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I enjoyed going to Milan High School because it is a great school,and there are very good teachers. The only thing I would want to see change is the cell phone policy.
There is not a lot of bullying at this school. Our personal safety is pretty high. I don't think many people think they are not safe. We have alright security measures.
There are not very many extracurricular activities. The only ones in our school are Art Club, Science Olympiad,and Campus Bowl.
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My overall experience at this school is not very good. Their is a lot of drama all the time. But there are times that I like, like during basketball season. Mostly because i am hanging out with positive people. If I could do it all over again I would not go to this school.
Teachers at Milan school are mostly good quality. Their knowledge is very high but good probably be better. I don't think teachers put their all in on helping kids.Their grading skills are always on time, they are never late.
Some teachers help more than others
The guidance counselor is helpful.
The nurse is very helpful if you need Ibuprofen....
Portion sizes are terrible, the food quality is atrocious, and the cost is ridiculous for the nonexistent food quality.
Being as how we are a small rural school we don't have a tremendous amount of options when it comes to classes nor do we have good quality classes.
Our extracurricular's are actually quite reasonable for the number of students in our school.
we have a good number of teachers we just don't have teachers that are willing to put effort in to what they teach leaving students who want to learn disappointed.
They're about average when it comes to safety, but my school has very few threats of anything because my school is quite small and everyone knows everyone.
Being a vegetarian it is extremely important for me to have an option when it comes to what i choose to eat, but at my school being a vegetarian isn't accepted. So i, if i want to eat how i choose, have to bring my own lunch everyday in order to have something to eat. we have very few choices, not to mention we rarely even have a salad bar.
My school is not so much concerned with college going students as much as they are getting the students to graduation. Although graduation is important for many of the students in my school, a majority of students also want to attend some form of higher education.
I don't feel as though the students in my high school are very excepting of others and are extremely judgmental. I also feel as though they can be rude and hurtful to those who do not fit into their social mold.
The athletics are full of great opportunities, but the school has a difficult time having their athletes being able to balance school and sports which i feel is something that should be worked on.
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Besides the fact that not all students get caught when breaking school dress code, I agree that our dress code is necessary and somewhat reasonable.
I don't enjoy my high school. the curriculum isn't very challenging nor does it prepare me a great deal for college. I don't recommend this institution.
Peer pressure has always been a problem at our school. The only difficulty is that acceptance in our school isn't the easiest thing, yes, our school has a lot of ethnicity but we do have a big problem with clicks. Everyone slits up and goes on their own and try to stay in their own little group.
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