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Miller High School & Metro School of Design Reviews

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I really liked this school because it gave me a chance to get ahead in my college career. Miller offered me dual credit and with the help of my teachers, I was able to graduate and go into college as a sophomore.
The Metro school program is challenging and a great opportunity to help students grow and expand their understanding in the fine arts. It teaches students to cooperate and think critically and the use of project based learning should be expanded to all schools. My experience at Miller was just as exceptional as my experience at Metro elementary. The faculty and staff were kind and welcoming and the academic field was challenging, competitive, and innovative.
I liked the fact the teachers do help with work and you can always count on the principals for help.
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Miller High School is my second home. All the staff are really caring and supportive through right decisions. Miller is a great public school. All the teachers are their for tutoring and extra help. Its a place full of safety and real life readiness.
All you got know is that WE ARE FAMILY!!!! and our community loves us! Everybody in this school and out all around us are theres for each other no matter what. Like i said WE ARE FAMILY! If you know the meaning of it; you will get what i am talking about.
Roy Miller High School is an amazing school. The teachers and staff are so friendly, and helpful. I like the fact that many different races of students attend this school, and the diversity. The teachers are great at explaining things if you do not understand, and will take the time to stay after school to help students in tutorials if needed. The sports are great and are very exciting to watch. I feel very safe on this campus, because there are many security cameras, and officers around. I also love that the counselors take the time to listen to your concerns, and help you get ready for college. I feel like the only thing that I would change about this school would be the food that is served.
The Miller High School is generally bland when compared to other schools and falls short on many differing levels. Teachers teach very thoroughly but, their teachings fall onto deaf ears as many students there just do not care. The school has many college readiness programs and is intent on keeping those who want to go to college inspired.
My experience was great! Lots of nice people and made lots of good friends. Recommend coming here. Academics are great and college readiness is very helpful.
I love my school, the only change that needs to be made is people perspective of it. The students get along well, and school spirit has began to grow throughout this year.
This is a very small school where everybody knows everybody. You are more than just a number to the staff. The school offers more arts classes such as fine art, music and theater not offered at other schools. Everyone gets to participate in sports and clubs. There's not much competition to get on to teams and everyone is encouraged to try. The school is currently undergoing construction which will make it even better. Included in the renovations are an updated entrance, an additional gym and more computer labs. The new principal is very involved in getting to know the students to make sure everyone succeeds after graduation.
Roy Miller High School is a good medium campus and the teachers and counselors are always encouraging you to succeed in academics. Some change I would like to see in the school would be offering different language classes, better coaching for some sports, and for the faculty to be more actively involved with the students. For example, the principle interacts with the students asking how they are doing and what their goals are.
Attending Roy Miller High school has been the greatest decision I’ve made so far in my lifetime. Not only is Miller a great school of academics but also has an amazing arts program. I attend Roy Miller because of the Metro Program. The Metro program provides the most elite students with college readiness courses and prepares them for the outside world and what is to come. The Metro program gives me the opportunity to also show the outside world what I am capable of, for example I participate in many extra curricular activities and also participate in sports and music classes that Miller has to offer. Wha I love most about Roy Miller is that we are one big family, “Once a Buc...Always a Buc”.
I have been at the Miller campus for four years now, if I am counting the two years I attended the middle school located here. Over all I would say my experience was average. Yes I had many moments of absolute enjoyment with friends, teachers, and staff but in a way it was a difficult experience for me personally. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for some time now and that always held me back in school.Miller is not a heavily financed school, so many of our clubs and fine arts do not get the money we need, so having to deal with those obstacles helped learn to be humble for what we have.
I absolutely loved my experience at Roy Miller HS all my four years of high school. The teachers have lead me to achieve greatness and also be on the right path in life. Making a strong bond with some teachers that I will never forget is also an amazing experience. The people I had met in school were and are amazing always supported me in my decisions no matter what it was. At Miller I have met not only lots of friends but family most of all. My sports was also an enjoyable experience during my high school years. I was captain of my tennis team all four years and #1 for girls on my team, being captain was the hardest and most challenging of all my years I always had to set the examples. It was challenging but worth it I make sure my team is never discouraged from doing anything I help them with whatever I possibly can and however much I can. My high school experience was really unforgettable one.
The teachers at this school truly care about the well-being and education of their students. They spend their time helping and making sure their students are understanding the subject.
Roy Miller High has prepared me for college through many different life lessons. The diversity connections throughout campus allow every student feel at home whole they educate themselves to prepare for their path ahead of them. Overall, the first Corpus Christi High School remains to be rich in culture traditions, resources for advancements in a students educations, and one of the most welcoming schools in the city,
Well miller high school is a great school . it's a very opened school .. The students and teachers are very respectful and outstanding . its also a funny school u could enjoy yourself and have fun while learning . its a good school you can just be your self and be true ... Everyone supports you and helps you fix in!!
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The school itself is pretty old and there are no windows in any classrooms in the main building. When something breaks down here it takes the school a while to repair it. For example the smart board in my environmental science class has been broken for a week now and my teacher is having difficulty giving lessons without it. However overall the school has a good atmosphere and lots of spirit.
the academics is manageable if you focus hard enough
opportunities at this school are open to everyone
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