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Great school overall. Very strong academics. Students go on to attend some of the best colleges and universities in the country. One of the most diverse independent schools in the area.
Incredible academics, diverse, amazing teachers, and a great range of clubs and activities. Milton developers leaders with public speaking and critical thinking skills.
I graduated a couple years ago. The teachers, campus, and staff were world class. The administration faced criticisms, but I now respect the campus as a whole for facing issues directly in a united and energized way. Above all, I was given two things during my time at Milton: an ability to write and be independent. Milton's english department is famous for a reason, and college is a breeze after boarding school outside Boston.
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Very terrible school. If you really are seeking for a challenging atmosphere please don't come here.
Milton Academy is filled with opportunities for everyone. The teachers are all very helpful, and they always respond to emails for meetings to go over questions students may have. The students are very hard working and happy at the same time, rendering a rigorous academic yet very comfortable environment.
I liked the opportunities presented in terms of courses offered and extracurriculars. However, diversity awareness and stressful environment could be improved. Also, the school had a way of making average students feel like they don't matter.
I have loved Milton so far. The student body is generally creative and diverse, and everyone is incredible intelligent. The academics are excellent, the teachers are wonderful, and curriculum is original. I especially love the social activism on campus and the way that we as students stand up for each other.
My older daughter is studying in Milton Academy. We chose Milton because of the atmosphere of the school and its location.
The school is very liberal, I would even say a bit aggressively liberal, speakers with more conservative views are rarely invited. So, what I don’t like - one-sided views, and although no one is punished for expressing different views, not liberals are not encouraged to speak up.. Unfortunately in Milton kids are encouraged to have one unified view, at least that’s how it looks.
Teachers are mostly good, helpful, responsive. Some very young teachers are obviously not the best choice, but even they are very well qualified.
Campus is a very safe place, dorm teachers are always available for a parent to talk, as well as advisors.
Sports program is good too, although swimmers do not have a swimming pool on campus and have to go somewhere else for practice.
Overall the school is great, and my daughter had never had any afterthought- she likes it very much.
THE BEST SCHOOL EVER. I LOVE IT AND SO DOES MY ENTIRE FAMILY (dad went, sister goes). My friends are great. Great diversity. Sports are awesome. class size good. It is the best.
i liked it so i m really speaking highly of Milton.
I felt in love with its campus the minute our car parked on one side, and it seemed even more cozy and peaceful bcuz of the involvement of younger kids.
and i received its offer several days ago, realizing that it was pbbly my only but also Top choice. Some comments below regarded its little emphasis on Mathematics. But i guess if you could complete all its math courses then the school will definitely support you on your way seeking for lectures in the nearby college e.g. Harvard and MIT.
Milton Academy is a very intellectually stimulating environment that fosters both critical thinking and empathy at the same time. If there is anything to be said about flaws, it is that Milton Academy can be an overprotective environment, which manifests itself in the ever-growing list of rules.
I like how close relationships are between students and faculty. This environment is very tight-knit and welcoming.
Very friendly and approachable school in regards to learning and education it provides with diversified teachers and collegues.
Milton Academy is a great school that definitely prepares their students well for college and life beyond. As a boarder, learning how to manage my time on my own and keep a healthy balance of academics, extracurriculars, play, and rest has been incredibly transformative. The teachers and other staff members, for the most part, all want to see their students succeed, and the relationships you make with them can be deep and meaningful. The mix of roughly 50% day students and 50% boarding students means that there is both a diversity of backgrounds and a diversity of thought, but less of the latter since the school seems to lean towards liberal rhetoric. Being in a suburban community south of downtown Boston, boarding students often participate in school organized activities that explore the many different kinds of communities in the surrounding area. Overall, my experience at Milton has been incredible, and I'm very grateful for how much the school and its resources have helped me grow.
A campus with amazing facilities. Top notch education which can be very stressful at times, but it has very much prepared me for college. Milton Academy has been the launching pad for my future successes. There are so many amazing opportunities to be found here: from the numerous dance and arts programs to the wide array of class choices to the great clubs after school. I've always loved the campus and this school feels like home.
Hardest and most rewarding 9 years of my life. The connections I made with my teachers still hold 5 years out. It was by no means easy, but I learned drastically more in high school than I did in college
Milton Academy is rigorous learning environment where students are encouraged to discuss with and learn from each other. Each teacher is dedicated to teaching creatively, trying new methods to help their students most effectively learn. The resources are amazing, and the opportunities are endless.
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The academics, the teachers, and the resources that Milton Academy provides its students are invaluable. Once in college, you appreciate the skills that the school has given you.
I like that they offer so many courses for people to take, but there are things they could improve such as listening to its students more.
Going to Milton has been an extremely positive experience for me. I have met my amazing best friends and I have taken some incredible classes. I love being able to go to class with people from all around the country and the world. The extracurricular opportunities are all awesome and the food is pretty good (at lunch there are always tons of options). Furthermore, Milton's college counseling program is extremely strong.
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