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Our school is great! I would like to see more disciplinary actions taken with kids but things seem to be changing for the better this year. The school has been newly renovated and is very nice. I think, because our school is located in a very, very small town, there are a lot of kids that are unmotivated to go to college but new teachers have come in and are working to increase college motivation.
Liked the teachers....very involved and helpful.....and the sports, played sports all through my school grades
I would like for the school administration to be non-misogynistic, and more adaptable to modern-day dress.

In personal experiences I have been called to the principal’s office and told to change, because my legs were too big and made my mid-thigh and in-dress code shorts, appear out of dress code, which could distract my male peers. I have watched my administrators pull students out of class and place them in ISS for sweatpants not having pockets, hair being too long, or sandals not having a back strap.

On the other hand, I have had great experiences with my teachers. One hundred percent of the time, teachers are doing above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every student does their best.

Overall, the school does have its issues, but it has its small-town country feel of hospitality that makes the lows not seem so bad.
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Overall Mildred has been a great experience. The past several years there has been a large turnover in teachers and coaches making it a little different but not terrible.
I growing up here at Mildred and I'm loving every minute of it. And even though it's not the biggest or richest school out there, it will stick with me forever.
It is a very involved school where many students support the teams, pray, and eat together. It is in a very cloe-knit community where everyone knows everyone.
We have random drug tests and the drug dog comes around alot and we have many seminars to show that drugs and alcohol are bad.
The only after school programs we have is pretty much only sports and UIL.
The people here are sometimes rude and get their parents involved alot. On the other hand others are very sweet and it reflects from their parents.
Many teachers have favorites and show that in the classroom. Others however are amazing at what they do.
A couple of different clubs and extra activities
I learn alot, feel safe, and can be myself within this school.
The teachers at my school are fun and friendly but also know when to be serious.
I like my school. It is small and I know all the students and everyone is kind and fun. It is a poor school so it doesn't always have the nicest things, but they try. Most of the school's money goes into athletics and their uniforms and needs.
Teachers are very caring of students and often know them outside of class because it is such a small town. A few of them may not be super bright, but they all care.
Overall, I enjoy attending Mildred High School because of how small it is and the learning experience it provides for each individual student. Mildred also has a fantastic softball team that I am involved in. It is a very involved school and offers dual credit for you to start getting ahead in your college career. I would definitely choose to go to this school again because I learn best in small classes and I like how involved and competitive it is.
They don't let you be you.
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Generally, this school is pretty safe. There is a lot of alcohol and drug use, but that's because there isn't anything else to do in Corsicana. There's quite a bit of bullying, sometimes by teachers. The nurse is worthless. She takes your temperature and gives you a peppermint regardless of what's wrong with you.
I hated the food and never ate it, but other students seemed to like it. There weren't many choices.
Mildred is very strict on dress code for a public school. Ridiculously so. It is very obvious that it is in a very conservative town. We could only wear shorts during the first and last 6 weeks of school, had to be careful not to wear something that could be considered "all black," could not wear hats, etc. We also were not allowed to use cell phones or vending machines during school hours, regardless of whether or not we were in class. If you had your phone taken up, you had to pay $10 to get it back and have a parent pick it up. There were many other ridiculous rules. However, they did seem to care about the students.
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