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One thing I liked about Miller High School was how their TRIO person was very helpful. One thing I think that should change is kids should at least be a loud to have their phones out during lunch and extra help.
Miller High school was a great place if you wanted to be able to know everyone that was graduating with you. You rarely get new students but many people leave. The sports programs were decent although their was many problems with it. The teachers are all super nice and intelligent. And for the most part they were easy to get along with. The students, although there isn't many, all have created such a special bond with each other. It's a small town and small community were everyone knows everyone. Miller High School is the place to go if you want to be noticed and live away from a huge city. The school has zero cell phone service and the students are not permitted to use their phones because it is a place of learning not a place to socialize.
I mean its a very small school, you don't have a ton of opportunities but the once you do have are pretty good. We don't have a ton of clubs and organizations but sports is a good alternative to those
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My graduating class is 38 student so its cool knowing everyone and being able to know so much about all of them. Nobody is a stranger
Most teachers push you to do your best. they expect nothing but the best from each student. Most of the teachers are very interesting and experienced and always helping us through or problems and grades us upon our efforts
After-school activities are mostly sports. However, if you bring an idea for a club to the principal, along with a teacher willing to participate, there's a high chance you can start it.
Students are super nice and accepting. However, academically the school lacks the resources to keep up with the surrounding districts.
We have old books that surrounding schools do not use anymore, and lack a variety of classes. The teachers are over-worked. Parents seem more worried about their children's participation in sports than academic achievement.
Teachers that are present do a good job teaching the material although some participate in putting some students down.
Policies keep students safe and help lower bullying in the school. However, our one guidance counselor is stressed and slow to get things done.
The options are healthy and meet state standards. However, there is not a lot of options and the food is bland.
Safety measures are taken at the school although some seem unnecessary. The school nurse could do a little more to help students. However, it is a safe environment overall.
The school does not offer many different sports and the ones they do offer either have average or below average conditions. School spirit is decent in some students but is lacking in others and the school does very little to increase it.
I've never been involved in extracurriculars. I'm an artsy person. You can find me doodling in my art room :)
I'm guessing the subjects and what we're learning is pretty much the same as anywhere else. Math can be hard (if you don't study!); art is a cinch. The teachers at my school are very cool. Perhaps a bit too cool - either that or some students just get too used to them being "easy". My favorite is my art teacher. I've been in his class for four years now, and I'm going to miss him a lot.
I honestly have never cared about sports. I've been to a couple football games, and a basketball game or two, but only to hang out with friends.
The woman who oversees the menu has made some rather healthy choices over the last few years. Possibly a bit too healthy. I miss school pizza. What we have now is definitely not pizza :(
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I won't be able to answer this question for about two months, as I'm still a senior :)
We do not have as many extracurricular activities as we used to as we do not have the funding for them, but we still have our sports. Anyone is welcome to play for our sports teams, no one is normally cut, everyone is usually given a chance to play. We also just received enough funding to have a band again which we haven't had in about seven years.
The computers in the computer lab do not work well but laptops are provided to the classrooms that need them. There is a television and projector in every class room. Transportation is provided for every student in the district. Our guidance counselors are always trying to help us with college, they are constantly making sure we apply for college, apply for scholarships and any other financial aid.
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