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Middlesex County Academy for Allied Health & Biomedical Sciences Reviews

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The workload is heavy so it prepares you for college. I would like to see better teachers who can help the students achieve their goals more. I would also like late buses for those who do not have rides to stay after school
I liked the friendships I made and the diverse group of personalities I encountered. However, I thought that the teachers ill-prepared me for whats to come (education wise). In terms of ethnicity, it is not as diverse as a public school. The food is not great, so I would recommend bringing your own lunch.
If you're looking for a challenge, this school delivers, although not in the way you expect. Teachers obviously choose favorites and the administration does not punish those who cheat their way to the top. Go to a district high school if you want a fair chance of getting into honor societies and a full high school experience. Would only recommend to students who are passionate about the medical field and are certain they want to pursue it in their futures.
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The community at the Academy is great. Because the school is very small (less than 300 students total) everyone is familiar with each other. The teachers are also very kind and helpful. No teacher will ever deny helping a student, whether it be school work or something extra. The classes are very focused on the biomedical field, and I can honestly say I gained a very thorough exposure to the medical field. One downside to the academy is the sports available. Especially for boys. The school offer co-ed soccer, girls' basketball, and girls' softball. However, they are starting a boys tennis team, and as the school continues to grow, more sports will hopefully be available to the students. Overall, attending the academy was a great experience.
This school allowed me to explore the medical field like not other school would let me. It has been a place where memories can be made, new friends can be found, and where you get to learn more about yourself. This school opens your eyes to college life in the sense that it teaches you how to self study rather than to have everything spoon-fed to you which helps you learn how to live in college.
After attending this academy for the past four years, I've come to appreciate the college readiness that this school has integrated into my doctrine. Those long nights studying and completing endless assignments were gruesome, but it is with this school I have found my love for the sciences and medical field. The knowledge I have obtained from this school has given me some of the knowledge I need to pursue my path and future as a medical student, and for that I am grateful. I hope to leave this school with my head held high and confidence in high spirits as I leave to take on the real world ahead of me.
It is a great school. The teaching staff is not the best, the rigor of the curriculum really prepares students for college. This is this particular school's primary selling point. Sports, clubs, and other ancillary aspects are quite lacking, but I am fond of this school's ability to prepare students for college and a career in the today's dynamic healthcare industry.
The Academy was a great experience. The heavy workload and tough subjects, as well as electives focused on the medical field, allows for students to gain more knowledge about the medical field as well as become prepared for their time in college.
Teachers are the best part of school :) most are super understanding, always willing to offer extra help, and overall just fun people to be around.
What I like about this school is that it is small, and all of the students share a common interest when it comes to achieving their goals. It prepares me for college and life skills.
This school is associated with Rutgers and students who complete and pass all of the offered classes can go to Rutgers with over 10 credits. For those interested in pursuing the medical field, this school is an excellent option because it shows you the medical field from a very broad standpoint. One of the downsides of the school however is that many of the students do not get home until 4 or 5 o'clock and this restricts the students ability to participate in extracurricular activities.
If you are looking for a school that will prepare you for a career in health care, then Woodbridge Academy is the school for you. However, this school is not for the weak of heart. You will be surrounded by extremely competitive students and teachers that are geniuses in their own right. In fact, one may even say that many of the teachers in this school are overqualified for their positions.
The librarian is so mean that if I could go back in time I wouldn't have gone to the school solely because of her. Why can't you just be nice? We are all humans. She treated the kids like garbage.
The school is kind of difficult, but the students are great. I love being in the small community. Everyone knows everyone else. The one bad thing about this school is that you're screwed over in terms of your gpa.
The school sucks, teachers are horrible at teaching. They're either too easy or too difficult, there is no in-between. I wish I'd gone to my regular high school instead of coming here, because I feel like my educational experience would've been better. As a student, you have to be very very very dedicated to medicine straight out as an 8th grader, because the entire curriculum is very science-based, so there is no room to change your mind later on. For me, the experience was not good, but at least this school taught me I am not interested in pursuing medicine later.
In terms of academics, this school is by far one of the best ive seen
There isn't much but it's lit i guess. Some fun some not
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I love this school, it has my favorite health classes.
Teachers are pretty great, some are very open and talkative while others are quiet. But they all do their job well.
I chose this school because I know exactly what I want to do with my future: medicine. However, the struggles and mental obstacles I have had to overcome at this school have been quite severe. Although the students are generally very nice and supportive of each other, there is an underlying competitiveness in all of us that wants to beat everyone else to get to where we want to be. Everyday, kids talks about SATs scores and AP tests and GPAs and colleges and medical programs. Everyone is extremely stressed, not even in a good way. There is a detrimental effect on the mental health of teenagers at this school, and it does not culminate a positive atmosphere for teenagers to grow up and positively discover the people that they are going to become. While stress is a normal part of life for high school students everywhere, the amount of stress that students have here is overwhelming. Personally, I feel like I have mental breakdowns from the stress more than is healthy. It's ironic, really, because all of the students come to this school in hopes of becoming physicians or go into the medical profession. This school has classes from Rutgers that have to do with healthcare in place of normal high school electives. Only some of these classes are worth any of the effort it takes to go to this school and are also only worth it if you decide to go to the schools that take the credits for these classes. I don't know if I would choose this school over again if I could. I would definitely choose a vocational school that specializes in medicine, but not this school.
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