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Middleton High School offers many classes that other high schools in the area do not. They have a large variety of science classes available for students to take; like vet science, zoology, oceanography, astronomy, geology, and forensic science. They also offer American Sign Language as a foreign language which many schools don't offer. Some changes I'd like to see in my school however; are the school politics. Many decisions are made about sports and clubs based off of politics rather than a students ability. They need to work on the priorities they set at school board meetings. Our school struggles with how they communicate and how they spend their money. They need to focus on what's going to benefit the students the most. I hope that going forward, our school will continue to grow in many ways. Middleton High School overall is a good school, they just have a lot of things they need to work on. I hope Middleton learns how to deal with issues better in ways that help the students.
Not bad but also not good, the teachers are great. An issue the school broad the do a bad job and do almost nothing to help the students or teacher with anything to need. Teachers are underpaid because of this.
My freshman year was great, I had great teacher and a great schedule. We were on a block schedule which meant we had A and B days. Well after that Middleton seemed to go downhill, most of the great teachers had left, so we only had a few at that point. By my senior year the greatest principle was gone, all the great teacher were planning on leaving and the town itself just went downhill.
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The teachers at Middleton High are amazing. I felt that almost all of them cared about each individual person. The teachers were supportive and took extra time to help students in need. The extracurricular programs such as choir and theater allow students to gain confidence and try new activities. The staff is very welcoming.
The teachers and staff were very interested in not only your academics but, your all around person. They were more than willing to reach out and help with all aspects of High School life.
I loved the music and academic classes, sports, clubs, and school spirit. The teachers, administration, and coaches were amazing at their jobs and I enjoyed my time at Middleton High School.
Middleton High is a great school. I had good teachers and friends and found that it was a good atmosphere to grow,
I love how small Middleton is and how close the staff is with the students. I do wish Middleton had more language classes and better core classes that are actually useful to the daily life.
My experience at Middleton High has been amazing! The teachers are cool, the games and clubs are fun, but the best thing is the people there. I have been to a lot of different schools in my life and I have never had such good friends as I have at MHS. The sports program is awesome! I tried the swim team last year for the first time and was able to make it to the state championships the same season I started. Personally I think that our choir program could be better but I hear some of my friends who go to other schools say the same things about their choir teachers so I think its just a choir thing. Its probably a good thing that its hard because I have learned a lot of life lessons in that class. I think the orchestra program is great, I play the cello and it just feels amazing when you hear the sounds that you worked hard to make join together with other sounds to make a symphony. Overall Middleton has its ups and downs but you need them all to get the right experience.
Middleton High School is a four year High School on a very small town near Caldwell, Idaho. The school has many events that keep the school close. Many sporting events are themed such as "white out" or "pink out". These events help provide a sense of community at this small school. The teachers are very willing to do what ever it may take to see students succeed! Over the last two or so years there has been several issues that the way the school has been ran, but most if not all of these issues have been solved. I have been graduated for a year, but I have heard nothing but amazing things about this school!
Middleton had a great sports program and all of the students did really well. We also had a great student section and every game tons of students would show up to support one another. The teachers are also amazing and very understanding. Middleton also has a great system for they schedule where you can easily choose your classes, you teachers, and what period you want these classes. This makes it easy to get classes with friends but also set up your schedule exactly how you want it and what fits you best to get the greatest learning experience possible. The counselors have also done a wonderful job of helping the seniors get their career plan on track by helping set up meeting with college reps and showing the easiest way to apply for scholarships.
Middleton High School is a great school because we have a new facility, we have many wonderful teachers that care about us and want us to have a good high school experience. MHS has a few AP, pre-AP options although it has increasingly many Dual Credit and Honors classes which are very beneficial. I appreciate the environment at the school. A few things that I would change are let to let students be accountable for their actions. Don't make things easier for them. That is the best way to prepare them for college. Be honest with them. One thing that I wish would change is that people (students/parents/faculty/anyone with the desire to fire anyone) would stop trying to fire people. It doesn't help anyone unless the person is guilty of a felony. We have lost some very valuable teachers and staff. Overall, I have learned a lot and enjoyed my high school experiences.
The staff and teachers are really great, could support the arts and less popular sports get more recognition.
Middleton is a good place to go for high school. It is not as hard core and rigorous as where I moved from, but it’s still okay.
Our school has a great atmosphere where students enjoy coming to school. We need to offer more AP classes.
Middleton High School has encouraging teachers and administration. The staff shows genuine care for each student at the school. I would like to see more students being enthusiastic about their future in college or jobs based on grades. This would most likely come from teacher and parent support.
Middleton High School is very welcoming and creates an open, friendly environment for all. I’ve had very good experiences at this school and would recommend it to all!
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The school experience is really fun. You get the chance to make a lot of new friends and have many opportunities to become involved at the school.
I've had a good experience at Middleton High School all four years I attended. The staff and students are very involved in our school. Everyone tries to make high school as enjoyable as possible for the students.
Some of Middleton school teachers and staff are very biased about the students and their parents. A lot of them pick favorites and will show it. There are still great teachers at these schools that are care about everyone. But other than that it is a good school the lunches and really good and try to help out students they can't pay for them.
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