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This school gives many teens opportunities to learn good subjects such as media, dance, art, and music, that many regular don't have. this school has taught me things that many other schools don't teach such as presentations and being a good person. Im grateful that im attending this school, I hope that many other kids that attend this school with feel the same way I do.
Minarets High School is the friendliest high school there is. You will never see a kid sitting alone.
The school is very advanced and up to date with the modern world as it is a technology-based school. The school focuses on communication and projects to really focus on team-building and skills necessary for the real world.
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Small high school with small class sizes. Lots of rigor and relationship building. Project based, digital high school. Professional atmosphere.
Minarets High School is a place of growth and inspiration. I moved to this school halfway through my sophomore year and could not have been more impressed. The environment is so loving and encouraging. The staff is absolutely amazing. They are supportive and helpful. This school honestly seems like a dream. I transferred from my other school because of bad situations such as bullying and just a bad school situation in general. When I got to Minarets, I instantly felt accepted and cared for. I have learned so much not only about math, english, or history, but about life and how to be a better person. I could not be more grateful for this school!
This school provides the kids Macbok Air's to allow the student to do their work and learn new things.
Minarets is unique to say the least. It's a small school, so everyone knows everyone and students can be involved in everything, and yet there is still room for a social hierarchy. Being a digital , project based school, it's an education for the changing world, but I don't feel super college ready academically.
I've had an amazing experience at Minarets. The students and teachers treat each other with great respect and care. The community of Minarets feels very nurturing and sportive. There's always someone to talk to and many people who share in your hobbies and passions. We also have very few problems with bullying.
I highly recommend Minarets High School if you're willing and open to working hard and trying new things.
What I learned in Minarets is, you get to learn in your freshman year about the six C's that the school has, Critical thinking, Creativity, Competency, Collaboration, Communication and, Community. What the six C's teach you is that each C has it's on purpose, for example, Creativity encourages students to use creative thinking in all the projects you will do over your 4 years. I also learned about connecting with your community, that your peers will always be there to help you if you have any questions or need help with an assignment.
The people at Minarets High school are great there are so many nice people that go here. The Teachers are amazing and are super enthusiastic and are always willing to help or even just talk and can easily become your friends who want you to succeed. Our school is not the best academics wise but we are improving every year getting better and better academic scores school-wide. The culture of Minarets is very tight knit and fun while still being serious and educating. We use laptops for our work and I think that helps us be ready for college and later in life because we will have to type lots of essay and know how sites are reliable and how to focus on doing work on them and because we have been using them for 4 years I feel that I am comfortable with how to write essays and using a laptop and not getting to distracted and doing the work that needs to be done.
I was here the first year after the pilot program... God I miss this place... The faculty was absolutely astounding and I wouldn't have gotten a career in engineering if it weren't for them. Seriously.
I'm a junior currently attending Minarets High School and I would like to say all the reviews on this site are beyond incorrect. Minarets is a great high school. We learn great skills to take with us in the real world, when we go off to college and become an adult.
Very few people are bullied at Minarets, but we don't have a school nurse and very many safety services.
We don't have very many extracurriculars and we need more.
Minarets pushes their students to be the very best that they can be. If I hadn't gone to this school I don't think I would've have had the confidence level that I have now and I wouldn't feel as prepared for college and the "real world" if I went to any other school. The fact that Minarets lends out MacBooks to all of it's students makes it so unique because the students then learn how to use technology in a positive way, rather than just social media.
The teachers at Minarets care about how the students succeed in their life and they want us to go far in our lives. As a result of Minarets providing the students with MacBooks, the teachers are able to help learn about technology more so than most schools. Teachers use their resources to show students real world examples.
This school taught me a lot about what it takes to be a team player. This school gives you insight into what the real world has to offer. Technology, professionalism and communication describes Minarets very well. I'm happy to be a Mustang.
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Don't believe this is good either!
Scheduling is a big problem, they alternate 4 classes a day. 85 minute classes, a little instruction, then pretty much free for all. Not necessarily working, just free time. To much free time, kids just mess around and are not made to do their work, so mostly socialize. Not many popular classes. Great agriculture program.
The school is brand new so everything is in good shape. Guidance counselor needs help, there really needs to be 2. I don't know of any college prep resources. Tutors is inadequate. They really would rather not have any parent involvement! Busing is not very good.
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