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With it being a charter school, I ended up growing up with the same kids for all of my life since kindergarten. I've met some of my friends during first grade, and still talk to them to this day, however the way the school is run is what I mainly disagree with. The punishment system is not as strict, and students can get away with anything with just a warning, and sometimes it worsens the education environment.
Millennium Charter School is a relatively small school. However, to its advantage, it allows for students to be more closer to each other and along with the staff and faculty members. The teachers know students by who they are. The counselors here provide several opportunities for community service and help remind students of what we need to prepare for college. College classes are offered at this school. On the other hand, the school day is quite long and the month of June is still full of school days. It is understandable however, because they need to meet their promised amount of school hours.
I absolutely love the early college start program and reimbursement for classes. Great staff who love their jobs and want you to succeed. Diverse arts programs for every student and plenty of sports teams and clubs to joins.
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Based on my experience the staff at Millenium are more interactive with each student due to the smaller size making it a somewhat niche community however because its so small you will most likely know everyone there which isn't always a good thing
I like Millennium High Schoo because of the small population. It allows for small classroom settings where students can have a closer relationship with their teachers. This allows for study sessions before and after school with all of the teachers. The only thing I would fix is the campus. The school is in need of a brand new gym, soccer field, and a football field.
What I like about my school is that the counselors will always make time for you. They want you to graduate on time and be comfortable with all the decisions you make in the future. The teachers and counselors want you to succeed.
My freshman year, I had the best teachers ever. Except their math department, they have the worst teachers ever. However, their other departments are well staffed.
At Millennium High School we get the chance to take college classes which helps us earn more credits for when we got to University. We need 200 community service hours which looks good on our resumes.
I love the opportunity my school brings to its students with the college classes it gives, and the math it allows us to have. I'm grateful that my school was able to help me get so far ahead and strive to be the best I can be.
The school is getting better year by year. I have been at this school since the second grade, and I love it. Everyone that I know is basically everyone in the school, everyone is connected some way. People know who you are, and you know people for so long, you have to be friends with them at that point.
I have been attending Millennium High School since freshman year. Most of the teachers here are easy to get along with and are always helpful. I admire the teachers for working so hard. I would like to see some of the classes become more challenging. One of the things I like about this school is the College Early Start Program. This program gives students an advantage when applying to colleges.
very great school, all it needs is more consistent teachers although the school is great I with they put as much attention to their sports as there education. sports do very well just not get enough money to look good and represent the school. nice teachers and actually very good at teaching.
I liked how many opportunities and benefits come with this school. I feel that sometimes all they care about is their reputation and not so much for the students.
Millennium high school has teachers that want the best for the students, and a fantastic counselling staff that is always there to help. The school has a college early start program in which students can take classes at the local community college, and have them paid for if they pass with a B or better.
I like that I am able to take college classes and fast track which allows me to free up my schedule in the future.
I have had a positive experience. My school is great for the many opportunities that it offers to me and to other students. Here, we are offered college classes, ability to take the PSAT, various electives, and classes related to adulthood. The school is very demanding, a student has to be ready to put in real effort. What disappoints me is the schools attention toward its reputation/image over the student body. One thing I do not like, is the students, many students have terrible behavior and a lack of care in their education. Some teachers are unable to control a class or teach efficiently. At times, the teachers can be unfair and unjust to students.
I like how I get to get out early everyday. I am a junior and I can get out at 12:00 everyday. I have been going to this high school since freshman year. I dislike the teachers strongly and their policies. I feel like us having to pay money to get our own phone back is ridiculous. All the money used from that goes to a scholarship which is good.
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The classes are relatively small and the teachers are personal and know you. They are willing to stay and help you if you take initiative and ask them. Most people are friendly and fights rarely occur. The overall feel is a nice environment and a good place to study.
Millennium High School is a school with a very healthy environment all around. The students there are very focused, determined, and intelligent. We try our best to help out our community with the various hours that students have to complete in order to graduate. Teachers at Millennium will help you out whenever you need it, as well as helping you become a better person.
The educational experience is very good and you feel like you are getting ahead of everyone else. There are a lot of sports and extracurricular activities. The school in general is not very fun.
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