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From enthusiastic teachers to frequent de-stress programs, I enjoyed the balance between academics and fun at Milton High School. Our skateboarding principal, Mr. Jones, understood the importance of giving students access to a wide range of academic options. With over 30 AP courses and several career paths to choose from, I was able to experience several different lifestyles while still in HS. When I wanted to start my non- profit's first shoe drive, Mr. Jones supported me and my friends' efforts by giving us access to storage, technology and advice. I only got to the point of starting my own non-profit with the help of MHS's Social Innovator's Academy, where we got access to social entrepreneurs' mentorship. This is only my experience, MHS provides resources for each students aspirations along with the necessary relaxation programs, like a meditation room. One thing I would add to MHS is more programs that involve going outside since fresh air would improve all students' health.
Milton High school is an excellent school academics and sports wise, but there is a great lack of diversity in this school. I would like to see more education on culture and diversity at Milton instead of ignoring the obvious absence of it.
IT is a good school with great infrastructure, lot of clubs and support from teachers. As a new entrant in junior year, I was supported well by the counselors and teachers.
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had lots of fun, learned a lot, prepared me for college, i loved most of my teachers, my classmates were also a major factor. i had good and bad days with them but we all cool, like a family.
Milton was a great high school because I was challenged in my academics, which prepared me for college, there was good school culture that encouraged all students to participate, specifically in sports events, theater performances, and art shows, and students were able to engage in extracurricular activities that would help them get involved not only in the school, but also in the community. Milton provided a safe learning environment and encouraged all of its students to excel.
Overall, Milton is a good school. We have strong academics with many opportunities to take AP or Honors classes with qualified teachers, great sports teams with a variety of sports, a supportive staff, and a fair amount of diversity. Even if it is somewhat lacking, the school is completely open to everyone regardless of race, orientation, or creed. The fine arts department is also great, with band, orchestra, chorus, drama, and even cirque. It is in a great part of town with shops and restaurants at walking distance. It is also safe, with many precautions in place.
When I was in school it seemed like the athletes, particularly football players and cheerleader, would get the most leeway with attendance or course work.
It's okay, the bathrooms don't have locks/tp and the academic culture isn't great; students who don't take ap classes are treated as inferiors by other students and sometimes counselors, but other than that most teachers are great, and overall it's a good experience.
Milton High School is a diverse, yet extremely judge metal high school. Certain aspects such as the athletics and the campus are very nice, though. The people who attend this high school teach you a lot about life and important life lessons.
Always very active to get kids involved and to have a great high school experience. Parent, teachers, and administration are all there to help you along your way.
The school has great variety of activities but classes sizes are so large that many students slip through the cracks.
Milton is an amazing environment, the school spirit is great and makes you feel welcome. The academics and extracurriculars offered are amazing as well.
Challenging academics, wide variety of extracurricular activities, supportive staff. Beautiful campus.
Amazing Principal, teachers, and staff that truly care about the success of the students. Also, beautiful campus and facilities. Girls Lacrosse Team is the top in the state with 13 state championships.
I loved the culture and the environment of the school. Everyone is cheery and joyful. I truly had some of my best memories in the school.
Milton High is an incredible school. It's superb in all 3 A's - the Arts, Academics, and Athletics. Now I can't speak much for athletics, all I know is we have a great football team with incredibly fun games. But, the arts is my niche. Their theatre program is on a collegiate level, same with their band, orchestra, and chorus program. They also have a circus program with two classes - fundamentals and performance. Not many high schools have a cirque program. The shows are incredible. The academics are great, too. Milton provides many classes to fit every students needs. Overall, the staff is very kind and supportive. Our principal is an incredible man. He makes an effort to wish all students a happy birthday on their birthday. Milton high school is a great school I was fortunate enough to attend.
I really enjoyed going to Milton High School. I felt that my school trained me to be ready for college. The staff members that worked there were amazing. Our academics were extremely high. Our school's primary focus is on our academics but I still feel that the spots and fine arts departments and other clubs were just as important. I was a part of the marching band and felt that I was just as cared for as the football team. I feel that my school could have worked on the food served and some of the facilities. Our food made hade some bad days and I feel that can definitely be changed in the future. Another thing my school could work on is the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Sometimes they would have to close the bathroom and I feel that could be changed if someone stayed on top of it. Overal my school was amazing and I am so sad to be leaving to go and attended Kennesaw State University but I hope that it keeps up with its sports and academics and tries to fix some of it minor flaws.
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Milton High School has taught me to move outside of my comfort zone. When I first arrived, I was very quiet and shy. However, as my freshman year continued to progress, the faculty and staff encouraged me to talk to others which made me more social
I really loved my time at Milton, I had a very good experience there. The teachers care for the most part, they have really good resources and strong athletic and art programs. Milton is a challenging environment but it is a great school and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high achieving high school.
Great experience with the school, hope to visit again after graduation. Strong school culture with numerous student-led clubs and activities of all kinds for different areas of interest.
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