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I enjoy going to Mineral County High School. I’ve attended this school for 4 years now and I have learned a good amount of things I will take on with me to my future. I have made great memories here with my teachers and my friends. This school has plenty of spirit and being a cheerleader myself, I have definitely felt proud to be a student here and leave my legacy behind. Things that I would like to see change for the underclass men is fixing up lockers, maybe repainting a few things like the bathroom, and any little detail that can be made to really put the school together.
This is absolutely the most awesome school. My daughter just graduated from there. Actually this is my home town & I am very proud of this school. My kids went to elementary & junior high, unfortunately we had to move & only one graduated from there. This town stands behind their kids in sports, I have watched the whole town line the main street & send them kids off with such pride. Both the girls & boys basketball teams took state this year. #GOSERPENTS
There is no "workload". I haven't had homework in years. There are no special study options.
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Unless you are in a sport then you have no options. We don't really have any clubs or after school activities.
Most of the teachers do not care. We learn nothing and are concerned we will not be ready for the real world at all.
They do not listen to the kids when they try and report bullying by a teacher. Instead they call them liars and punish them.
I've enjoyed going to this school for the most part. I wish they had a higher standard of learning. Some of the teachers don't have any enthusiasm and they don't like to teach us. Sometimes i feel like we have to teach ourselves without any guidance from our educators.
We don't have much school spirit at all anymore. It's hard to enjoy the games when the bleachers are silent. Everyone has a click. I suggest you find one because if you don't, you're stuck as an outcast. We have some really good teachers, like Mr. Thorpe and Mr. Hamrey, but I'm not very happy with most of them.
We have a lot of extra curricular attendance. However, not the best education possible. Would probably choose a different school if possible
basically if you aren't part of the group of basketball players or the football players or cheerleading then your most likely out of the social group of the school. this is all that the school is based off of.
I honestly have no clue
I only like a few of my teachers and think they teach me the best. Most of the teachers or administration at the school have very little tolerance in some students
their are after school tutoring and they have this gym kind of like a YMCA that people go to and hang out d play basketball
I like how close everyone is, and how much school spirit we have. But I don't think we have the same opportunities as muost school, if we had more money and could afford to do more stuff and get more stuff I think the learning would be more efficient.
Most of the teachers are extremely lazy, and I feel I don't learn as much as I should

I feel some of the teachers single out students and pick on them and make them feel bad about them selves. They have a very strict attendance policy, that I feel is outrageous and it shouldn't be like that. Our schools dress code is very strict and it makes me mad when o can't dress according to the weather outside while I see most other schools dressing weather appropriate without looking to revealing.
Our coaches are very lazy and sometimes mean. We don't have a very good weight room, and have very few sports available. We have hardly any money, and because of that we can't afford new equipment. We have quite a few pep assemblies, but it's hard to get everyone involved, I see the most involvement when competing for something such as the spirit stick. During games we definitely have the loudest crowd, whether it be a home or away game, we show our school spirit more than any other school I've seen.
There are quite a few athletic sports available such as basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball & football; which most kids do particpate. However, it is likely because they have no other options for them as far as clubs or organizations go. They do have JAG and the gearup program that has been offered begining two years ago now & hopefully that will continue to grow and last.
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This school is only what you put in to it. There are programs that are available for the educational betterment but, they are not pushed as often as they should be. Kids often do not know what is available to them without asking the right questions.
There are a few teachers that are awesome and few that seem as if they are only there to collect a paycheck and could careless about their students
There are policies in place however the teachers and facility do not always enforce these policies in an appropriate manner or time.
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