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The sports teams were really good and great to be apart of, but the food offered there had little to no flavor.
Middleton is a great place if you want it to be. Your experience with teachers, sports, and resources can be very political- coaches and teachers have favorites and not everyone is treated equally. Academics are fantastic if you have an idea what you want to do, otherwise it can be overwhelming. Great admin staff!
There are lots of great opportunities to explore your interests. They also offer ways to get college credit for your work. The biggest issue is that the administration seems to think that ignoring a problem will make it go away, so things like bullying aren't always combatted very effectively. There's a wide range of clubs and classes, and since my focus was on academics, I had a good experience at MHS.
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Students feel very pressured to take AP and honors classes, have a 4.0, and be involved in clubs and sports.
Most teachers are very informative and nice, however there are also a few notorious ones for various reasons. A lot of the students are respectful and mindful of those around them, but there are a couple of "wanderers" who don't go to class and float through the hallways to make mischief. Kind of like ghosts.
Middleton is a great school that leaves students both prepared and competitive in the college application process. The teachers are knowledgeable and experienced.
Middleton High School is a fairly good school. Although there are a few teachers who are not very good and either don't know the material or do not care about there students, most enjoy their jobs and actually want their students to succeed. The academics at Middleton High School are very good, but unfortunately/fortunately this creates a lot of competition for the students of Middleton High School. Outside of academics, Middleton does a very good job of providing tons of clubs and other activities that allow students to become invested in or learn about. The sports are Middleton High School can be questionable at times, though. It is very apparent the Athletic Director doesn't care about any sports besides football, basketball, and baseball and other sports are affected by this such as soccer.
Middleton normally has a great environment. The school has been having many recent scandals regarding teachers and students.
Middleton High School offered a space for me to thrive academically, socially, and athletically. With dedicated staff and a culture of hard working students, Middleton equipped me with the tools I needed to prepare myself for a college education.
I attended MHS my freshman and sophomore year. It's very cliquey but there are many great teachers and the classes are pretty good.
Middleton High School has (overall) great academics and great teachers. Athletics are also amazing- however, sometimes athletics can be put before academics, which can be problematic. Middleton also struggles with some racial divides.
This school makes academic success attainable. The skilled teachers and faculty all contribute to making the school a safe and productive enviroment.
My experience at Middleton High School was nothing but average. The teaching staff are reasonable but the atmosphere is very dry.
Located in Middleton, WI, Middleton High School has a great arts and music program with a close second of technology and computer sciences.
What I liked most about Middleton High School was the quality of education that was provided. I felt fortunate to have such great teachers who truly cared about the information relayed to us. One thing that could stand to change is the diversity. There needs to be more of it and more true acceptance of it. They could do a better job of welcoming the diversity.
Going to Middleton Highschool has been a great experience for me, although I've only had 1 year of experience here as a Junior. The school has great teachers who seem involved with the students and who genuinely seem to enjoy teaching. The school offers many classes and there are many options to choose from. We have a great stage and theater building, and several nice gyms, not to mention an indoor pool and a great Football field. Sometimes the administration seems a bit unorganized and frazzled but I think that just comes with it being a big school. Overall, I would definitely say Middleton Highschool is a very good school.
Overall great school. Kids here are very nice, and teachers are great. Unfortunately, the arts aren't as appreciated or funded as much as they should be.
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Middleton is a pretty good school. I went there for 3.5 semesters (graduated early) and I enjoyed the variety of classes I was able to take. I didn't feel like I fit with most of the students, but that's okay with me. The one thing I really did not like was their accommodation with placement when I was a freshman (I came from a private school). They weren't willing to put me in the right classes because I didn't have the right tests to look at (despite the fact that I had recommendations and other assessments from my middle school).
My experience at Middleton was generally a good one. Although there isn't much diversity (this is Wisconsin, after all), generally, people are pretty accepting. While I was here there were plenty of administration and student clashes but they were resolved and from what I hear now, relations have greatly improved.
A great school that teaches well but lacks in racial and financial diversity. Although many programs are in place to make everyone feel equal, only a select few do the necessary job of supporting students from all backgrounds.
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