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Midlothian Heritage High School Reviews

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It’s ok this school is not that exciting the sports are good but not that much diversity but Midlothian doesn’t have that much diversity but the high school experience has been ok overall
I like the opportunities the school provided. The school has opportunities for everyone, the only concern I have is the principal heavily focuses on the sports, and the academic side and teams only get attention when they do really good.
a very good modern school i just didn't have a great experience overall but the school is very good.
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There is such a wide range of interests and inclusions. Sports, clubs, and fine arts are all treated and supported equally, and teachers do their best to create personal relationships with their students that are strong enough to last even after their high school experience.
I really like this school, they encourage you to do what you want. They strive for everyone to be better, whether you're on the football team, debate team, or STEM team. They strive for greatness and expect nothing less of you.
I transferred to Heritage during my junior year and really have liked my experience. The school is on the smaller side so it's easy to find and get to classes and you're more likely to meet everyone because it's small. The sports are really good and so are the facilities for the most part. The teachers are also good and they offer a good amount of classes for the size of the school.
Overall I would say my experience at Midlothian Heritage High School has been an excellent experience. From the teachers to the principles, to the lunch ladies and janitors, everybody was always very positive and friendly. At Heritage, there was so many opportunities. We were encouraged to do multiple sports and join as many clubs and organizations that we could. In the end, I can say that as I am nearing to graduation date I feel well prepared for college and satisfied with how I spent my highschool years.
Looking back at the first time walking into Heritage High School I was nervous, but with the love and support of the staff and students, I now wonder why I felt that way. Each year I can say that my teachers help to improve my education as a whole. I had allows had trouble grasping new concepts that were taught in the classroom, however, Heritage offers time outside of class to help students one on one. The extracurricular activities that are offered allow students like myself to express their creative, athletic, smart, ect., to put their minds to use. If I could change one thing about Heritage High School, I would say the spread of school spirit across all activities, help students get more involved in all of the hard work.
I have enjoyed my time here at Midlothian Heritage High School. The administration does care about the students and their well being. The teachers are decent but do not act like they want to be there. The sporting events are always fun to participate in. I would change the way that administrators go about disciplining students who are racist. Overall the school struggles with white supremacy, coming from the children that get everything handed to them. However, I did enjoy my time here and would say that I had a good 4 years of high school.
The school is nice very modern and a very simply layout. all the classes are in two minute walking distance so long as you don't need to go to the gym and and athletic classes. We use tech a lot so you need to know how to use a computer and the teachers are great and serval are funny and they care about you and your grades. The athletic program is great our school is six years old but we made plays offs for football every year we been able to go but we have a third round ghost until recently when we made the fourth round. Our school is great and the teachers care about you all i got to say is GO JAGS!
Midlothian Heritage High School is a great school to meet new friends, learn and participate in extracurricular activities. They have great Princilaps, teachers, coaches and consolers and more.
Overall Heritage is not a bad school. I feel that the administrators could work on connecting with students. While the sports teams are constant winners, I think more should be put into different programs like FFA, Arts, and other extracurricular activities.
I really enjoyed Heritage High School, because it felt like a family. Everyone is friendly and I felt safe here. The teaching staff is one of the best in texas!
My overall experience with Heritage was pretty good because I was involved in clubs and sports. The Academics is pretty hit and miss because most of the teachers are coaches. Not saying all coaches don’t care, but it depends who you get. On the flip side there are some teachers that really care about your wellbeing and your success, these teachers are a blessing.
Midlothian Heritage High School has a very good education system, cares for the well-being of their students, and holds their facility to a high standard. My experience during all four years of high school there were ideal. Within my four years, there were only two teachers that lacked good educational qualities. The athletic system is very progressive and they hold several state championships, and many students have received great college opportunities from this system. The arts is held to high importance and allows students to express creativity while learning discipline. The basic education is held to a high standard of learning and teaches students good work ethic along with the subject of the course. The staff is friendly and helpful, and exhibits a desire to see every student teach their full potential. Overall this school is a good place for any hard-working student to be successful.
Midlothian Heritage is extremely friendly and is a welcoming atmosphere. The teachers are very involved and are always willing to help the students and not just treat them like another number. I would like the school to incorporate more clubs and ways to reach out. More service projects that connect the town to the school would be fantastic. Parent involvement, especially in sports, is amazing. The counselors and the nurse are so friendly and approachable. I love the openness of the school and the tight-knit relationships that hold the school together.
I have thoroughly loved and enjoyed attending Midlothian Heritage High School. One of my favorite things about HHS is the community. Everyone is always at games or any events that are being held including the principles or an administrator. Another thing I enjoy about Heritage is the staff. They. push beyond your limits and encourage you throughout the entire year. One thing that I wish was different was more ethnicity. I know that it is difficult to change this because people must live in the boundaries to attend Midlothian Heritage High School. I feel like this could make our school better.
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This school has a great community because the teachers and administrators encourage all the kids to get involved.
school is horrible teachers are not that great and the janitor stole my phone got it on camera don't recommend this school unless you want your kid to get in trouble
Midlothian Heritage has been the best experience I have ever had. I see a lot of kids my age complain about not having been taught real world stuff, but I can comfortably say y teachers have gone above and beyond their normal tasks.
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