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Milton Academy is rigorous learning environment where students are encouraged to discuss with and learn from each other. Each teacher is dedicated to teaching creatively, trying new methods to help their students most effectively learn. The resources are amazing, and the opportunities are endless.
Going here was the worst school experience I have ever had in my entire 11 years of life, 6 years of schooling, and 5 schools I have been to so far. All the kids and teachers are incredibly snobby and judgemental. I have experienced and seen numerous kids been bullied by one stuck up, 2006 born girl. It is also very pricey. Don't go here if you don't expect to be dissapointed.
The academics, the teachers, and the resources that Milton Academy provides its students are invaluable. Once in college, you appreciate the skills that the school has given you.
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I like that they offer so many courses for people to take, but there are things they could improve such as listening to its students more.
Going to Milton has been an extremely positive experience for me. I have met my amazing best friends and I have taken some incredible classes. I love being able to go to class with people from all around the country and the world. The extracurricular opportunities are all awesome and the food is pretty good (at lunch there are always tons of options). Furthermore, Milton's college counseling program is extremely strong.
Milton Academy is one of the best things in my life, but also the most stressful. The opportunities at Milton are endless and I feel incredibly privileged to have teachers that care about my well being, activities and clubs, a beautiful campus, and a seemingly endless supply of resources (such as art supplies, computers labs, food).
Our food selection is incredible with a food for every person in any mood. The staff is always kind which just adds to the joy of lunchtime.
While there are teachers I have heard about that are hard to work with or learn from(which happens anywhere), I have been very lucky to only have dealt with one teacher I didn't like (out of more than 25). I appreciate the skill level that the teachers have and the personal relationship that students can build with them throughout the year.
I think that the faculty is very fair and thorough when dealing with disciplinary issues and I completely agree with the standards of respect and honesty that we are held up to.
The English department is very strong but the math program is quite weak. Teachers expect students in math to basically learn on their own, there is very little lecturing, maybe once a week. Very diverse student body from kids all over the globe. Sports are good, social life is very tough especially for more conservative kids coming from traditional families. Easier to navigate through high school years here with a good group of friends, otherwise good luck.
Attending Milton Academy has been one of my most fulfilling experiences. All of the students are motivated, which has only helped me to work harder in the classroom, on the field, and in rehearsals in order to keep up, and the diverse backgrounds of the student body have helped widen my world view, and gain understanding for those different than I am. Not only have I been able to try new activities and classes because of the many options Milton offers, but I have also met some of my closest friends while living in my dorm, and on my sports teams. The lessons I have learned, the friends I have made, and the experiences that I have here had will carry me far past my graduation.
As a senior at Milton Academy, I have so many great things to say about Milton Academy. It has honestly been one of the best collective experiences of my life. My only knock is the food; it can be a little subpar at times. Otherwise, I can't be more grateful to have spent the time that I have spent at Milton. I sure will miss this place.
As a parent, I could not be happier with the education my two daughters have received at Milton. The have learned a lot, and have really grown as individuals. The college placement group may be the best one in the entire world! I felt they were safe and supported at their dorm (they are both boarders), and have made lifelong friends.

Each of my girls had one bad sports experience at Milton, so I didn't give sports that high of a mark, but everything else is great.
I love milton. I have had a great experience. I love the milton community and all the activities available to students. I love the fact that I can meet with my teachers at pretty much anytime due to the fact that most faculty live near or on campus. Milton has been great to me and I love attending the school.
Love the freedom of classes and choice of classes to take.
These teachers are insightful, tough but reasonable, and friendly.
The school is pretty safe. We have multiple programs in place that students can use in case anything goes wrong.
Vast majority of clubs and it's really easy to start one.
I had a great experience with administration but when it came to stand up for the students they push you aside.
Our school offers health and counseling, but I'm not sure if many students use these services.
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There are many options, and the school is very flexible in allowing students to create new clubs. However, the amount of time allotted to clubs feels a bit short at times.
The school is very flexible and has so many opportunities. However, it definitely isn't for everyone, and it can be very easy to be swallowed up in the tough academic and social environment.
In my personal experience, the teachers have been great. They were readily available for meetings and were very willing to make sure I understood the material. However, I heard from some of my classmates that some of their teachers were not the best. Sometimes those teachers were too tough or unfair when it came to grading.
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