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Millburn High School has an amazing community of kids, parents, and teachers alike who all work together to make Millburn the best it can be. The school strives for excellence and attempts to fulfill all the needs of the students however the academically competitive atmosphere is detrimental to the health of most of the kids here. The expectation is not just to do your best, it is to do everything you can to get ahead.
To me personally, Millburn Senior High School provides its students a tremendous amount of room for academic challenges. Generally, a considerable percentage of students begin taking AP courses since their Sophomore years. Schoolwork can be challenging of course, as students are taking harder courses and are expected to excel. These experiences, however, help students prepare for college -- Millburn graduates may find college to be not as difficult when compared with other college students.
Millburn High School is an excellent school. I have received a top notch education from the best teachers who are very well educated, friendly, and compassionate towards their students. Not only have I excelled with their help in high school, I am also now very well prepared for college. I would highly recommend Millburn High School to anyone who is looking to enroll as prospective students.
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Millburn High School is very vigorous. The competition for high grades is high and everyone is hard working.
Very stressful. They take away everything fun about school and replace it with math and science. The classes are impossible, but you learn and alot and this school puts you on track to go to a great college.
Millburn High school is top notch. I am a parent who had both a special needs student and a high achieving student and both were individually catered to and encouraged and supported to succeed. I did not have the experience that they only care about the top performers. The guidance department is like no other. They are used to dealing with very anxious competitive kids and provide a supportive environment and really push kids to go to the best fit colleges. The music department was exceptional as was the debate team.
Most of the teachers are very nice and helpful. Some will even stay with you past their work hours. Something that definitely needs a huge improvement and change is Senior Health. We do the same reflection questions every time and there's basically no point in them. Something missing is that we never really got to learn about personal finance unless we specifically chose to take that class.
Millburn High School is a school where competitive people thrive. There is certainly a very intense academic pressure, lots of grade and club competition, especially in regard to college. Some teachers aren't great, and some are amazing, but it really is a school where attitude changes everything. If you can balance school, social life, and sleep, more power to you because this school definitely requires you to. Despite all this, I have met some of the most amazing people I know here and I know that not only have I come out of Millburn a better student, but I am more prepared for the college experience specifically because of how hard this school pushes you.
Do not send your children here! I repeat, DO NOT! Teachers do not care the slightest about you unless you are top of the class. Majority of the teachers are not the brightest resulting in teaching myself the impossible curriculum a numerous about of times due to my teachers not knowing it themselves. Not a single staff member in the school is there for you if you have any problems or need anything. 6+ years ago Millburn was at its peak where you probably heard "Millburn the best school in NJ" probably true then, but now, absolutely not.
Millburn High School has taught me how to work hard and push myself to have higher standards. I have learned how much hard work is necessary to become successful. The environment of the school and students have made me a higher academically achieving person.
Millburn High School was challenging, to say the least. However, in my opinion, the intense pressure and stress that it places on its students are necessary (albeit to a smaller degree) in order to prepare students for life beyond high school. Through hard work and willpower, it is possible for students to succeed here.
Millburn High School is unlike any other. It has an immense focus on academics, which depending on the person can be either an incredible generator of stress or very beneficial. It prepares you very well for college, and have enough clubs to fill any need, but is not great in terms of student support
I like that the teachers are all very smart and we have a great balance of extra-curricular activities. I think could improve the work-life balance.
At Millburn High School, the classwork is very rigorous and the teachers have high expectations for the students. Although it is very challenging in high school, as a college student I believe that Millburn High School has sufficiently prepared me for the coursework in college. The majority of students are extremely competitive, and students must test into AP courses due to the high demand. Class sizes are small and teachers are usually happy to meet with students. The guidance department is very helpful and is always accessible to students. It is the student's responsibility to be proactive and make appointments. Lastly, I believe that Millburn High School offers a wide variety of different courses that students can take. For example, besides the basic sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), MHS offers forensic science, meteorology, genetics, astronomy, etc.
The rigorous curriculum at Millburn High School along with the highly qualified teaching staff prepared me for the challenges of college. The school community and all the scheduled extra curricular events provided a well rounded four year high school experience.
everything about it is nice. clean classrooms. many times the bathrooms and other stuff are in construction and take forever for them to get fixed. most of the teachers are nice, helpful, and willing to take their time to help you.
Millburn High School prepares the students very well for college or the "real world" after high school. Although we feel prepared after the 4 years at Millburn, those 4 years are very stressful and exhausting on the students. The work load and pressure to be at the top of your class creates a lot of pressure on the students.
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Millburn is one of the most academically challenging public high schools in the United States. A lot of people see the students as rich, entitled, brats, but the large majority of us are unbelievably hardworking and diligent. I would say that we suffer from overwhelmingly high levels of stress and anxiety from our community and peers. Our academic environment is very competitive, but tends to prepare us for the best colleges. I have even heard stories about alumni who say that college was easier than some aspects of Millburn. As for diversity, most of the students are white, Chinese, or Indian. There are, however, less than twenty African American students in each grade. As one of the only transgender students in the school, I can say pretty confidently that there are not real problems with bullying.I don’t know much about drug usage( I’d never do that) but I think people vape.
I like Millburn High School because I am pushed to achieve academic greatness while pursuing a sport. I am a current senior on the girl's cross country team and my teachers are flexible. They are understanding of my dedication to the sport and give me some leeway on assignments if I miss their class.
Overall, Millburn High School is really a terrific school. It does, in fact, have a strong reputation, and that certainly helps when it comes to college applications. I have been told by several counselors that college admissions boards know that Millburn's class levels ("College Prep A", "Accelerated", etc.) rank very differently in other schools (for instance, our "College Prep A" could be a different school's "Honors"). While I am not in the top percentile of my class, I still find every single person who works here to be a big help. From the administration all the way to the custodians, everyone is there for you. In addition, there is a club for everyone, and from the academic viewpoint, there are plenty of electives that will interest everyone.
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