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Millikan High School is the basic high school experience. That’s what I love about it. I get to complete all of the rites of passage. I go to football games, homecoming dances, pep rallies. I also spend a lot of time on schoolwork. It is a good balance. Because of the Smaller Learning Communities, you can pick what program is best for you. I am in QUEST, the college prep SLC, which means I am required to take classes that will make me more competitive for college applications. The support I get from QUEST along with the resources at the College and Career Center right on campus allow me to feel more comfortable about applying this coming fall.
Overall it was a good school. The administration wasn't the best but the teachers and students were great.
What I like about Millikan HS is the academic culture and environment. My time at the school has afforded me a great opportunity to discover and validate myself as a high performer. I would like for the school to reconsider our current dress code.
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Great experience. Counselors who care! Great pathways and the Drama department puts on fantastic plays. From day one I felt welcomed and my academic path was mapped out clearly. Very diverse campus. The College Center was very helpful and navigated the process for what was to be expected very well. I could not have asked for a better set of friends from all walks of life. If I had to choose a high school again it would definitely be Millikan. All of my teachers to a vested interest in my learning and success. Although at times I hated School Loop it kept me on track and my parents were always in the "loop". I wish I would have participated in more clubs there are over 100 clubs on campus. There is definitely something for everyone. Looking forward to seeing the new football stadium. Go Rams!
I enjoy the majority of the teachers at my school, however, like most large schools, some are better than others. I hope that our new 1000 building and football field spark a new sense of pride in our school and ultimately lead to a better atmosphere.
I absolutely loved Millikan! I am a current senior and so sad that my last year got cut short. However, I believe Millikan's academic programs and school spirit are great. I was in QUEST and always felt very involved with my program with all of the field trips we had. Even more, all of the social events were so fun and Millikan did a great job at making my high school experience enjoyable.
Millikan High Schools is a great school that prepares students for the real world. As part of the PEACE Academy, teachers encourage you individually and help you grow as a person. There are great resources on school, such as their college and career center.
My experience so far is amazing. I’ve met great people like friends and teachers, also i’ve had the time of my life playing sports everyday with the school. The academics have been great if u set your own mind into them. To add on the culture at the school is really awesome, it all depends on who you choose to be. The friends you make there will be amazing inside and outside of the school there is no doubt about that. Although my experience still goes on i know that it will never disappoint.
Millikan is a great high school. I love all the school spirit and how safe I feel. I wouldn’t change anything about millikan.
What I like about Millikan, is that the teachers are very encouraging and supportive. One thing I would like to see change is the students themself, they owe it to one another to be kind to each other.
Millikan is a great school and the school is 100%! They have numerous events for students such as night rallies and dances plus many ways to get involved such as clubs and their ASB and FOCUS groups are amazing.
My experience with Millikan High was great. There is an abundance school spirit with multiple fun events especially if you are into the arts. The teachers are supportive of their students which provides a good learning environment. I would highly recommended the COMPASS small learning community.
Millikan high school has provided me many different learning opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to receive otherwise.
Millikan High School is a good school with regards to their staff, their teachers and administrative staff really push hard to help their students succeed. The school environment is very good it's a very diverse campus and in my 4 years here I have not encountered any problems. However some of the schools buildings are outdated, but they are working on renewing these facilities for next year.
I like Millikan High School because they offer a lot of fun activities on campus and offer several interesting courses.
Overall, Millikan High School is a great school. I am in the COMPASS program and it is very good for artistic students. There is a lot of school spirit and activities to participate in. What they could work on is the quality of classes and the dedication of teachers. A lot of teachers are not passionate about their subject, and it translates to how well their students do in/like the classes and academics as a whole.
Overall I have had a good experience attending Millikan. As all schools it has it's pros and cons. There are some truly amazing teachers and staff members as well as some not so good ones. The school feels like a family and the events such as sports games and dances are very fun. Also has an amazing new Wellness center that offers mental health support for students and serves as a hangout center. The school needs to improve on updating and fixing classrooms and especially bathrooms.
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It's an overall good atmosphere and has many very supportive teachers in the PEACE program from my experience.
Millikan High school is a great and engaging school for students because they have an excellent staff and facility that really cares about your education
Great teachers and SLC's. Big school but the small learning communities make it feel smaller. Quest is the high achievement program that is very competitive. Compass is more for the art, theater, music, and band student. Green is environmentalists, Peace is law and law enforcement, and MIT is IT.
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