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I was a transfer student at the sophmore level. The staff was amazing they helped me get around quickly and with ease. the students were all very friendly and i fit in with no problems
Middlesboro High School is a good, great small school high school experience. It’s like your home away from home with your family away from family. Everyone knows each other and works hard to get what they need to get done in the classroom. Sports team is one main struggle unfortunately. Because there is no winning or good attitude after a loss, the school will seem slightly dull. But nevertheless the school always will surprise you in some way of making you happy. We have plenty of things to do and be involved with. Overall Middlesboro High School is an amazing experience!!!
Middlesboro high school is a very great place that offers a variety of lessons, a great education, and a great overall experience.
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I love how all the teachers want you to learn and really do care about you. I like that the school cares about what environment we go to school at they are the time improving the school and making updates.
I loved being at Middlesboro High School. I was there for three out of four years of high school. It's a small school, so you get a one on one feel with your teachers, which is great when it comes to learning the material and completing assignments. ACT prep was one of the main focuses my junior and senior year, which helped me increase my score by 3 points.
I really love the welcoming atmosphere of MHS. It is a small school, so it has been easy to get to know everyone. For the most part, the teachers seem to actually care about the students. High school has been such a good experience.

We have an armed police man a out school at all times. And if you're outside, you have to push a button and they buzz you in from the office.
Our mos popular club is probably key club. They do a lot of cool things. My favorite things they do are opperation Christmas child shoe boxes and ROHO shopping. Opperation Christmas child shoeboxes: you pack a show box full of stuff for a specific gender and age group and send it across seas to a child that does not have anything. They usually include: soap, toothbrush and tooth paste, and a wash cloth. A bowl of some sorts, a hat and a pair of gloves, and a flash light. if you have a younger age groups you add a coloring book and crayons. If you have one of the older age groups you add a notepad and a couple of pencil. After all that's in you just stuff it the top with other things like toys. ROHO shopping is when each member if the key club is pair with a child from our area that don't get a lot for Christmas, and they buy them what ever they want!
I have always went to Middlesboro schools, since my first day of pre-school. I remember my first friend i made, and now we are both seniors and still friends. Since I grew up in the same school system all my life, i have grown up with all of my friends. My whole school experience has been great. I have made life-long friendships that will never end, and i have made the most memorable memories in he hallways of Middlesboro high school.
All of the teachers are wonderful people at Middlesboro High School.
This school is a small school where everyone knows each other. It's not common to find someone who you're uncertain of. It's a friendly environment and a really good school.
Teachers are caring and want you to succeed as an individual.
The faculty here is just amazing. Every teacher I've had while attending has been willing to go the extra mile to help their students.
I enjoyed going to school here. I would attend this high school again. my dad also attended this school and he enjoyed it.
Best High school I've ever had the opportunity to attened. Felt welcomed my first day there.
I have had better school lunches at other schools
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Very fair, honest principal with integrity.
Lots of school spirit, not the best winning score
All the teachers at MHS genuinely care about students.
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