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We are the only school with the chemic symbol in the whole country. Everyone knows what chemic pride is in Midland. You can feel it through the energy of the student body, like during pep assemblies, football games, or spirit weeks. I am so grateful to be part of this family and so incredibly proud through the achievements of fellow students. Chemics are all hard working and care about one another. I wouldn't of wanted to spend my high school career anywhere else.
I like many of the teachers and the atmosphere is friendly, everyone is very unified, however, there are many rules and regulations which I find distracting or unhelpful with a learning environment. The school has a dress code that is never enforced which makes learning difficult. They have many rules in regards to who enters the school when which can make it difficult to leave the school for school excused absences as well as things like doctors appointments. Although I do enjoy the safety, it can be a hassle. I also disagree with their parking permits. Everyone has an assigned spot which causes many issues in the parking lot with people trying to park while other people are trying to leave and chaos ensuing because everyone is trying to find their specific spot instead of parking first come first serve.
I would like to see better upkeep on the property (bathroom stalls, desks, etc), but the academic's are great
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I love to look back on my time at Midland High. It was a wonderful experience and I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to earn my diploma from MHS.
MHS is a good school in my opinion. I was in honors, AP, and IB courses for all four years of high school. I thought that the classes were tough but not too tough and that the teachers did a good job teaching and explaining the material. The teachers who taught higher level courses, in my opinion, are much better at their jobs than the teachers who taught lower levels. The art teachers were very biased and set in their ways and I would not recommend them. If I could change one thing in my school it would be the phone policy and to request that ALL bathroom stalls locked, soap in the dispensers, and toilet paper in ALL stalls.
The teachers here are very nice and hard working, and I really appreciate that. This school is very safe, friendly, and I love the marching band!
Fantastic school! It is absolutely the best school in town! The teachers are amazing and they are always there to help.
My time at midland high has been quite the ride. The school spirit here is amazing! Theres nothing like a good pep ralley! The teachers are nice, theres many different sports, clubs and activities to choose from! its almost impossible not to get involved. its too bad its my last year here! ill miss it!
I'd like my school to have more extra credit and extra help opportunities. It also frustrates me when teachers do not put in grades until right before the semester so it's hard to talk with them about it or fix it. I do like that we just got chrome books to help which helps with our homework and it's efficient.
Midland is a great high school. They have great school spirit and the teachers were awesome. Academics were great and felt like a lot was taught.
We have a police at the school and security cameras everywhere.
The school has a great computer technology program and key club to help out the community.
Some teachers will do anything to help students out. Some of my friends have even gone out to dinner or coffee with them.
There are quite a few organizations that happen after school and they all have great administration support and I was always eager to join.
My favorite things about Midland High was spirit week and the Midland/Dow football games. We were rivals to Midland Dow so those games were always fun.
The teachers at Midland High are very helpful to their students
Most of the teachers truly care about their jobs and teaching students. I'm learning valuable information and it's a healthy environment.
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Midland high school's extra curricular activities are mostly accommodating to active athletic people. Any other club is seriously underfunded. It is hard to be involved because of the busy schedules of everyone and the commitment they require.
The parents of Midland High students dedicate their time to support their children's sports teams. All other clubs slightly lack parent involvement.
The teachers at midland high do everything possible to ensure the students excell in their studies. We as student feel that our presence is important and the knowledge we learn will be impactful in the world.
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