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I like that the accelerated teachers that I had cared about me and my classmates. Our band and basketball team gets recognition. Other clubs like culinary, track, chorus, and drama should get more recognition because they are excellent and win competitions.
I like how I can gain my education and how the teachers actually want to teach their students. I wish the students could settle down on the fighting, that is one thing i would like to change.
The teachers were concerned about you staying on top of your studies. If you needed additional tutoring they setup time to assist you after school.
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I graduated in the top 10% in my class. I had the support from my mom, teachers and counselor, which was my same counselor in middle school. I maintained honors during my high school career. During my 4 years, I was a band student. I knew music was my passion but playing in marching, concert , and symphonic band helped confirm my love. Many opportunities was afforded from this experience. During my senior year, I maintained my grades but life afterwards changed my about college. After working several jobs this past semester, I knew that I had made a horrible mistake. Please choose me for the next scholarship.
Great experience learned a lot with some great people who genuinely care for your well being and input education and life tools inside of you to go on to be a scholar young man /woman in today’s tough society
I like the teachers and the encouragement i get from them. They advice me and my fellow peers on ways to obtain scholarships and what schools to apply to. The food and efficiency of the counselors can be fixed. Seniors have to be able to submit their transcripts on time to there schools but the counselors lack in that area. The food is just never really appealing to us students.
I’ve locked the way everyone interacted with each other . It felt as if we are were “ one “ meaning family . From the games to the peprallies we always enjoyed ourselves .
My high school experience was okay. Some of the teachers cared, some did not. The administration focuses on the wrong things, they should be more focused on the students education and not on things such as giving a student 10 days of OSS for headphones. They were very inconsistent with rules.
So far I like nothing their they should change the policy about no ripped jeans and no headphones in the halls
The school was great!! The teachers will help you with anything you need help with and the administrators are really good and helpful
The school is an OKAY school. Good education, depending on the teacher. Clean and up to date school. It’s best to just mind your business and graduate.
Miller Grove High School is very good school. I went their my 11th grade year and 12th grade year and I will be graduating from this school. The teacher really care about the students some more than other but you will get a good education. Also their AP classes are really good it had the right amount of rigor and also had fun
Umm they steal. Some boys from here stole my ps4 from my room. They've broken in my house, SEVERAL times. My phone was also stolen. But the school itself is moderate
This school is disgusting, and absolutely horrible. The counselors don't care to do their job, and the administration is nepotistic and fascist. Only a few teachers care enough to actually help their students.
Miller Grove High School is like any other high school in DeKalb County. The school itself is bearable but the people that work there and go there make the school seem like its worse than any other school you have been too.
There were a few things I like about Miller Grove High school. One of them being that some teacher there understood your problems and try to help you solve them. Some of the teachers could understand your problems because most of them didn't have the common sense to do so.
In attending Miller Grove Highschool the experience has been very mediocre. The way students are treated is very much so as a prison. The Extra Curriculum activities are a great way to become acquainted with the school. The funding of some of those activities is unfair. Some of the teachers are very welcoming while others aren't, and some of the students can be very hostile.
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I loved going to Miller Grove High School because the teachers actually made sure the students were learning. They would always ensure that every student would receive help with whatever it was they needed. Also my fellow classmates were great. We all helped each other and kept each other on track. Miller Grove High School has helped develop me into the hard working student I am today.
I like the teachers and administrators but the food and facilities could be a lot better!They also, need to improve their safety techniques as well.
I'm currently a student at Miller Grove as a freshman, and I absolutely love the school already. I can see myself thriving in an environment as such. Both the administration and my instructors are insightful and very perspicacious. Although most may claim that the school is not very diversified, I can say that the culture and pride within the school is undeniable.
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