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Wonderful school where the teachers and staff care about the students. Low student to teacher ratio.
MCA gave me a sense of security and a challenge when it came to the studies. It was hard enough to where I actually had to study, but easy enough to where success was still within reach. If anyone is looking for a good school to go to, MCA is a definite. If I could pic one thing to change, it would be more extra curricular activities.
Milford Christian Academy is the only School that I have gone to. I am a Senior now but started going to MCA in PreK. It is a small school so you really have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and teachers. We didn't always have the best team in sports but we had fun with a lot of great memories. Of course any school has it ups and downs and there is no perfect school. I'm just glad I had more ups than downs. Overall it is an excellent school and I would recommend it to anyone.
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Thankful for teachers that care about their students not only in the area of academics but also for their spiritual well being.
In the past, my kids have attended public school, homeschooled, and Milford Christian Academy. I greatly appreciate the teachers and education.
Milford Christian Academy was a school that prepared me for the bigger picture. High school is a small part of life, but at the time it felt big. I feel ready to move on to the next chapter because of the help this school provided me.
I had a very poor experience at this school. Administration handled things in a poor way and had a "holier than thou" attitude towards others. Students were rude and not welcoming. This is a "Christian" school but there is not much "Christian" about it other than monthly chapel serviced and prayer in the classrooms.
I went to this school for two years in high school. My first year I felt welcomed but only because I was the only other race in the school and I was new. My second year I was treated very poorly by both students and administration. There are rules stated in the handbook but only apply to certain people who are not considered a favorite. I was suspended during my second year and was verbally degraded by the administrator. I understood that what I did was against school policy and beliefs but the situtuation was handled in a poor way. This is a Christian school and a majority of the students in the senior high do not represent what Christians are. The teachers at the school are great. But the school is not forgiving. They focus more on everything you do wrong rather than God's grace, forgiveness, and love.
My experience with this school have been very positive. The school has excellent teachers that care about the students. I would like to see more music programs.
The school is small and everyone knows one another. If you're at all different (parent or student) they will not like you.
there is nothing in the handbook regarding bullying
Rules were not the same for all and bent to accommodate some. It's all about who you know and the status of your last name.
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