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MHS was my home away from home for four years! The staff is phenomenal. The academic rigor is very competitive and they rank among one of the strongest academic schools in the area.
I'm a junior this year. I've been going to Midland since kindergarten. I love the teachers and I really feel like I'm getting a good education at Midland.
My experience at Midland High School has been amazing and I will never forget my time there. I love the strong agriculture program and FFA chapter.
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Midland High School for me was perhaps one of the strangest schools I ever attended. It truly is a school where the Teachers outshine the Administration, and education prevails above budget.
The school is okay for kids of average intelligence, but it does not try to help those above that advance their own intellect. The lunches here are too small, the athletic teams are poor, and the teachers do not care if you actually learn anything. This school is focused on spending money and they play the name game.
The teachers are very attentive and truly care about their students and their success. The theater department has always worked hard to put on many colorful and diverse productions. Students love the English and Art classes that Midland has to offer. The sports team leadership could use some work, however, as could the music team.
Midland's teachers are positive people but the school spirit is seriously lacking. Good family atmosphere, however, too many exceptions for those who don't try in school.
It's a small school in the middle of a corn field.
There are clubs but you have to be in a club or sport to be noticed.
Fruit should not come in a package! There should be more food than drinks on trays.
I had no idea how to do anything.
It depends on who you are. If one person had on a dress that was too short and the other one had a skirt that was too short; the one who was popular would not get in trouble the other on would.
They like to play favorites.
Most of the time kids will take easy classes to get through the year. Others take the class because the subject is hard. the placement tests only work if they actually try. Most kids don't care when taking the test so they get into a lower level class. Other students are just bad test takers so if they get a low score and get into a lower level class when they know what the teacher is talking about. The faculty play favorites. If you are a teachers kid, farmer, or your parent helps in some other way with the school you are known as popular. If you have parents that actually have a job and don't help in the school you are not popular the teachers don't care much for you.
All the teachers here at Midland High School are devoted to educating the students. Some teachers go above and beyond of what they have to. The teaching styles they offer are very creative and helps the students understand things better.
Our principle, guidence councler and teachers are amazing for the most part. The only problem are the teacher aids and special education teachers, they are really controling and power hungry for the most part. The secritary is the most wonderful person at her job, she keeps the school running smoothly. Some policies are a little pointless but nothing we wouldn't expect from the school or anything we have to complain about.
We have a lot of classes for physical excersizing most were just added this year and they've become a big hit. Our sports teams go all the way in pride and the whole school is involved in the sport of the season. Theres a great resource for fitness, our weight room.
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The extracurriculars mainly involve agricultral activities, student government and athletic teams, there are some other clubs like Spanish club and science club too. There's not many at our school like most school but it's all we really need since most of the students are content with the agriculture and athletcs activities.
There are a lot of different extracurricular activities for students to try at my school. A student could choose Spanish club, a sport like volleyball, music club, or all three! Not every club requires you to go to every meeting. like Spanish club, but other clubs/teams require dedication.
Food at school can be pretty well...gross at times. The choices are usually unhealthy and un-filling. The only good thing about school lunch is that the cafeteria offers a salad bar most days of the week. This helps you get the nutrition you need and keeps you from going hungry the rest of the day.
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