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Milwaukee Academy of Science is an amazing school. They are all about the service of the students. The environment is family like and comfortable. The academics are challenging and pushes students for better.
In total, I have attended the Milwaukee Academy of Science for fourteen years, it's a familiar and welcoming environment to its attendees. The school has done its best throughout the years to prepare me for secondary education, that being said, some of the teachers aren't necessarily equip to teach certain classes. As they are understaffed there has been instances in which a Science teacher was made to teach a Junior math class. And in others, we hadn't a teacher at all.
I like the fact that they try to get the parents involved in the school and try to hear out their voices. The food isn't too great here but it's okay for a charter school. I like how the teachers and actually care for the students and that they receive an education before they leave.
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It is a good school. The administrative staff is always looking for ways to better the school or appeal to students more. Academics are taken seriously by the staff at the school. They do whatever it is they can do to make sure that students are achieving. I can honestly say I haven't been there as long as some but even after a year, you feel very connected to the school on many levels. They are a STEM-focused school. With saying that, they offered many and required many science and math courses. They are even a couple of courses offered that you may have never heard of but is offered there. It is also very hard to be a loner or antisocial person at that school because the students do try to and be friendly to new people, especially since it's a small setting so it's difficult to be antisocial.
I went to this school since they opened up K5. They haven't changed much that I've noticed since graduaring. But the faculty there were great for the most part, they were very determined to get the students to college. I'd definitely send my children there if I had some.
I came to school my sophomore year. The one thing I can say about this school is that everyone is like family. It's a very small school, about 200 students, and the students typically grew up together from attending to the same school. Even though I'm not a huge science person, I like that there's so many science courses. Physics, engineering, anatomy and physiology, zoology, etc. It exposes students to ton of science careers. And the school is in partnership with Marquette University and a medical college, so there are programs available for us there.
I personally think that Milwaukee Academy of Science is a great school for you if you're into life sciences. Overall, the teachers at the school are amazing and do a great job helping students if they need it. I can tell they are passionate about their jobs and really care about the well-being of the students. I can't wait to see where this school goes in the next ten years!
I attended Milwaukee Academy of Science my sophomore year of high school. When first attending the school I thought that I wouldn't like it because the school was so small. However throughout the school year I actually liked the school. The teachers are very helpful and being that the school is small, you can really get that one on one time with a teacher if you need help with an assignment.
It's a very great school to attend. I felt welcomed and appreciated there. The teachers made sure I was on track 24/7 and they never gave up.
I love this school. the teachers are very fluent in teaching lessons. They make sure that you are prepared before you get to college. Honestly, the only thing bad about the school is the, the academics is spot on.
Graduated high school There I had an slightly good experience there but need more improvements on students academic
For those going into any field of science: this is definitely the school for you! There are a number of classes available to the students for free that one would not see until he or she specialized in such an area in college. That in itself is absolutely amazing!
You can tell that the teachers at the Milwaukee Academy of Science sincerely care about the success of EVERY student, no matter what the circumstances may be. I like that they don't give up on those who are a little more difficult to deal with/teach than others. They deserve a five star rating all thee way around!
It's a lot of different things you could do.
I felt safe every ride home
I had my ups and downs
Best decision my mom every made for me
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Even though we had a few strict rules I appreciate how my old teachers took their time and really help us with our future and getting ready for college etc.
When teachers see students failing their class , they offer before and after school tutoring inside the computer lab.
There are a few but there could be much more.
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