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It's a great school with diversity that needs to work on doing less performative justice works and caring more about the mental health of its student body. You definitely won't find anyone in this high school without a work ethic for long.
great community with lost of opportunities for students interested in any field. The faculty are kind and supportive, and the school really places a focus on inclusion.
Teachers are great and genuinely care about students. And the school focuses more on the long-term development of students instead of short-term goal.
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Milton is an amazing school that offers challenging academics while also providing students a plethora of resources when they need extra support. The smaller classes really allows for students to meet with teachers one-on one when struggling, peer tutors are readily available throughout the school year, and the academic skills center is staffed with learning specialist who can help student from anything from time management to grammar help. The opportunities Milton offers are as expansive inside the classroom as they are out!
Milton provides a student with many opportunities; however, the school does very little to support its students of color, especially its black students.
I love Milton. The Harkness table, discussion-based learning is an amazing model for growth and progress.
I love Milton for the community and the education provided. I have made great friends from all over the world, and in the classroom the (pretty) diverse setting gives a lot of interesting perspectives. They tend to focus more on english than math, and, being a math and science person, I was worried about that, but it turned out okay. I also love the campus. I highly recommend!
Great school on paper, though the school is largely run by and caters to the WASP elite. If you are not exceptionally bright or a legacy student, do not expect to get into the ivys, those are reserved for them.
I have been at Milton Academy since kindergarten. I love this school because of the engaging lessons and academic opportunities provided. I have grown to love social justice and student activism and milton provides many opportunities for me to practice my leadership skills. The teachers work very hard to provide one on one personalization to each class and make sure everyone’s learning style is met. I can’t wait to enter the high school next year.
While the entire curriculum can be difficult, the people and adults are extraordinary. Many times I struggled with classes and my advisor was suburbly helpful. The support systems are there to help students in need, but don’t be fooled, it is an independent experience.
I enjoy the actual school: academics, sports, teachers, facilities. I'm not in love with the culture, or the way the students treat each other.
Milton Academy is an incredible school, and the education I received is top tier. I have not attended college, but the academics seem to mirror a university experience. Teachers won't "force" you to do anything; you are responsible for your attendance, work, growth, etc. This system may sound intimidating but it encourages you to pursue learning because you WANT to, not because you have to. Milton encourages student engagement, participation, innovation, and more. The student body is awesome because everyone is so different! However, keep in mind that it can be a fairly stressful school.
This is a school with a great community and great administration. Everyone here truly cares about each other and is here to help. Although the academics are rigorous, they prepare students to a point that college feels easy. Overall, this is one of the best schools in the nation, even if rankings say otherwise.
Started here as a boarding student in the 9th grade. Amazing school with a great, close knit community. Helped me to grow a lot as a student and a person. Lots of fun traditions, especially in the dorms. Prepares students very well for their future!
Milton has been like my second home and I am so grateful to have received my education from this institution and met all my closest friends
I loved my time at Milton. I was involved in theatre, musical and social justice endeavors, student government and leadership for a bunch of clubs. Milton makes it easy for you to find your niche among a diverse student population. However, there is more work to be done with social awareness among incoming students and the administration seems to be unconcerned with the treatment of its underrepresented groups who face constant prejudice. (International students, POC, LGBTQIA+ students). Compared to other private boarding schools however, Milton’s strides towards equity and inclusion are commendable.
Best school ever! Students are friendly and accepting, curriculum rigorous but fair and allows students to explore areas of content not classically seen in rote memorization-type of schools. Many opportunities outside of classroom to explore - including many sports teams (ISL school), theater and musical performances as well as a very strong speech and debate team.
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it was good. very good. i dont understand how people dont like this school. it was a perfect fit for my child, but this school isnt for everyone, i must say
Students can be free to be themselves in the accepting and liberal environment. The English curriculum is advanced and one of the school’s strengths, as is the Arts program. Intellectual, well-rounded, hardworking students are the norm. International community is interesting and enriching.
Milton has tremendous diversity and their curriculum and "out of the box" ideology welcomes parent and student involvement in what is important to them.
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