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It's alright. Not the best nor the worst high school. Overall it's a typical, mediocre education. The community is great though.
For the most part, my experience at Mineral Wells HighSchool was pretty good. The teachers for my core classes were very involved in my education and wanted to push me to do my best. However, when it came to CTE teacher they were hired based on who they knew, not their ability. A few (not all) also seemed to be able to do whatever they pleased without consequences.
I love the opportunities students get to have through our programs in the community. Whether it be through service projects or volunteering there’s always ways for us, the student body, to help when we can! I’d like the see the students get more involved in clubs and activities. Personally, I enjoy partaking in the multiple activities our school has to offer and I wish my peers would get involved.
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The teachers I've experienced have good intentions, but compared to my old school, I'm not so sure it stacks up. The people are friendly, but some of them don't know how to keep an attitude to themselves.
mineral wells high school is a dedicated school district with their students... at younger grades. At the high school politics have a lot of what will go on around the school and which kids get which award.
Mineral Wells High School provides all students with a variety of learning experiences both in the classroom and out.
Mineral Wells High School had great teachers. They gave you every opportunity to do better in class and not leave you behind. The sports facility was my favorite. The coaches and team became your second family. School was your home away from home.
Mineral Wells High School has amazing sport programs and many students are involved in clubs and sports. The school is very supportive academically and athletically.
I can honestly say I had an amazing experience at Mineral Wells High School. I was involved in many organizations and held leadership positions in some such section leader and an officer for the Key Club. The teachers I had were amazing and were willing to help a student if they asked for help. There was always a faculty member that was willing to help if I needed anything.
I love the teachers and administrators. I think it is overall a great school! I wish that there was a little more diversity, but I think it is an amazing school!
The experience at Mineral Wells High School was good, teachers are friendly and give you a new perspective on your future. I would like to see the school enforce students to be apart of the school organizations or clubs.
Mineral Wells High School had so many caring teachers that really challenged their students. There was no such thing as an "easy A." Students really had to work for their grade. However, the English department was weak and didn't teach students the skills they need for college. The only other downfall for Mineral Wells is that they were focused more on their sports program than their academics program. This is coming from an athlete, too. Of course, the cafeteria food could use some work as well. That's at any school, though. On the brighter side, there are several levels of classes to take, like pre-AP, AP, and college level. There are also multiple career based classes and extracurricular activities to be apart of. Overall, the staff, administration, and activities offered at Mineral Wells High School make it well worth attending.
I have been a student at Mineral Wells High School for three and a half years now and I have had a great experience here so far. I believe that being in an organization myself, I have seen high school in a different way than some students. When I first arrived I was a little nervous but the staff was very welcoming and helpful to every student and visitor. If there is ever an issue they are quick to resolve it any way that they can. A lot of the teachers get involved in events such as pep rallies and when there is a sports event they help with concession stands or they just come to show support for their students and that is a great thing to see. The teachers also provide as much help as they can when a student's grade is falling or they just do not understand the lesson.
I feel at home in mineral wells school district, its an amazing place for children to learn. Not only did this school help me with schooling but mostly with who I am now as a person. I've come to have a deep connection with the people here as well. If anything I'm sending my children here to learn, and grow as their own individual with the help of all the trustworthy employees of this district. I would do all my schooling again here if I could. mineral wells district is award winning my eyes.
The health and safety is great! The school nurse is always there when you need her, and our officers as well, when they see something suspicious they are always there talking to the students.
The parent support we have is great. They support the class events and volunteer at any event we need help with. They help with sport concession stands, coronation decorations and set up, and prom set up and decorations. They are the best supporters in the stands and at any event we host.
The teachers at Mineral Wells High School are great at giving the lessons, and the lesson plan of that week. They are good with students that are involved in extra curricular events. The only bad thing about the teachers is that their grading isn't usually on time, so its difficult on the students who need to see their grade.
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There are an excess of clubs that anyone has the chance of joining. Clubs ranging from the serious NEHS to fun creative groups such as art club. In a big school there is always something everyone can find and if there isn't. Then make one.
My freshman year I was thrown into a school of 900+ kids. Now this doesn't sound bad to most, but I came from a school with only 90 students. *insert crying girl* I'm not sure if I would ever choose this route in my life again. But this school gave me some really nice memories. Softball was the main reason I stayed for the school. The overall excitement for sports is overwhelming. No matter if it's track or football. Fans get involved.
There are two types of teachers at Mineral Wells High School. Type 1: caring, approachable, willing to work with you and help you succeed. They grade the same the whole school year. Their teaching styles all go for their set goals for the year. All around outstanding teachers. Type 2(which is more than half of all teachers): laid back, sometimes lazy, grade accordingly to their mood. These teachers are hard headed and don't see the students point of view.
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