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My experience with going to high school here was good. I had the ability to get close and have one on one time with teachers when I needed help. The biggest downfall was they didn't prepare me well for college classes. They didn't have many different options for classes.
MCHS, overall, has really good teachers and staff. When approached, they are open to listening to new ideas.
In my Opinion, this school offered me less than mediocre education. On a state level, our educational statistics are below average. I almost feel as if I have lost out on having a striving education due to my geographic circumstance. It's quite a shame I have to feel this way, but it's the truth.
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Midwest Central High School gave me the perfect opportunity to blossom as a person. I really came into my own. Even though they are a small town school, they were very accepting of those considered different. I never felt threatened as a member of the LGTBQ+ community, and I was even able to help form a club based on said community. All opinions were allowed, and discussion was always encouraged. I felt safe there, and I always knew that I had people to talk to if I needed.
Very nice staff members. They will help in every way possible! It’s a small school so you get to know everyone. The community is very involved with the school and helps a lot!
At this school there is zero bullying and a small school! No stairs and the classes are easy to find. My four years here have been great and I wouldn't want to graduate high school anywhere else.
Midwest Central was a whirlwind experience. They have very smart teachers, but some teachers lack the skill it takes to teach.
Hardly any parents truly want what's best for their kids.
Some teachers genuinely care about the students whereas others don't want to be there.
there is not a big difference
teachers "spoon feed" a lot of kids
nothing real bad ever happens
not much to choose from
they try to get everyone involved
some teachers do not push you enough to get you ready for college
The education doesn't suit my needs, but there are good people there.
The administrators try to enforce some rules but forget about others. The strict rules on PDA are forgotten but the dress code is heavily enforced.
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There are many different clubs that are available at the school. Most members of clubs are members of multiple clubs, so occasionally it is difficult to completely commit to a certain organization. It is also difficult to get administration to support certain after-school activities that are planned by clubs and organizations. Students also tend to complain about how boring some of the activities are.
There have been issues with previous teachers that have been brought up in many school board meetings. This lead to a few teachers being fired.
Our sports teams are not the best in our conferences or areas. However, our school spirit and support from fans has greatly improved over the past year; therefore, improved the overall experience of our athletic department.
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