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I liked that the arts were definitely catered too but I still think it would have been nice to have a bit more funding. I think diversity and education on subjects surrounding diversity is definitely needed.
Middlebury is a relatively small, but decent school. Currently, it is not exactly challenging, but that will hopefully change once they finish transitioning to IB.
It's a great school, almost all of the teachers are fair and will work with you to improve your grades. The sports teams can become difficult because of how small the community is, the coaches tend to favor those athletes whose parents donated.
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I enjoyed how teachers took time to help their students, they really cared about how kids were going to do after high school ended. They wanted to help as much as possible to get these kids to the next step in their lives.
My overall high school experience at MUHS has been full of opportunities and support from teachers and staff. I have been encouraged, challenged and prepared for the next step in my life life, which is college. I have always been treated as an individual that has many skills and talents. People have always believed in me at my school, and because of that, I have always believed in myself.
Personally, I have never seen anyone use hard drugs, however, I have heard of upperclassmen using molly and ecstasy. Weed, I could get from anyone if I really tried, but I don't. It is prevalent in MUHS. People don't smoke in school but outside of school, I know a ton of people do. Alcohol isn't seen in school but like weed, a ton of people drink. I don't know what people expect, it's teenagers experimenting so. Bullying isn't bad, I don't witness it. I mean rednecks tease rednecks but I'm not sure that counts as bullying. The nurses are nice and caring. There's a policeman there, but he's usually dealing with the rowdy rednecks. Overall MUHS is okay in safety and health.
It okay because it does not have a lot of variety. Without a lot of variety not a lot of kids join it.
Since coming to this school as a junior, all I have had was a great expierence. The teachers are wonderful and the student body is very nice for the most part.
The teachers at MUHS go above and beyond in many different aspects, unlike other teachers at other schools. They help you when needed. They also will stay after class or school to help you. They also care about students lifes outside of class and care about how it affects thier work.
Currently I am involved in five extracurricular activities. From my own experience I have enjoyed these opportunities. In fact, due to the positive experience I plan to join a few other after-school organizations next year.
I've attended multiple different schools, but I have never been as involved in other schools than as Middlebury Union High School. The small community and school allows for a more intimate relationship to the school and programs. Throughout my high school experience I've noticed closer relationships between classes and teachers. My favorite part of the school is its welcoming attitude and its small size. For those reasons Middlebury Union High School is an experience I would recommend to others.
Middlebury Union High School, MUHS, has a diverse selection of teachers, and therefore it is challenging to rate them all as one. No matter what school you attend there will always be a few teachers that you avoid. MUHS is no exception. Yet, while there are the few teachers who are not efficient while teaching or don't care about individual students, I have personally found that the majority of the faculty and staff are all around engaging, passionate about teaching, and kind.
We do security drills so we know what to do in an emergency
Most Clubs are small with few individuals, but are fitted with committed students
Great place to go to school
The school is really small but all in all one of the best around. The academics are fairly strong, and the student body is as well. There are a lot of fun activities throughout the school year that kids get really into (especially winter carnival).
Most teachers are great, but some don't teach very well, or are overly harsh graders. Most are understanding and willing to work with students with things like due dates, because with sports/other activities, it can be hard to balance everything and get things turned in on time. Usually teachers are friendly and easy to connect with!
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I think my school excels at all health and safety except maybe for bullying. The school does all it can to stop bullying, with a no tolerance program and many meeting but still it happens. Recently though there has been some support groups and clubs started up by students and i see some change starting. The school nurse, police and resources all very good and used correctly.
This is where my school excels beyond others. Our after school academic support is great and many students use this to get extra help from tutors or use this time to do homework. There is a club for everyone and students readily have the option to create clubs of their own if they wish. The level of commitment depends on the students who attend but all the clubs I have heard of or gone to everyone is very committed. There are many sports year round that allow everyone to participate, and are very popular at my school. A very popular club right now is Model UN which meets in the mornings and has had grown largely where they had to move to a bigger room! There is an activity for everyone!
Ive had an amazing experience at my school. Thanks to the great support teachings at my school I was able to learn my own way and succeed at classes despite having dyslexia when I was younger. My favorite experiences are on the cross country team and in the class room learning. Im very lucky my school is attached to a career center so I was able to take classes over there which got me interested in nursing. I would choose this school all over again because its drive for academic success and sports is what I loved so much including the advantages of the career center.
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