few members, most were full of ambitious students who were ready to take on anything they were challenged to. The most popular clubs/sports seemed to be the Red, White and Youth Club and football.
After graduation I went on to attend Shawnee State University. I recently finished my first year as a freshman and plan to transfer colleges in the upcoming fall. I felt more than prepared for college after graduation when it came to studying.; however, I was not as prepared for the "real world" as I would have liked to have been. For example, I did not get a chance to work during school, since sports consumed most of my time. Now that I am working two jobs and going to school, it is hard to stay balanced.
There are plenty of extracurricular activities, other than sports, at Minford. Spanish Club, Bible Club, Art Club, Academic Boosters Club, Encore, Red, White and Youth, National Honor Society, and Quiz Bowl are the majority of activities that students can join. These clubs are enjoyed, therefore, students are committed to them once they join.
there could be more variety
Some of their policies are to strict. the administration however is lenient if the student does not cause trouble. dress code is one of the policies an administrator would be lenient on as long as the student does not usually cause a dress code issue.
All the teachers are willing to help you when needed. They all try their best to make sure concepts are clear. you can have an open conversation to any of the teachers.
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Most are sports so if you like to play sports then theyre awesome
All teachers are very helpful and can be contacted at any time if you need help with school work, advise, and if asked will help you with life advice or help with an issue you have at home, school, work or with peers. I like the scheduling of classes. they do not over load us students with homework however participation and doing in class work is required to pass the class. Minford is an amazing school and many of the faculty are helpful to all causes.
Our athletic programs are excellent and our school spirit is noticed.
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