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Millard North Middle School Reviews

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Millard North Middle School is not just generic. It is actually quite welcoming. The school is very diverse and it is easy to make friends. Some of the classes like Money Management and Pottery aren't jokes and are very helpful. In conclusion, the school is amazing.
I already miss the middle school years and I would definetly go there again! The teachers create a very fun and positive environment for the kids. I feel as if the teachers created a bond that makes them feel like one of my best friends. There is such a diversity amongst the kids which is quite beneficial. All the kids are open minded and are willing to be friends with all. The school teaches kids how to be better people.
Something that is really protecting at my school is that in order to get inside the building you have to push a button and someone on the inside sitting at a desk uses a camera to see whos trying to get in and then has to push a button to unlock the door. That is a recent improvement. Also there is always a cop at school always and everyone knows/is familiar with him.
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I think a really cool club that my school offers is the "Random acts of kindness club". They are well... always doing random acts of kindness! They make small posters for peoples lockers with motivational sayings, they plan events to support fundraisers, they even do secret things like leave change on the top of vending machines so that someone will find it and be able to get free food.
I think my favorite part about Millard North since I have attended there is football season. Everyone seems to get involved, even if you don't like watching sports the student section of the bleachers is so fun. We have a "Hard hat" every year which is a guy that controls the crowd and their chants. Millard North has been in the paper before being called "The stable" and for having the loudest student section. Our football team seems to do better when the crowd is involved. I love football games and how it brings all the students together. Besides the environment, more specifically my favorite part is when the dance team performs. Everyone sits and watches, Millard North's dance team got 2nd in the nation at nationals. They are amazing to watch and I know some of the girls personally, everyone in the crowd cheers them on.
Almost every teacher that I have had is great, except for a few but that's a given when you attend a school for 4 years! I would have to say I have gotten unlucky with almost every single math teacher. Almost all my math teachers have been coaches in some kind of sport and coincidentally they were terrible. I believe that those teachers are smart, as they have degrees in math, but they just aren't good at teaching it to other students. I have had the best luck in art. All of my art teachers have been outstanding, knowledgeable, helpful, resourceful and very talented which makes it easy to look up to them.
One of the best schools in the state. High scores.
Always want the best for the students.
Wide variety that always excel at what they do.
devoted students and teachers who give their all.
The diversity at Millard North isn't the MOST diverse, but diversity is evident throughout the population. Some kids can be very stuck up and judgmental of others, since most of the kids have been going to school together since they were in elementary school.
The administration does an exceptional job when it comes to keeping kids safe and comfortable in school, but sometimes they try to act on situations that aren't in their control. Like they try to punish kids for doing things outside of school that isn't their business.
Millard North had great technology resources and also library resources
I was involved in many clubs and always had such a great time.
Many different ethnic groups at Millard North. Learned about all different cultures
I had a good time. Not like amazing just okay. Everything was just average.
Millard North was a safe school. There was not one time I didn't feel safe. Our school nurse took good care of us and always made sure you felt okay.
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