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This school is for students who would like to further their language, whether it be French, German, or Spanish. What I would like to see change in the school is number of teachers/staff. They are short staffed, but the teachers and counselors they do have care greatly about their students and their success.
MSL is a okay school. Middle was great but towards high school, you don’t really get that high school vibes.
Overall it’s a good school but kids should learn to watch the fighting and profanity , all though it has its ups and downs it has a nice variety of curriculums and language opportunities from Spanish to Japanese .
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It was great, I met a lot of new people and I leaned a lot. I’m very good at speaking Spanish and English because of it. There are some problems at the school but a lot of schools have problems.
Decent school. Middle school mixed with high school. Education system is very good with a variety of language options. Teachers aren’t necessarily the greatest but they are decent. Sports aren’t the greatest either but I believe the education system makes up for it. Learning environment is great especially for kids starting middle school or high school who are not familiar with it.
Milwaukee school of languages has a variety of ethnic backgrounds in which I fell in love with, but I’ll change quite a lot such as the security team they tend to be rude, also the office employees they have this attitude towards students, and maybe even make the school bigger and make it actually feel like a normal high school rather than having to be inside for nearly 8 hours.
I have enjoyed the years I've spent at MSL and hope that the remaining are the same. The teachers care for you and many friendships can form through the numerous clubs available. There are numerous ap classes for those who choose to take one. The things I would change are keeping the school clean with regular maintenance and less teachers leaving each year.
The main reason I would say go here is because of the diversity. I can’t speak for every class in the school but my classes are pretty diversity compared to other schools in the district. Like other schools there are some bad teachers but we also have a hand full of teachers who are really good at teaching. The immaturity is a bit much but it’s a small school so you’re class will become like your family.
I liked the fact that while I was there, mostly all of my classes were done in Spanish. I would like to see more trips to stores, other countries, etc. so that the dialog can be done with people you don't know.
I have been here since 6th grade, the teachers overall are very nice and are always encouraging. The counselors here are SUPER helpful, they are always here if you need help. I'd like to say that this school does offer more opportunities than other schools.
I have met so many great people. Made really long-term friends. I've made multiple memories with my graduation class and with other clansmen as well.
I like that MSL had diversity in the activities and clubs and courage students to push their education to another level with workshop such as College
There are many student behavior issues at this school, which are not addressed by administration, making it a challenging environment in which to learn and thrive.
Milwaukee School of Languages is not like any other school. There are no cliques and it's unlike the movies. At MSL, everyone knows everyone and throughout the years, everyone became one big dysfunctional family. My favorite part about MSL is the diversity and the at-home feel it gave me. I never felt alone nor did I feel unsafe. One thing that I would really like to see change in the future would be the food.
Milwaukee School of Languages offers a very comprehensive language program for those who have been enrolled in one of the Immersion Schools since elementary school. The program falters for students enrolled in Partial-Spanish, but those students still have many other great opportunities. Overall, the small school fosters a familial environment and students have close relationships with each other and with teachers. In comparison to other MPS high schools, it is regarded as being in the Top 3, with many AP classes and opportunities for students.
Though MSL is a very challenging school academically there are always many AMAZING teachers to help you through most difficult situations.
The school is a great fit everyone who wants to actually learn. There are some teachers who actually do care about student’s education. It’s a bit strict but it’s for everyone’s own good.
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I liked how the staff was always on us, and push us the be the very best we can be. They believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves and it’s really appreciated
One of my most favorite things about Milwaukee School of Languages is the diversity, and welcoming presence they have for everyone. Something I would like to change is the staff involvement with school activities. Making students feel as if the staff members really do love there job, and don't mind to take time out of there personal day to become more involved.
This school is honestly amazing. There's a huge diversity of kids and everybody gets along with everybody. I've been here since 6th grade and I'll be graduating this year. I highly recommend this school for any incoming 6th and 9th grade students and/or any transfers.
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