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Millard High is a very sports focused school. The teachers were very willing to listen and to help out in any way! Millard Highs sports were so uplifting and very rewarding physically and mentally.
The teachers are awesome and really care about you and what you learn in their classes. The students are also really fun to be around, and many can help you if you need it.
There are only a couple good teachers that actually teach. The rest are too obsessed with sports. I am not really taught much. Most of the time I just fill out my worksheet and then sit on my phone. Also, the school is not strict with the dress code, but they don't allow food out of the lunchroom. Not a good learning environment. The best teacher would be Mr.Hansen because he cares about every student. He also teaches you individually, so you can personally understand.
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Not a lot of variety for the non athletic students
Most are many athletic coaches. A few stand outs that actually teach and challenge students.
I think it is average.
No foreign language offered...cant even apply to some colleges without it. A lot of employed teachers are coaches that don't have the knowledge, skills, or technical ability for more complicated and challenging subjects. Some of these coaches don't even have the ability to teach and one of my students go to study hall and have another reteach and explain things. Lack of course choice is offered. My senior had nothing to take for one period all year long its just a free time.
Sports were great, we had a lot of good player and won a lot, it was hard to play against the private school thou, but we had a lot of support from everyone, team performed well.
There was FCCLA, and GYC, and they were a lot of fun, I love to play sports so I played sports all year round.
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