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The teachers are overall very kind and willing to help anyone in need. They're good teachers and really got me through the most difficult classes. Kids there are never afraid to be themselves. Everyone is kind and no sign of bullying whatsoever. Numerous clubs for any kind of person to get involved in. Overall, I would recommend but it's in the top 40 public schools in Massachusetts for a reason. I would give 4 stars just because there are a few teachers that I genuinely enjoy having and guidance counselors are ok.
Teachers were all very helpful and willing to help answer all problems that you may have. Students were typically nice to each other but definitely there were cliques.
I started Milton High School in December 2019. I didn't know how to speak America English because a lot of people couldn't understand me too well, but now I am about to speak and write correct English that people can easily understand me. I love Milton High School because they have great teachers that teach so well and also love children. They assisted me all the time, they gave me gifts - I didn't have a good bag but my school provided a school bag, pencil, all learning materials for me. I love Milton High School now and forever. Thank you.
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Overall, Milton High School is a very good school. Their academics are rigorous and the teachers are passionate about teaching. In addition, there are a plethora of extracurricular activities to do and it is easy to get involved. I was able to get involved a lot while also being able to balance my school work on top of it.

With that, I felt like I was not properly educated on how to properly apply for financial aid in college, I almost did not know where to start, so possibly having in person workshops to help students understand how money works instead of pushing them to take an online financial literacy program that they would not pay attention to.

Furthermore, I also felt that I was not sure what I wanted to do until I got to college. I would have appreciated courses or reduced priced certification EMT courses or even CPR courses so that it would educate myself so I knew what sort of career field I would have liked to be in.
Great atmosphere along with supportive and knowledgable staff who prepare their students for post-high school plans. Athletic and music departments are advanced with talented coaches and instructors.
My high school experience was memorable. The COVID-19 pandemic is rather unfortunate as my senior year was not as enjoyable as I wanted, however, I will miss high school. Academically, I believe that the teachers were decent but the science department was truly lacking and I did not have the best math teachers in my opinion.
Honestly Milton High is overall a great community that is an honor to be apart of. All students are very close and school events are always going on for students to participate in, as well as teachers. Teachers are also very involved in student learning and make sure that kids have everything they need to prepare for college, and if anything they over-prepare. In the end, it is a blessing to be apart of the wildcat community!
This is a very good school to attend with a good balance between academics and arts and school culture. They have lots of classes that stem off in different career choices or hobbies such as business, design, child services, culinary etc. Milton High School is an overall well rounded school and a great place to learn.
I've had a great high school experience for the most part. The teachers go above and beyond to help the students - coming before school, staying late. The guidance office has been wonderful to me and assisting me through transitions and college prep. The only thing that I would truly like to see change would be to add more foreign language options.
Milton High is a school where everyone is welcome. Their education system is extremely great. The staff and Students here are very supportive and care about everyone in the building. Milton High offers many different classes that allow students to have the opportunity to experience what they may like to do in the future. many are able to expressed themselves and be accepted by all. One thing I would change is allowing the students to have more control in rules and activities.
Milton High School provides a diverse experience for all students, with access to several courses that lead to college majors as well as many different career paths. Academics are a priority in Milton High School, as all staff and administrators are very helpful with college educating students, even being a huge support with college processing. Extracurricular activities including clubs and sports are also a major influence to many students, bringing forth success within the community and creating expansive opportunities to apply to any interest. Overall, Milton High School is an excellent school system that properly educates students and produces beneficial learning environments for all students.
I liked the relationship I was able to form with my guidance counselors and with some of my teachers. Milton High has a lot of great adults who genuinely want to see you succeed. However, I think the school culture can be toxic sometimes, and the students can get caught up in doing illegal things pretty easily. I also think more funding and support should go toward the music and theatre departments.
I love the faculty, Mr. Mac and Ms. Bernard , Mr. tart and of course mr Jordan made my 4 years there something to remember. They motivated me and make sure I stayed on tracks. Met some amazing people but also some
Fake ones
the school created a interesting and relaxed environment that helped me focus without worry on my studies. The teachers were attentive and sincere when it came to the subject being taught.
Milton high school has a very good education system. When a student needs help there is always someone to help you like a teacher, mentor, a teacher you never had, and also tutoring. The school definitely keeps up with the students to make sure everyone graduates. There are many sports and clubs to join for everyone. The most fun time of the school year is Pep rally. I loved that the school is very diverse and safe.
Milton High fostered a wonderful learning environment for all students. There are plenty of resources available for all students, from a Take-5 room, counseling, college readiness classes in small groups, special education programs, and a variety of clubs as well as sports. Most teachers were available before and after school to help students prepare for tests and edit essays.
My experience at Milton High School is truly amazing. The administration, teachers, students are supportive, caring and loving. I trust the faculty entirely and i always know that if i am feeling sad or depressed i can talk to them whenever. I would do just about anything to re-do my time at milton high school.
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Milton High school is an okay school overall. My biggest complaint however are the public buses. 2 buses! Only 2 buses are available to the students who take the bus. The ride is very uncomfortable and there are usually 3 people to a seat and the isle is filled with students standing. It’s not only uncomfortable but it’s not very safe either. For $400 per student per year, I’d expect another bus. It would be safer and the students would be happier.
MHS, when I attended, had some extremely caring educators who genuinely wanted students to succeed. The administration made some unfortunate choices about which areas of the school to fund and support (e.g. sports over arts), but the teachers who ran the arts organizations cared so much that it made up the difference.
I loved Milton High School. It was a very welcoming place and it felt like the administration and teachers truly cared about the students and wanted to see everyone become successful.
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