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Milwee Middle School Reviews

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Milwee is an interesting school. While the curriculum is decent, the staff are (and to put this very bluntly) idiots. When I say staff I'm talking about a few teachers but mainly the non-teachers. The staff make ridiculous rules but they won't even follow them. They bust and punish kids for absolutely no reason. The worst part however, is the disgusting state they keep the school in. It is an old school and the kids aren't super clean so I get that it won't be pristine but things as simple as having soap in the bathroom or cleaning the water fountains so that they aren't filled with leaves and mold, should be done. But even when there is enough money in the budget to remodel all the bathrooms and make a couple other improvements, the staff decides to spend it on buying new grass and building a new gym all though we already have a nice one. If you are making the choice of what middle school to go to, I would consider other options first.
Will not recommend this school, they are better choices. You will find other middle schools where your kid's interest and academic achievements will be respected no matter what. If you are looking for integrity this is not the school.
There are teachers with mental issues and behave like bullies.
However the are also excellent teachers that will appreciate your kid.
Overall the experience at the first day of school was awful then they last day was terrible just because the lack of control and supervision from the Staff that runs the school. IB program is good but they are other schools in the district that also have a middle school IB program.
It was a great experience for me at milwee middle school. I learn so much from milwee and it carry around me still in high school.
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Very easy to get into the school if one wanted to, but there are school-wide protocols to handle such crisis.
Variety available for all to choose, quality is not that good though
Didn't have too much contact with parents much.
Overall good, but a few bad eggs.
It is a magnet program school, therefore there is a large diversity of children.
A lot of teachers stay after to help tutor and make sure you comprehend the subject.
Administration is everywhere throughout the school. They are easy to talk to and very helpful.
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